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real life superheroes

  1. Chris Evans Helped Betty White to the Stage at the People’s Choice Awards, Is the Boy Scout We All Knew He Was

    Stalwart and steady and true.

    Instructions on how to make tumblr explode: This.

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  2. Kick-Ass Stuntmen Save Woman From Jumping Off Balcony During San Diego Comic-Con

    Consider the Following

    Kick-Ass 2 may be about normal people becoming superheroes, but the idea was taken to a whole new level at San Diego Comic-Con last Friday. A planned stunt to promote Kick-Ass 2 during a San Diego Comic-Con related party turned into a real-life emergency situation when the hired stuntmen (from the aptly named Stunts 911) were preparing to light one of their number on fire in promotion of the new film, but witnessed a women in a nearby building preparing to jump from her balcony.

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  3. Parking Meter Vigilantes Accused of Jerkishness

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    Superheroes can't get by on being big jerks all the time. Batman. Batman, stop it. You are ruining my point, Batman. Okay, superheroes can't get by on being big jerks all the time, unless they're Batman. Or Cyclops. And real life "superheroes" really can't get by if they're going to be jerks to people. I'm not saying the Keene, New Hampshire group who went around topping up expired parking meters and calling themselves "Robin Hood and his Merry men" are necessarily real life superheroes. But I am saying that they probably should have been very careful about making sure they weren't being jerks to the folks whose job it is to enforce parking while they were doing it.

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  4. Woman Creates Tourette’s Superhero To Heal And Educate

    We Can Be Heroes

    Jess Thom is a 31-year-old woman who suffers from tourette syndrome, an uncontrollable tic disorder. But instead of simply dealing with the cards she was dealt, Thom had decided to make something positive out of it - she made herself into a superhero called Touretteshero. 

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  5. Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Unmasked, Revealed to Have Gerald’s Haircut from Hey Arnold!


    After being arrested for assault earlier this week, the man behind the mask of real-life superhero Phoenix Jones has been revealed. Benjamin Fodor, a 23-year-old man living in Seattle who has a family of his own and moonlights as a man in a rubber suit, fighting crime and protecting the innocent. And he has Gerald's haircut from Hey Arnold!, which we would never exaggerate about.

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  6. Spider-Man Braves the Hurricane, Admits Possible Stupidity [Video]

    We Can Be Heroes

    Attention East Coast residents: You were supposed to stay inside yesterday! Unless you were Spider-Man. If you were Spider-Man, you were allowed to try surfing in the hurricane-tormented Atlantic Ocean. But really, only if you were actually Spider-Man, Marvel Superhero and not "Some Dude in a Spider-Man Outfit" who admits he's "not being that smart" about trying to catch some waves. But what's done is done, and we are assuming this masked man is now safe. But also: Watch for a guy in a poncho trying to be Rocky the Flying Squirrel at about the 2:00 mark. Seriously, what the hell is everyone doing on the beach during a f*cking hurricane?? (Topless Robot)

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  7. Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Is Peeing Blood Now

    A Lesson in Humility

    GQ's Jon Ronson reported on a recent ride-along with real-life superhero Phoenix Jones and provided us all a lengthy, detailed exposé about the man in the mask who roams Seattle fighting crime. It's actually a pretty incredible story and reveals more about Mr. Jones than we've ever read before. But we couldn't help noticing that conversations that occur in the RLSH community sound like they've been taken straight out of The Venture Bros.

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  8. Trailer for HBO’s Superheroes Documentary [Video]

    Don't Try This At Home

    We love our real-life superheroes, and HBO's documentary -- aptly titled Superheroes -- has been following such people in their humble, comic-inspired efforts. Are they crazy? Are they noble? Judge for yourself: it airs tomorrow night at 9 PM. (But guys: Stan Lee is kind of concerned for your safety. Just letting you know.) (Superheroes: The Movie, Design You Trust)

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  9. Real-Life Deadpool Just Trying to Be Nice, Is Nothing Like Comic Deadpool

    thanks but no thanks

    We at TMS like to keep tabs on the international real-life superhero movement, so nothing saddens us more than when a real-life superhero is just not needed. Actually, that might be a good thing, if that means there is a lack of crime to stop. But that still leaves someone with unrealized dreams of bringing justice to their community. Like Deadpool. Or, at least a guy who decide to use the name "Deadpool" instead of coming up with his own name.

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  10. Real-Life Superheroes Vow to Protect Women From the Long Island Serial Killer

    Mutatis Mutandis

    If you've been following the news lately (maybe only in the New York area), you might have heard about the Long Island Serial Killer who has been killing sex workers who advertise on Craig's List. Human remains have been found on Long Island beaches, and up to 10 women appear to have been murdered by this killer. Predictably and sadly, not everyone has a lot of sympathy for these women because of the line of work they've chosen, and some believe that the cops aren't taking the case very seriously. A group of real-life superheroes in New York, calling themselves the New York Initiative, think that's wrong, and they are out to teach potential victims how to protect themselves and help find this killer.

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  11. Super‘s Rainn Wilson Meets Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones

    Together At Last

    While promoting their movie Super, about a man who becomes a real-life superhero, actor Rainn Wilson and director James Gunn were visited by actual real-life superhero Phoenix Jones. The panel took place at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con, so the city's resident plebian crimefighter thought he'd stop by with fellow crimefighter Pitch Black to compare notes with Wilson. (Bleeding Cool)

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  12. Real-Life Superheroes Are Operating Underground, Internationally

    For great justice

    First, there were stories about a Seattle superhero operation featuring a guy who calls himself Phoenix Jones. Then, there was the truly humbling story of Birmingham, England's Statesman, a real-life superhero whose mother likes to talk to the press about her son's secret fight for justice. And now, more "civilian superheroes" are being spotted throughout the UK as well as Australia. As many as 16 people are roaming the streets of the UK, looking to save their fellow citizen from danger, costumed and using pseudonyms. But according to an American author researching these people for a book, they are different than the real-life superheroes in the US.

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  13. Real Life British Vigilante Goes Public, His Mom Shares Embarrassing Details With Press

    Don't Try This At Home

    A little while ago, The Sun did a feature on a local, real life, costumed vigilante calling himself the Statesman.  By night he helps arrest drug dealers, has foiled a break in, and gives aid to the homeless.  By day, we now know, he is a 26-year-old clerk at a bank branch of Santander UK named Scott Cooke. So chalk up The Sun's interview with his mother under unintended consequences of going public with your secret identity.  Writers of Civil War, pay attention. Says Mrs. Cooke, under the headline MY SUPERHERO SON IS JUST A NAUGHTY BOY:
    I couldn't believe my boy would be that brave, bless him. I'm as proud as punch. But I have told him off for going off and doing all this without confiding in his mum. We are very close. I still do his washing although he's a grown man, the cheeky little devil.

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