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  1. Rumor: The Deadpool Movie Might Be Going for a PG-13 Rating

    My chimis are not very changa about this.

    Hey, remember how excited everyone was at the beginning of the weekend that a Deadpool movie is finally and officially in the works? Because there's a pretty good chance that it's not going to be the raucous, gore-filled, obscenity-laced film you're hoping for exactly.

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  2. Game of Thrones Producers Benioff and Weiss Don’t Listen To Your Internet Jibba Jabba

    It is known

    HBO's Game of Thrones has been getting a lot of press online lately, for good or bad (or just bad bad). Executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss aren't really hearing it though. They've got more important things to do, like run a hit show with ever-growing ratings. 

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  3. Sherlock S3 Premiere Gets Highest Ratings Ever From The Fans Who Waited

    And All Was Right With the World

    The BBC's Sherlock finally returned to (UK) television screens last night, after a painful two-year-long hiatus. Despite essentially being the Amy Pond of fandoms, Sherlockians proved that they were still as dedicated as ever to the Cumberbatch/Freeman cause by giving the show its highest ratings of all time for The Empty Hearse.

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  4. Happy Halloween! Community Got the Lowest Ratings in Its Demographic Ever Last Night

    The Boob Tube

    Even die-hard Community fans weren't feeling optimistic about this spring's season of Community, which lacks the guiding hand of Dan Harmon after his firing and was pushed back from an October premiere date at the last minute. Which is precisely why the show's Halloween episode "Paranormal Parentage" aired last night, on Valentine's Day.

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  5. Despite The Grammy Awards & Downtown Abbey, The Walking Dead Broke Ratings Records


    Looks like people were really craving some zombie action. The midseason premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead drew in huge viewership on Sunday despite airing at the same time as the Grammy Awards and Downton Abbey

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  6. Twitter Joins Forces With Nielsen to Provide Social TV Ratings

    The habit of live tweeting television shows can be a fun way to make the viewing experience more interactive, and to annoy your friends who aren't watching the same thing as you. Now Twitter and Nielsen are teaming up to provide the "Nielsen Twitter TV Rating" for television shows based on how much people are tweeting about them. The joint venture was announced today and is expected to launch in time for the Fall 2013 season, so we all have less than a year to really perfect our banal TV-watching tweets.

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  7. People Love Gross Zombies – The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Breaks Basic Cable Records

    We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

    In my recap of the Season 3 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, I noted an improvement from last season's languished happenings. It seems lots of other people were willing to give the show, based on Robert Kirkman's comic, another chance. While last season's finale broke records for AMC, the Season 3 premiere broke basic cable records. Hit the jump to find out by how much.

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  8. Which Scene in Prometheus Tipped the Movie Into an R-Rating?

    It Came From Outer Space

    There's a good part of me that wishes that somehow I could watch Prometheus and have it all be like this picture or even this picture and still get the experience of watching Prometheus. Instead, I'm going to wait for the home video release, probably have a drink beforehand, and keep my finger on the pause button. Because I actually do want to watch Prometheus, as it was cut. There's an interesting story out from the LA Times, however, that's about one pretty significant cut that Ridley Scott was asked to make from Prometheus, apparently the only thing in the movie that stood between it and a PG-13 rating instead of the box-office killing R. If you've already seen the movie, you've probably already guessed which one it is, and if you haven't... well, HUGE SPOILERS below.

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  9. NBC’s Community Came Back With a Vengeance This Week

    Cautiously Optimistic

    This week marked the return of NBC's cult favorite Community back to the airwaves, and man alive, did it come back strong. Three months after being removed from the network's mid-season lineup -- and following several denials that the show was in danger of being canceled -- did Community finally deliver the ratings that the suits at NBC were looking for? As in, fourth-season-worthy ratings?

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  10. The Walking Dead Is Named the Highest-Rated Cable Drama


    Well, this is certainly good news for zombie fans: after its mid-season finale this past Sunday, AMC's The Walking Dead was named cable's top-rated scripted drama, pulling in 6.6 million viewers in the crucial 18-49 age demographic. The episode, entitled "Pretty Much Dead Already," got almost as many viewers as the second season premiere (7.26 million). Still, a good showing, and good news for the third season, even though that was already happening anyway!

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  11. Why FlashForward Deserved Another Season More than V

    Last night was the series finale of FlashForward, though many people, myself included, hoped the series would be renewed for another season. Meanwhile, ABC's other sci-fi series with Lost-fan appeal, V, has been signed on to come back. At first glance, this struck me as very much the wrong move, but the Internet is full of evidence defending ABC's decision, or at least explaining it. Some of it seems founded, some not, and some of it really seems like it should be irrelevant altogether. The way I see it, this boils down to four categories:

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