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Ray Muzyka

  1. BioWare Co-Founders Retire, Will Now Invest and Make Beer

    Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, co-founders of popular developer BioWare, have announced that they're retiring. This might be why little tidbits have been confirmed recently, like the title for the next Dragon Age; the company doesn't want the duo's retirement to come at a time when all is quiet otherwise. Keep in mind, Electronic Arts still owns the company, so it's not like this changes things. BioWare will continue be just as terrible or glorious as they have been of late. Zeschuk and Muzyka are putting all that behind them.

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  2. BioWare Co-Founder Promises Fans “Clarity and Closure” for Mass Effect 3

    Assuming Direct Control

    When I wrote my breakdown of the Mass Effect 3 ending kerfuffle on Tuesday, I didn't think there'd be anything to add to the discussion for a while. It had only been two weeks since the game was released, and I figured that the very earliest we'd hear anything more concrete from BioWare would be at their upcoming panel at PAX East. Oh, silly me. Yesterday, BioWare co-founder and general manager Dr. Ray Muzyka directly addressed the controversy through an open letter to all players of the game. He humbly accepted criticism and acknowleged the "valid principles" behind some of the more prevalent complaints. He also promised that in April, we'd be hearing more about "game content initiatives" that would address some of the fans' concerns, notably those of narrative clarity and closure.

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  3. Bioware Working on New Mass Effect 3 Ending Content in Response to Fan Criticism

    After a massive fan backlash, Bioware cofounder Ray Muzyka has announced that the Mass Effect 3 team is now working on "a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions" so many fans complained about having. While Mass Effect 3 garnered mostly positive review scores, many fans were disappointed by the endings, specifically their lack of variety and lack of closure. Initially, Bioware stood behind the Mass Effect 3 endings 100% percent, and although this announcement doesn't suggest that Bioware has changed its opinion on the original endings' integrity, it makes clear their desire to please the fan base. In short, complaining Mass Effect 3 fans may have finally gotten what they wanted.

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  4. BioWare Officially Confirms Support For Jennifer Hepler and Anti-Bullying Campaigns

    Officially Official

    We reported on the intense round of harassment leveled at BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler recently, due to a number of quotes that were mostly fake, but, when true (and still half a decade old), were made regarding her opinions on how to improve the inclusivity of games to people outside the demographic of "hardcore gamers." The fact that Hepler herself has a voice in the games industry but neither identifies as hardcore nor fits the narrow, stereotypical but prevalent stereotype of the hardcore gamer (a relatively young, usually single, usually white, straight male), undoubtedly increased her perceived threat to the strangers who called her home phone and called for her to commit suicide on Twitter. In the wake of it, many called upon BioWare itself to make an official statement denouncing the treatment she'd received from a segment people who claimed to speak for "real gamers." Well, BioWare has, with words and money.

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  5. Possibility: Romance-Based DLC for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age?

    In an interview with some of the guys at BioWare last week, Kotaku asked what content was in store for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age's future DLC packs, and jokingly wondered if more romance options were a possibility.

    Much to their surprise, their suggestion was taken totally seriously.

    [Greg] Zeschuk said that the idea of adding more dating and love to the game after the fact is an idea he likes. He thinks of such possible content as, in his words, "a romance pack," something that has nothing to do with combat and everything to do with relationships. "You know, It's possible," he said.

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