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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


All this has happened before...

Shoot At The Sky In Anger: Gerard Butler In Talks For The Point Break Remake

Oh Hollywood

The Naked Gun, Murder on the Orient Express Are Getting Remakes

It might be because my brain’s in Friday mode, but I’m having a tough time imagining two films that are more polar opposites than The Naked Gun and Murder on the Orient Express. One is a classic film veritably filled with cinematic legends bringing their Oscar-worthy talents to the table. And the other is based on an Agatha Christie novel. But today the two very different films have something in common: They’re being run through Hollywood’s remake machine.


Submitted For Your Approval

Someone Weird Is Rumored to Play John Connor In the Terminator Reboot

That would be the Terminator reboot movie, not the Terminator reboot TV show. Though the two are related. Maybe someone else will play John Connor from a different timeline in the TV show? I can feel the time travel wrapping around my brain.


It Belongs in a Museum!

Disney Makes Distribution Deal For Lucasfilm Franchise Indiana Jones

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm last year, the property on most peoples’ minds was Star Wars. But Indiana Jones was also part and parcel of that deal, a few things just needed to be worked out first. And now they have. And now we have to discuss a possible new Indiana Jones film.



A New Terminator Television Series Is On The Way & Will Intersect With The Film Reboot

Well this was unexpected. It’s just been announced a new Terminator television series is being developed, a series which will tie-in to the upcoming reboot trilogy. They’ve got Thor and X-Men: First Class writers along for the ride but the premise has us both slightly worried and hopeful.


Angela Lansbury Does Not Appreciate Your Reboot: Weighs In On New Murder, She Wrote Series

Not too long ago we reported on Oscar winner Octavia Spencer taking on the lead role for NBC’s Murder, She Wrote reboot. Now, original star Angela Lansbury has given her professional opinion. And well, let’s just say she has the same opinion on reboots as most of us.



Daenerys Targaryan Might Play Sarah Connor In The Terminator Reboot

We’re just going to pretend those are a bunch of Terminators standing behind Emilia Clarke, ready to do her bidding. Read on to find out which other actresses are testing for Sarah Connor as well as which actor from The Dark Knight Rises director Alan Taylor would like for John Connor.


It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

The Addams Family Is Coming Back From the Dead

I don’t want to shock you, but it’s been twenty years since the last The Addams Family movie came out. Yes. Twenty years. And now MGM is resurrecting the family from the grave for an animated movie.


This is just like magic!

Don’t Be Alarmed, CBS Is Working On A Reboot Of Charmed

CBS is hoping the Power of Three will make them money. 


Bloody Good Fun

Hellraiser Is Getting Rebooted With The Original Pinhead

Happy Halloween?