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  1. Ouch: Sony’s Bond Rating Now One Step Above Junk Bonds

    How the mighty have fallen. Credit rating agency Moody's has dropped their rating on long-term bonds issued by Sony to it's lowest investment grade, marking them just one notch above junk bonds. For the couple of you that might not be investment bankers out there, this means that the agency believes there is a very, very good chance that the Japanese tech giant is in real trouble and may not be able to pay off its long-term debt.

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  2. The Game Genie Is Back And It’s Coming To PS3

    Those of us who grew up with cartridge-based consoles remember that those could be really freaking hard. As such, sometimes cheating was practically necessary. Back then, old-fashioned cheat codes were still a thing, but the good stuff -- the real awesome cheats -- always involved awkwardly strapping a piece of third party hardware to your game, thereby doubling the amount of dusty connections that might fail, and crossing your fingers that this time it would actually work. If you miss that, I've got good news: Game Genie is coming back, and it's going to come to the PS3.

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  3. Sony Unveils God of War: Ascension for PS3, Will be a Prequel

    If you were hoping and praying to all the gods that you couldn't pray to (because Kratos savagely killed all of them) for a new God of War game featuring Kratos on the PlayStation 3, those dead gods must've somehow listened. Sony has unveiled God of War: Ascension, what will be a prequel to the entire God of War series, back before Kratos became the titular god of war and went on his rage-fueled quest that spanned three console installments, two PSP adventures, a surprisingly decent cellphone adventure back before smartphones were prominent, and a very sufficient amount of dismantling the entire Greek mythos via his temperament issues. Check out the teaser for the game below.

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  4. Amazon Prime Movie Streaming Comes To PS3

    Amazon Prime's "Amazon Instant Video" pack-in is now getting a little cooler and a little more of a threat to services like Netflix. Amazon Instant Video is now available on the PS3, and by extension, your TV. If you've got Prime and you want to get things going, all you have to do is hop on to your PS3, download the app and let her rip. With console support, Amazon Instant Video seems like more of a direct competitor to Netflix, and by going with PS3 instead of Xbox, they've saved viewers the cost of an Xbox Live subscription.

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  5. Journey is One of the Best Games You’ll Ever Play [Review]

    Every now and then, you hear the old "can video games be art" discussion pop up, and as times goes on, the answer becomes more of a resounding "yes, stop asking," than something more nebulous. From the very first moment Thatgamecompany's downloadable PlayStation Network adventure Journey was shown off years ago, the video game world knew it would be one of those "art" games. It finally released to the masses on March 13, and not only is the game one of the best examples of video games as art, but it's one of the industry's finest instances of gaming.

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  6. Kara Shows Off Scarily Realistic Motion Capture on PS3

    On the left is actor Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars) and on the right is Valorie Curry as rendered by Quantic Dream and their new motion capture capability. The screenshot right was taken from a short film called Kara, which is rendered in real-time on a PS3 sing Quantic's new motion capture engine. Unlike previous techniques, the system uses 64 cameras to record the entire actor in one go, capturing body and facial expressions all at once. For it's part, Kara is a remarkable piece of work, and features the most scantily clad robot in recent history. Clearly Quantic knew how to grab headlines: Amazing technology, semi-naked robots.

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  7. Sony Gets Sued Over PlayStation Network's No-Sue Clause

    So remember back, after the big Sony hacking fiasco, when Sony pushed a PlayStation Network update that required all users to surrender their right to sue Sony? Well now Sony is getting sued over it. There were a lot of questions about whether the move to include the clause was actually legal, and now we're set to find out. Sony did provide a way to opt-out of the clause, but it was hard to find and even harder to excute; you had to send them a letter snail-mail, which as we all know, is an activity bordering on impossible. Seriously though, it's kind of a pain and that was a pretty sketchy move on Sony's part.

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  8. Modder Combines PS3 and Xbox 360 Into One Case, Reminds Us How Much We Need a Unified Console

    Probably hurting for shelf space like the rest of us multiplatform gamers, reddit user timofend took it upon himself to fix the issue and put an old 80 gig model PlayStation 3 and a slim Xbox 360 into a PC tower. Not exactly the unified console every gamer hopes and dreams of, the PC tower mod does save a significant amount of space, and though one may suspect it to be, isn't even liquid cooled, as timofend notes that when each machine is running simultaneously inside the tower, they only run at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit -- something my launch model PS3 does on its own. Head on past the break to see a few pictures of the mod.

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  9. Sony’s E3 2011 Keynote Recap

    We've seen what Microsoft had (or didn't have, depending on how disappointed you were) to offer from this year's E3. Did Sony do any better? The short of it: It was similarly predictable, though it did have a few more interesting surprises -- the price and date of the PSP2, otherwise known as the NGP, now officially known as the PS Vita have been set, and Sony matched Nintendo's flailing 3DS in price with a $249 price tag on the non-3G PS Vita model and a $299 price tag on the 3G-enabled model. An honestly stunning move, considering the Vita's tech is far more powerful than the tech inside the 3DS and must be much more expensive to produce. They also announced a 24-inch PlayStation brand 3D television and 3D glasses bundle for the (again) honestly low price of $499. As for games, everything we already knew about: Uncharted 3 looked great, the previously-mentioned God of War PSP games bundle is indeed coming to the PS3, BioShock Infinite will include Move functionality and come with a free copy of BioShock, the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD remake bundle got dated for September, and there was a bunch of PS Vita news, as well as a few new games and added Move support. Jack Tretton also gave a sincere, though kind of awkward, apology regarding the recent PlayStation Network hack mess.

    Are you ready to dive into Sony's presser?

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  10. The PlayStation Store, Including the Rest of PSN Services, Relaunching By End of Week

    Reported straight from Sony's official PlayStation Blog, they expect the rest of the currently missing PlayStation Network services to return by the end of the week, which includes the most important part of the PSN besides online gaming -- the PlayStation Store. Sony plans to fully restore PSN services in the Americas, Europe/PAL territories and Asia (excluding Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea) by the end of this week. Yes, if the store isn't restored today, then Sony's original May 31 deadline for restoring the store will have passed, and yes, that does mean they missed yet another deadline that they set themselves regarding PSN service restoration, and yes, that means this new deadline might not mean anything either. No one would blame anyone for not exactly expecting full PSN services back by this new deadline, but hey, they've already been gone for so long, the estimated "by the end of this week" deadline seems spot on. I mean, what else is there to do, right? Right? Let me give you my money already, Sony! Jeez. (via PlayStation Blog)

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