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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Rebecca Buller

Faster than a speeding bullet!

The Man of Steel Female Jimmy Olsen Theory Appears to Be Dead

It appears that actor Rebecca Buller may not be playing Jenny Olsen, as we thought, but an assistant by the name of Jenny Jurwich, based on evidence from a higher quality image of a Man of Steel shot.  Zooming in on Buller’s ID badge in this Man of Steel shot reveals that the character of Jenny, previously suspected to be a gender bent version of Daily Planet employee Jimmy Olsen, is not an Olsen.  Click through for the close up image.


Today in Boobs

Remember When We Said Man of Steel‘s Jimmy Olsen Might Be a Woman? We Have New Info On That.

Earlier this year speculation arose that Man of Steel might be genderswapping Jimmy Olsen. There’s no Jimmy in the movie, the theory goes, but there is a Jenny Olsen, and she’s seen in the trailer running away from an explosion with Perry White, which would seem to suggest that she has something to do with the Daily Planet. After that initial rush of “OMG they might genderswap Jimmy Olsen, that would be so cool!,” the whole thing kind of died down.

Until now. If this new detail we’ve seen is true, you can count that rumor as…

[possible spoilers behind the cut, unmarked]


Faster than a speeding bullet!

Superman’s Jimmy Olsen May Be A Woman In Man of Steel Thanks To Zack Snyder

There’s a new rumor, that if true, may be one of the coolest things to happen in a superhero adaptation. In Man of Steel, Jimmy Olsen may actually be a woman.