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Randy Sarafan

  1. Power an Electric Candle With a Regular Candle Because You Can

    Just in time for the holidays, we've found an electric candle that is powered by a regular candle. Why would anyone want to power an electric candle with a regular candle? Why not just light the candle, or turn on the electric candle? Why make one rely on the other? Because it's awesome. That's why. The best part is that it's complete with instructions on how to make one yourself. We'll try not to burn down the office.

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  2. Media Artist Contingency Plan Preps You To Destroy Your Hard-drive on Short Notice, Just In Case

    If you happen to be an artist who might not be on the best of terms with powerful corporations or the government (read: the Man), Randy Sarafan, of clown-paint and ice cream sandwich fame, has the Media Artist Contingency Plan for you. It's simple really. All you do is print a bullseye sticker, figure out where your hard-drive is located, place the sticker over the middle of it and keep a drill with a suitably macho bit handy. The destruction of evidence in order to keep it out of the wrong hands is hardly a new or particularly inventive idea, but the branding and sticker-reliant qualities of this contingency plan lend it a certain "performace art" quality that's quite fitting. After all, drilling through a hard-drive could totally represent the "realities of the physical world ravaging the illusions of the digital" or something. I want to see the Renegade Engineer Contingency Plan. It would a involve laptop that drills through itself, either that or remotely detonated explosives. (Free Art & Technology via Laughing Squid)

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  3. Man Wearing Clown Makeup Teaches You How to Make an Ice Cream Sandwich on a Stick

    Ice cream sandwiches are a delicious summer treat, but unfortunately, the process of eating them often leaves crumbly brown cookie stuff on your hands. What to do? Modern-day Prometheus and Instructables community manager Randy Sarafan is here to help with a set of instructions for firmly mounting ice cream sandwiches on sticks.  Unfortunately, he does so wearing frightening, Juggalo-like clown makeup for reasons unknown.

    Video instructions below:

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