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  1. Watch a Dog Try to Carry a Giant Stick Through a Gap That’s Too Small

    This dog gets an A+ for perseverance, but fails when it comes to spatial reasoning. It found a giant stick on one side of a fence, and wants desperately to get it to the other side, but oh noes! The stick is too big! That doesn't stop the dog from repeatedly smashing it into the fence trying to get it through. Of course the person filming this, I presume the dog's owner, eventually helps the dog get the stick through, but I kind of wish he let it try for a little longer. Silly puppy. That stick's too big!

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  2. Puppy Trapped Adorably In Sweater, Humans Laugh [Video]

  3. Adorable Animated Dog Can’t Catch a Break [Video]

    This short and sweet animation to end your day is brought to us by Bird Box Studio, which is in the business of making adorable animated videos. This one features an adorable pup who is faced with the inevitable doom brought by one's own exuberance.

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  4. Puppy Totally Pumped About Eating [Video]

    I've been excited to eat before, but that's nothing compared to this adorable little puppy. He's so happy to have a face full of food that he can't even keep his feet on the ground. Perhaps I should take a clue from this dog and start doing handstands to show my appreciation for wonderful things. But then again, I would probably just end up hurting someone.

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  5. This Tatted-Up Biker is Terrified of an Adorable Puppy

    Animal Planet's newest series My Extreme Animal Phobia will premiere soon, and promises to show everyday people freaking out about everyday animals. In one episode, we're introduced to Marvin, a burly gold chain wearing biker with sleeve and wicked tribal face tats. He's also deathly afraid of this adorable little pit bull puppy. If you ever wanted to watch a man that could surely break you in half break down in tears over a cute little dog, this is your lucky day. Though quite unintentionally hilarious, Marvin either has a severe phobia or is willing to ham it up for TV. If truly that severe, then hopefully his dubiously prescribed exposure therapy has helped him recover from the trauma of his youth. Moreover, it might help already maligned pit bulls everywhere. See the video after the break.

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  6. Deformed, Abandoned Puppy Learns to Walk

    This is Harper, a happy and mostly healthy pit bull puppy. However, it was only a few weeks ago that Harper was all but given up for dead. Her story began when Erica Daniel saw a man selling puppies outside a Save-A-Lot. When she approached him, she noticed strange noises coming from a garbage bag the man was holding. After forcing the issue, he opened the bag to reveal a small, deformed dog. This was Harper. Harper has pectus excavatum, or "swimmer puppy syndrome." Dogs with this disorder have a deformed chest cavity, causing them to lie flat on their stomachs and are often unable to even move their heads. Generally, afflicted canines don't live more than three weeks, which was the grim prognosis that Daniel was given when she brought the dog into a Florida animal shelter. With that in mind, Daniel took Harper home for one day of love and care before following the vet's advice and having her euthanized. After that single day, however, Harper had improved dramatically.

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  7. Everyone Should Try New Foods Like This Puppy Eating A Lime [Video]

    The Internet is full of videos of puppies doing cute puppy things, but we just couldn't resist this video of an Alaskan Klee Kai trying figure out what to make of this lime. More things in life should be as exciting as this lime wedge is for this puppy, named Kiwi. The dog gets so excited it even takes a dance break, but then it goes right back to tasting the lime. Some YouTube viewers were concerned that the lime would be harmful for the 12-week old puppy, but according to the owner's comments on the video, the little bit of lime the dog ingested didn't hurt it one bit. The next time you try a new food, you should probably adopt this puppy's method: Taste, freak out, taste again (just to be sure).

    (via YouTube/Kleesentials)

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  8. Time for Your Magical Puppy Break

    It's the start of another long week of drudgery for the working world. We here at Geekosystem understand your pain, and present the above picture of a puppy pulling another puppy out of a magical top hat to help ease you back in from the weekend. (Arbroath via Gamma Squad)

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  9. And Now, the Cutest Puppy You Will See Today [Video]

    Time to wake up and go home! (via Blame It on the Voices)

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  10. French Bulldog Puppy Versus a Doorstop [Video]

    This french bulldog puppy, named Emma, has found the perfect mortal enemy to help her display maximum adorability.

    (via reddit)

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  11. Throwing a Puppy in a Pile of Leaves Is Sometimes Actually Adorable and Not Terrible

    The poster of the video, YouTube user woodninjas, sums up the video best, "My wife brought home a puppy. My sister and I threw it in a pile of leaves!" Don't worry, the puppy doesn't seem to mind and the whole scenario is extremely adorable.

    (via reddit)

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  12. Sleeping Puppy Makes Adorable Noises [Video]

    What seems to be a sleeping Shibu Inu puppy doesn't sound like a puppy at all, but more like gurgly adorableness embodied in a furry little shell.

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