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Reality Television

  1. [UPDATED] CBS’ New Reality Show The Briefcase Is An Exercise In Horrible Taste

    Because what the poor really need is emotional manipulation?

    In a move that's straight up thisclose to a real-life Hunger Games, CBS is airing a show called The Briefcase, a reality show in which poor families are offered a briefcase filled with $101,000 and given the choice to keep it all, share it with another deserving/competing family on the show, or give it all away.

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  2. Mars One Mission Already Has 78,000 Applicants After Just Two Weeks

    Mars One has begun their search for four volunteer astronauts to be sent on a one-way mission to Mars in 2023. The search has only been going on for two weeks now, but Mars One already has 78,000 applicants from more than 120 different countries around the world. I questioned who would be interested in this in a previous article. Turns out: A whole lot of people.

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  3. TLC’s Best Funeral Ever Starts in Two Weeks, Network Sinks Even Lower

    What happened to you TLC? Years ago, you used to be all about expanding the craniums of your audience, and now you spend your days doing the exact opposite by rotting our minds with senseless reality TV garbage. In yet another instance of the network showing it has no sense of personal dignity, which was lost the moment they started airing Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,TLC is airing Best Funeral Ever: A special/backdoor pilot about the Golden Gates Funeral Home taking what is typically a solemn affair and transforming it into a gaudy, irreverent spectacle that will most likely draw in millions of viewers by their noses. Who are we kidding? We're probably going to be right there watching it with everybody else.

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  4. Venn Diagram Categorizes Reality TV Shows Beautifully

    There are a lot of reality shows out there, but curiously --or uncuriously, depending how you look at it -- they can be pretty easily stratified into several incestuous categories. You've got your "war" shows, and your "swamp" shows, and your mixes and matches. It's painfully easy to come up with plausible sounding show names like "Ice War Truckers" or "Cheese Road Masters". In any event, these shows really can be distilled down into some distinct categories, which is exactly what this Venn diagram from the folks at Vulture does, poetically I might add.

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  5. A Pac-Man Reality Show. Really.

    They couldn't have warned us? Seriously, when you have a stupid idea for a TV show, doesn't it usually make the Internet rounds for a little while before we find out it's being produced? Because apparently, Merv Griffin Entertainment is producing a Pac-Man reality show, and nobody bothered to ask us our opinions. Here are my issues with this:

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  6. The CW Greenlights a Smallville Replacement… About Raven?

    With the totally definite termination of its long running hit-with-dubious-relationship-to-actual-DC-Canon Smallvile at the end of this season, the CW has been looking around for some other teen superhero programming to fill the void. Batman, the original protagonist of the show that eventually became Smallville; and Robin, the protagonist of 2008's almost greenlit The Graysons, are both out; due to legitimate worries of running a Batman themed teen drama while Christopher Nolan's much darker Batman films were being released. Wonder Woman's getting her own show somewhere else down the line, and canon-disregarding Birds of Prey was abandoned after one season, so who is left? Raven, apparently.

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  7. Oh, Good Lord: The Trailer for the Playstation Reality Show is Out

    So someone at Sony corporate thought it would be a good idea to create a reality show based on the mini-industry of game testing for the Playstation. The good parts -- Hal Sparks! -- and the bad parts -- a bunch of sallow Sony executives in open-collared shirts! -- are in the new trailer below.

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