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  1. The ReBoot Reboot Has A Real Title And Teaser Image, Is Actually Going To Exist

    Everything is alphanumeriiiic!

    A little over a year ago, we told you that Rainmaker's Mainframe television department had announced they were planning on rebooting the classic computer-animated series ReBoot. Just when you started thinking the project had been lost to the Nulls, they've released an official image from the new series!

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  2. Fantastic Four Reboot May Use Director Josh Trank’s Found Footage Style From Chronicle

    Fantastic Footage? Foundtastic Four?

    There's no doubt that Josh Trank was brought on board the new Fantastic Four because his debut film project was a pretty successful take on young people coming to terms with superpowers. For better or worse, that sounds like exactly the direction the new movie is going in. Just how much will Chronicle's signature found footage style bleed over into the new movie, though? From these comments, it sounds like more than we expected.

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  3. Researchers Find Fasting For Three Days Is Like Hitting Reboot On Your Immune System

    The Crimson Binome and his crew swoop in and take away all your white blood cells, probably.

    Despite how unhealthy and desperately miserable fasting (or even juice cleansing) sounds to most of us, scientists at the University of Southern California have discovered that it can do way more good for your body than a regular bad crash diet. By fasting for just three days, the USC team discovered that you can reboot your entire immune system.

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  4. Scenes From the 1954 Godzilla Movie With Audio From the 2014 Reboot

    And nothing whatsoever from the 1998 version.

    Producer Broad Strokes edited this eerie mash-up of audio from the upcoming Godzilla reboot over clips from the 1954 film. It works almost alarmingly well-- if the darkest themes from 1954 have to still be applicable today, at least we have a nifty monster metaphor for them.

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  5. Finally, More News On The Sailor Moon Reboot Release Date!

    At this rate, Crystal Tokyo is going to get here before the new show does.

    Since a reboot of the beloved Sailor Moon series was first announced back in 2012 as part of a 20th anniversary project, Geekosystem has hired not one but two different moonies to write for the site. So you can bet that we're pretty pumped to learn more information about the highly-anticipated show.

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  6. It’s the Return of the Geekosystem Podcast! Here’s Episode 4 “Reboot”

    We're back, and we'll be posting every week even if it's just Glen talking to himself in the booth.

    The Geekosystem Podcast is back! There's a bit of a change in the lineup, but join Senior Editor Glen Tickle as he's joined again by Associate Editor Victoria McNally and brand new Associate Editor Dan Van Winkle to discuss asteroids, Editors' Picks, and a heated discussion about the reboot of Reboot.

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  7. And Now, The Reboot You Really Care About: ReBoot

    The Future Is Now!

    Brace yourself, because it's very likely I am about to make you feel old. Next year is ReBoot's 20th anniversary.

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  8. ReBoot Getting A Reboot: ALPHANUMERIC!

    Users everywhere, rejoice! Mainframe is mended and defended!

    In "Best News Ever" News, Vancouver-based animation firm Rainmaker has announced they're rebooting their Mainframe television devision - and their first order of business is an all-new version of the cult classic ReBoot. Get ready, binomes, because Bob is back to defeat the User - and it won't even cost you $99.99 99!

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  9. Time To Update That Bathroom Mirror Self Portrait: Rebooted MySpace Is Open To The Public

    Hey, everyone, remember MySpace? No? That's OK, neither do we really. Kidding, kidding -- it was like a bus service or something, right? You know what? It doesn't matter, because everything you thought you knew about MySpace is about to change. The long-lost social networking platform released its redesigned site into the wild this week, buoyed (we guess?) by the new single from former teen heartthrob and current MySpace stockholder Justin Timberlake, seen above doing the best Morrissey impression he can muster. Because if there is one thing that is going to get us to offer up all of our personal data again to a social network we haven't thought about in years, it is a Justin Timberlake single.

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  10. Robocop’s New Suit Doesn’t Look Like Batman Anymore

    A couple of months ago, we were shocked and disturbed when images leaked from the set of the upcoming Robocop remake revealed that the cyborg hero's iconic look had been replaced by a black-plated suit strongly resembling Batman's costume in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. We're now happy to find that new concept art has surfaced, indicating that Robocop will, somewhere down the line, get some silver armor that looks more like the original than a generic "super-suit."

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