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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Consider the Following

Those Conical Princess Hats? Borrowed Fashion From Mongol Warrior Women

You know, the ones that you made out of construction paper, tape, and a bit of whatever was left over from the trip to the fabric store for the princes party you were invited to when you were seven.

The ones inspired by one brought back to Europe by Marco Polo, who’d borrowed it from a Mongol queen. Since Mongol dress was more or less gender neutral, the very vertical hats (sometimes five to seven feet) helped differentiate the male and female silhouette from a distance. But I don’t want to give it all away; you can read more at Medieval POC.


Pretty Pretty Princess

A Princess Superhero Themed Party: You’re Doing it Right

Oh, hot glue. Is there anything you can’t do?

(via Isa Is An Isa.)


Pretty Pretty Princess

What If All Disney Princesses Were Sloths?

We’d have really slow moving Disney films but they’d be ten times cuter. “A Facebook conversation occurred….I needed a break from finals….and this happened,” writes Phillip Light of this unique art pairing. Check out what Snow White, Belle, and (my favorite) Merida would look like as sloths. Oh and for those wondering, there’s nothing in our bylaws that says we can’t do more than one sloth post a day.


Pretty Pretty Princess

The Super Bowl Ad We Forgot: the One With a Warrior Princess

In my rush to remember all the Super Bowl ads from last night that were worth remembering, I forgot this Toyota commercial. It’s got a pretty familiar plot of a genie whose wishes always have a bit of an ironic twist to them. Sort of a monkey’s paw kind of thing. Except there’s one particular wish in here that gets an “ironic” twist that we have entirely non-ironic positive feelings for. See if you can figure out which one it is.

(via Think Progress)


Pretty Pretty Princess

Princesses Ariel and Belle Finally Have Their Own Castles At Disney

If you ever wondered why Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella were the only Disney Princesses to have fancy castles at Disney theme parks, you’re not alone. Finally, the Walt Disney Company are attempting to play catch-up with the ladies and have granted both Ariel and Belle their own special houses. 


Pretty Pretty Princess

A Real-Life (Party) Princess Spills the Magic Beans on Princess Culture [VIDEO]

Princess Marty, The Party Princess from NPR on Vimeo.

What does it take to be a real-life princess? “A lot of muscle,” according to M. Alice LeGrow, a.k.a. Princess Marty. “You can’t be a wilting flower. Have you ever walked around in a corset and a ballgown? It’s hard! …Not to mention every child wants to be picked up at least 40 times.” LeGrow, who was profiled by NPR in this short video on party princesses, was a comic book artist before her publisher went out of business and she started her new career. The fact that she’s someone personally involved in “princess culture” makes her take on it all the more refreshing.

(via: Mental Floss)

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It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

Here, Let Disney Pull on Your Heart Strings With This Ad Defining “Princess”

Disney has been manipulating the emotions of girls and women for so long now that the word “princess” has become nearly synonymous with their product. And I agree with Peggy Orenstein’s points about it. And no, I’ve just got something in my eye.

(via Peggy Orenstein.)

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Loki vs. Thor… on Fingernails [Nail Art How Are You So Awesome]

So, Loki and Thor have a fight on the Rainbow Bridge. Then put it on nails. Your nails. Paint half of it with your non-dominant hand. /mindblown (Nerdatiousnails)



Review: Brave is About an Action Princess. Deal With It

Like myself, and our chief editor, many readers of our site may have found themselves attaching undue importance to Disney/Pixar’s Brave. While it’s needless to explain that we’re fans of Pixar for their general quality and content (we can politely forget about the Cars franchise), it meant something different, something special, to have a female-oriented (and female-sourced) vehicle as their next big feature. I do not believe we were alone in this. The little girl inside of me who was once Joan of Arc for Halloween (ask my mother about the grey Eileen Fisher sweater I stretched out because it ‘looked like chainmaile’), who once built a sword out of PVC pipe, foam, a dead tennis ball, and duct tape, and who devoured Tamora Pierce’s Lioness Quartet like a starving person, needed Brave to be so many things. That is a tremendous price to ask of any movie, especially a high-budget movie, and one from a studio that must hit so many parts of the ambiguous (and dubious) “family” demographic.

So, both the over-excited tiny girl knight inside of me, and the grumbling, jaded critic that is my adult guise, are pleased to inform you that Brave is very, very good.


And So It Begins

Ann Peacock to Rewrite Cinderella for Universal Studios

Despite Disney’s great big heavy steps away from the genre for fear of losing the little boy market, Hollywood remains convinced that the fairy tale market, even fairy tales with pretty princess protagonists, is still a ripe one. What with two competing Snow White adaptations, March’s Red Riding Hood, Bryan Singer’s upcoming Jack the Giant Killer, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and even some Peter Pan films going around.

And now Universal is giving it’s Cinderella script another pass through a new writer, in order to see if they can get the shoe to fit.