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  1. Good Job Disney: Actual Puppies Dressed as Disney Characters

    We're just as tired of Disney mashups as you, but PUPPIES. ACTUAL PUPPIES.

    Oh no. This video is from an official Disney account. Disney has discovered the internet, and all the crazy things we do with Disney properties on it.

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  2. Check Out This Sneak Peek of Disney’s New Animated Sho—OMG A CUTE PUPPY EATING A FRENCH FRY!

    Cute puppies and junk food: Disney knows the way to my heart. You can see the entirety of their new short Feast when it premieres with Big Hero Six on November 7th—like Paperman did with Wreck-It Ralph, doncha know?

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  3. Monday Evening Cute: Husky Puppy In Tiny Bowl Struggles For Freedom

    Same, puppy. Same.

    Well, this isn't disconcertingly relatable at all. Nope. Not one bit.

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  4. Monday Cute: Piles of Pug Puppies Puddle on Pop


    Never have I known a love so pure, so uncomplicated. Never will I give myself to another living thing as thoroughly as this man's pugs have to him, and he to them.

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  5. Monday Cute/Terrifying: Puppies and Screaming Armadillos, Sadly Not In the Same Video


    What, you don't think this albino screaming hairy armadillo (an actual species, and not the name of a mid-80s punk band) is cute? Fine. Whatever. Try the vid behind the cut, of a puppy (the YouTube title says "dog," but all dogs are just varying ages of puppy—it is known) not realizing that the glass door he wants to get through is already open. "PUNY HUMAN. CEASE YOUR BARRING OF MY—oh, thanks."

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  6. Monday Cute. FACT: Puppies Cure Nightmares

    Or cancel them out as equal and opposite forces.

    Quick science lesson: Puppies' powers include (but are not limited to) curing nightmares, getting away with using a sleeping dog's face as a pillow, making you say, "Awwww," etc. Don't believe me? Please allow this puppy to demonstrate.

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  7. Monday Cute: Prepare To Be Terrified By the Fiercest of Puppy Barks [VIDEO]

    That sure is a great pyrenees. Eh? Ehhhhhh?

    "How dare you act this way in my presence, feeble human! Can't you tell I am descended from a long and prestiguous line of ferocious polar bears? Just look at my massive, powerful paws! No, no. They are not floofy and adorable. Stop-- stop booping my nose! That's it. Where is my armor?"

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  8. Die Hard Remade With Pugs Is The Way Die Hard Was Meant To Be

    Yippie ki-yay, motherpugger!

    If you've never seen the 1988 film Die Hard before then welcome to the party, pal. Masters of cuteness The Pet Collective have created the definitive version, a highly accurate remake that almost made me forget A Good Day To Die Hard ever happened.

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  9. Watch the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl Here!

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    Regardless of how you feel about the Super Bowl and football in general or whether or not you care about the commercials, it's hard to beat the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.  For your enjoyment, here are livestreams of each. You are welcome.


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  10. Monday Cute: Six Seconds of Puppy’s First Snow

    Yeah, well, that puppy doesn't have to shovel the driveway. Wait, I live in an apartment complex. I don't have to shovel the driveway either. Wait for me, puppy!

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