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rape jokes

  1. Fresh Off the Boat Proves You Can Be Responsible About Sexual Assault and Still Be Funny

    Spoilers, of course.

    In addition to being a welcome breath of representative fresh air for Asian-American audiences who don't get to see people like them being celebrated on TV all that often, Fresh Off The Boat also happens to be a totally hilarious sitcom—you know, if you can deal with how annoyingly sexist and, well, twelve, the main character can be. Luckily, the show doesn't pull any punches with teaching him the error of his ways. A scene from the most recent episode is proof of that.

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  2. Orlando Jones Sincerely Apologizes For Making Sleepy Hollow Rape Joke

    Social Justice Warriors of the Apocalypse, ride!

    If you have a head, time to introduce it to your desk.

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  3. People Are Upset About the Gross Rape Joke On the Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover, Because It’s a Gross Rape Joke

    Lisa would not approve.

    Welp. Looks like Family Guy soils everything it touches by sheer proximity. An hour-long The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode is airing this Sunday, and one particular bit in the trailer has a lot of people upset. Because... well, you can see why:

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  4. Rape Jokes in the Military? How About No?

    [Trigger Warning] Brian Adam Jones is the editor-in-chief of Task & Purpose. He also happens to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

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  5. Fark Adopts Strict No-Misogyny Comment Policy

    Now where can I go to be sexi--oh hello, Youtube.

    "If the Internet was a dude, we'd all agree that dude has a serious problem with women."

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  6. Stephen Colbert Breaks Character, Talks to Girls About Catcalling

    No truthiness here, friends.

    In their "Ask a Grown Person" segment, Rookie Magazine interviews celebrities by giving them questions to answer from young people seeking advice. This time around, they've enlisted the help of Stephen Colbert.

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  7. New Study Says Teenage Girls Are Sexualized On Network Television

    Consider the Following

    No, Penny from the Big Bang Theory is not a teenager but frankly, this illustrates the point rather well, don't you think?

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  8. Microsoft Comments On Xbox Rape Joke Controversy At E3

    Consider the Following

    Microsoft has responded to accusations one of their game producers used a rape joke in a recent presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Vegan Nazgul Cupcakes

    Things We Saw Today

    Also Ents and Hobbits. (justJenn Recipes)

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  10. Woman Sues Vodka Company Since Her Image Wasn’t Meant For Their Nasty Ad

    And That's Terrible

    An even skeevier development from the "Belvedere Vodka rapey" ad front: The woman featured in the ad, Alicyn Packard, is now suing the company for using her image. Why? Because for one thing, the image comes from a video featuring Packard that was never meant to be used for another company's advertisement; it's a screenshot from a sketch that appeared on Strickly Viral. For another, no one bothered to get Packard's permission to use her image for this highly questionable ad in the first place, because it's not as if she posed for a stock photo that could have ended up anywhere, even without her direct consent. So, let it be known: companies can go find a video online -- any video -- take a screenshot, put it in a horribly different context, and expect to get away with it. Well, that's great.

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