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  1. Now You Can Own Your Very Own Plush Doll of Norman Bates’ Dead Mother

    Don't be scared. Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly.

    Mother's Day is coming up, and what better gift to show your mom you appreciate her than the corpse of the late Norma Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho? At the very least, it's proof that she could have done worse raising you.

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  2. Pinhead Does Children’s Parties, and Other Stories from Kiersten Essenpreis’ “Day Off” Series


    Kiersten Essenpreis has created a series of prints hypothesizing what various villains, monsters, and cartoon characters do on their days off. On my day off, I went to the Museum of Natural History, but nobody made a drawing of me. (Actually, oddly enough, somebody did. But it's funnier to say otherwise, so the artist will have to forgive me.)

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  3. Mondo Got In On Black Friday With These (Sold Out, Sorry) Limited Edition Prints

    And All Was Right With the World

    All bow before the altar of Mondo. They always deliver when it comes to inventive, artistically stunning movie posters, and this Black Friday it was no different. Sadly all of their new poster designs—of Back to the Future Part II, Psycho, RoboCop, and (my personal favorite) The Bride of Frankenstein—sold out shortly after being debuted on Mondo's Twitter account, but the images are after the jump for you to admire from afar.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Worf, Data, & Captain Archer Making Dinner

    Things We Saw Today

    Star Trek's Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, and Scott Bakula share a moment in the kitchen for Patrick Stewart's son's birthday. He tweeted, "My birthday catering company sucks. Do NOT hire these guys." (via reddit) 

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  5. Here, Have Some Feels: The 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes [VIDEO]

    I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

    I made myself sit through this five minutes and seven seconds of pure emotional turmoil, and now I'm passing it on to you. Via the miserable sadists at Movie Miscellany, here's a montage of the 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes. Some of them are legitimately heartbreaking (ARRRTAAAAAX!). For others, your narm mileage may vary. Some of the deaths aren't really geared toward being depressing at all, like that of Marion Crane in Psycho, which is more of the bone-chilling variety. And there are a few particularly tragic examples missing (Littlefoot's mother from The Land Before Time, for example. And any of Sean Bean's many, many deaths, which the video description acknowledges). Still. Something tells me that you'll need to see something chipper and uplifting after watching this. Here, have a baby kangaroo. Now excuse me while I try and stave off The Iron Giant feels. (via: Pajiba)

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  6. That Adorable Kid From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Is Going To Play Norman Bates

    thanks but no thanks

    Freddie Highmore, whose adorable mug you may remember from Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has just secured a role in A&E's Psycho prequel. The actor will be playing Norman Bates. The rest on that disturbing news plus who will play his brother (his brother!?) after the jump.

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  7. Psycho Prequel TV Series Has Cast Norman Bates’ Mother

    Today in things that make us scream incoherently

    In a year of two behind-the-scenes Alfred Hitchcock projects, a new contendor as emerged. It's a new drama series from A&E called Bates Motel that explores the relationship between Norman Bates and his mother...Norma. Does anyone want this?

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  8. Great, More Things We Want to Own: Awesome Original Poster Art of Some of Our Favorite Movies

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Sometimes, the posters for our favorite movies just don't match the things they make us feel. They're too glossy, too obviously airbrushed, maybe they feature the faces of the actors a little (or a lot) more prominently than they do any actual idea of the movie. This is precisely what makes this poster art by artist Adam Rabalais so cool. The volume itself is impressive; the quality even more so. Click through the jump to see some of our favorites.

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  9. Scarlett Johansson To Play Janet Leigh In Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho

    Bloody Good Fun

    Scarlet Johansson is spending her summer kicking butt with The Avengers but pretty soon she'll be practicing how to get murdered. The actress has been cast as Janet Leigh in the film, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho

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  10. A&E Tries Jumping Onto the Horror TV Train by Developing a Psycho Prequel Series

    Oh Really?

    Um, okay. Gross. I say this as a devout fan of the original Psycho movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. But wanting to bring the same success of horror-themed shows like FX's American Horror Story, True Blood, and The Walking Dead, A&E has announced that it's developing a series about the Bates Motel, the site of several murders at the hands of the titular psycho, Norman Bates (played by Anthony Perkins). The plot of the show concerns what turned Norman into a murderer. Maybe I shouldn't assume it's going to be absolutely horrible, but can I say I'd prefer to see Psycho left alone (after it was already subject to an unnecessary shot-for-shot remake)? Yes. I'm going to say that.

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  11. 10 Movies That Should Be In Theaters All The Time

    Consider the Following

    Every once in a while, popular films are re-released into theaters. Sometimes it's with improved sound, effects etc. but sometimes it's just because people love them so much. This past year we saw Disney's The Lion King back in theaters in 3D and the original Back to the Future. Next year will find Star Wars back in theaters (again) with their 3D version. When movies like these are brought back to the big screen, they almost always prove extremely popular, not to mention profitable. So that begs the question - why do they ever leave? The movie theater business isn't an easy one. Most of their money is made through popcorn, candy and soda sales with a percentage of ticket sales going to the studios depending on how long the film is out. Special screenings, depending on who's running them, have a different cost strategy, but pretty much, if people will keep coming to see it (and buying concessions) it stands to reason they'll make money. Here are ten films that I think deserve to perpetually show on the big screen. Granted I don't know everything about what a financial model for something like this would be and I'm not saying they have to show every day but theaters are guaranteed to have at least one butt in their seats for these.

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  12. The 10 Worst Mothers In Geekdom

    Power Grid

    No! Don't get angry! Bear with us! Last year, we totally did up a grid of the Greatest Mothers in Geekdom, with Martha Kent, Aunt Beru, Sarah Connor, Molly Weasley, and other loving, kickass ladies that did a great job of raising kids. And then my mom asked me, very nicely, if maybe next year I could do a grid of terrible mothers, so that she wouldn't feel inferior in comparison.

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