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  1. Things We Saw Today: Perfect PJs For The Space-Time Travelers We Currently Are

    These Apollo 11 spacesuit PJs are exactly what I want to lounge around in after hurtling through space into the future on New Years' Day!

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  2. Walmart Isn’t Happy About That PS4 Scam, So They Idiot-Proofed Their Price Match Policy

    Roll back those prices policies.

    Yes, some people were really picking up $90 PlayStation 4s using a bogus 3rd party Amazon listing over the past few days. Of course, price matching is always up to store management, and they should've shut this down in the first place. But Walmart is no longer playing it fast and loose with employees' common sense.

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  3. Transistor Is The Game With The Red-Headed, Sword-Wielding Female Protagonist You’ve Been Waiting For

    I want to see as many Red cosplayers as possible this year, so get on it.

    The follow-up to Supergiant Games’ 2011 indie smash Bastion, Transistor is a sci-fi action RPG that looks just as lovely as its predecessor.You play as Red, a young singer whose voice is stolen by The Process, a baddie she pursues relentlessly with her intelligent sword, Transistor. And the launch trailer looks epic.

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  4. Octodad: Dadliest Catch Wriggles Its Tangly Tentacles Onto the PS4 This Week

    But when can we expect an Octodad vs. Goat Simulator crossover fighting game?

    The simulator that allows you to play an octopus on land that is somehow a father to human children is coming to the PS4 with some new perks.

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  5. All the Animated PlayStation 4 Facts You Can Handle from Vsauce’s Fact Surgery [Video]

    This is probably the most entertaining way to void your warranty.

    How many PS2 memory cards would it take to equal the amount of hard drive space on board the PS4? Sure, it had the fastest selling console launch of all time, but how much money did Sony make off of it on a per-second basis? Vsauce is here with the answers to these questions and more presented by a stop-motion animated PS4.

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  6. Watch NPR’s Nina Totenberg Unbox a PS4, Because That’s a Thing That Happened

    i'll just leave this here

    Imagine that someone made an unboxing video of a hot new console release with their indulgent mom, after explaining to their mom what an unboxing video was in the first place. Now imagine that that mom is National Public Radio's legal affairs correspondent, and has been covering the American Supreme Court since the seventies. So cute, you'll totally let the implication that gamers play because they're in bad relationships slide. Judging by the jokes about ethics at the end of this video, NPR was sent their own PS4 by Sony. I'd just like it known that NPR representatives looking for a way to dispose of the console can always contact us.

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  7. Watch Jimmy Fallon and Ice-T Play With The PS4 Because Why Wouldn’t You Want To Watch That? [Video]

    Seriously, you could watch Ice-T read the phone book and it would be amazing.

    If you're like us, you've always had a burning desire to watch Ice-T kick a virtual reality robot in the face, but you never quite knew you needed to see it until just this second. Well, worry no longer, friends! He and Jimmy Fallon both got a chance to check out the playroom demo last night, which comes with a  bunch of adorable ARG bots to punt.

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  8. You Can Use Your Real Name on the PlayStation 4 at Launch, While Xbox One Owners Wait

    You won't have to, but you can.

    If you want to use your real name when playing online instead of a silly gamertag, you'll be getting your chance with the next generation of consoles. While Microsoft promises the feature eventually, Sony has confirmed that it will be available as an option with the launch of the PlayStation 4 on November 15th.

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  9. PlayStation 4 Demo Stations Coming to US Retailers Today

    Can't wait to try the PS4? Good. You don't have to.

    PlayStation fans can now get their hands on the new PlayStation 4 about a month ahead of its November 15 debut. Starting today, demo kiosks will be installed in retailers around the US.

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  10. Your PS4 is Probably Being Built by College Interns at Foxconn

    College students love Playstation, so win-win, right?

    Foxconn has enlisted the help of engineering students at the Xi'an Institute of Technology in China to keep up with PS4 production demand. In this instance, enlisted means they're basically being blackmailed with their college degrees. It's OK, greatness awaits!

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