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  1. That Time Burger King Won April Fools Day

    Well done: how I take my burgers and how I like my jokes.

    On April Fools in 1998, Burger King was serving two kinds of whoppers: juicy burgers, and a big fat lie. The company was temporarily crowned the prank champion after taking out a full page ad in USA Today announcing the release of an ergonomically designed, specially constructed Left Handed Whopper.

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  2. DHL Delivers Laughs in Prank on UPS

    I need someone to sign for major burnage, please?

    I can't honestly say whether DHL or UPS has faster delivery, but now I definitely know which company is the master of practical jokes. DHL recently used thermal-activated foil to trick their competitors into doing some cheap advertising for them, so all hail the delivery service comedy kings.

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  3. Walking Dead Fan Pulls Prank on Actor Norman Reedus [Video]

    Bloody Good Fun

    Walking Dead fan Nick Santonastasso has pranked people as a zombie in stores and the videos went viral.  Santonastasso has a rare condition called Hanhart and has one arm and no legs - he also has a ton of determination and an obvious sense of humor.  Because of his homemade videos, the Walking Dead team brought him to Tokyo to prank actor Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl) with the help of Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). The results are pretty hilarious. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  4. This Carrie Themed Viral Video Has Some Pretty Sweet Practical Effects. Also, A Telekinetic Lady [Video]

    They're all gonna laugh at you!

    So there's a remake set to hit movie theaters pretty soon. we don't know how we feel about that yet. What we do know is that Thinkmodo, an NY viral marketing company that make movie tie-in "prank" videos, is really good at what it does. Case in point: this video of a lady throwing a dude at a coffee shop wall with her telekinetic powers.

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  5. Fart Spray and Deer Repellent Mixture Sends Teens to Hospital

    Just click already, we know you're interested just from the title.

    Ah, summer camp. It's a rite of prank-filled passage for many a young child, and also the site of some of the most gruesome moments of cinematic horror ever put to film. We imagine that what happened on Wednesday to the the kids at the Christian Camp Wo-Me-To in Jarrettsville, Maryland, falls somewhere in the middle. Probably closer to the horror, though.

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  6. Backwards-Moving Flash Mob Confuses the Hell Out of NYC Tourists [Video]

    New York City is a weird enough place, justifying daily the phrase "only in New York!" As the Geekosystem office is situated in the Big Apple -- which no one who lives here calls it, by the way -- we're happy whenever something positive livens up our town. In a prelude to April Fool's Day, more than 2,000 people moved backwards in Times Square for 5 minutes, confusing locals and tourists alike.

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  7. Jesuit High Schooler Delivers Wet Willy on Live TV, May Be Suspended, Judged by an Angry God [Video]

    It's a well-known fact that when you turn your camera on a teenager, they are going to do something stupid. It's pretty much a law of physics, really. Case in point: This student at St. Joseph's, a Jesuit prep school in Pennsylvania, knew he was on live television and, being any high school student anywhere in the history of time, just couldn't restrain himself from taking probably the one opportunity he will ever get to give the dude in front of him a dreaded "wet willy" before an audience of millions. We know that feel, bro.  Thankfully, someone captured this moment of brilliance to share with the Internet at large, and we're delighted to bring it to you below.

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  8. Invisible Driver Returns With Chucky Doll, Fast Food Employees Totally Over It Already

    We've brought you magician and YouTube Prankster Rahat Hussein's videos -- like the Invisible Driver prank -- before. He's added a new twist to the trick in his latest video, which features a Chucky doll (well, technically a Good Guy doll, but who are we to split hairs?) in the driver's seat of a car ordering fast food. If, like us, though, you were kind of wondering when fast food workers in Rahat's neighborhood would grow bored with his shenanigans -- wait no longer, as a car driven by a murderous doll is no longer enough to unnerve people working a drive-through window. They've seen things, man.

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  9. Watch a Guy Sneeze His Head Off His Shoulders [Video]

    Whatever your Halloween costume this year is going to be, it can't possibly match this magician's, which involves him sneezing his head off his body in an alleyway. Alleyways make everything creepier.

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  10. Fun Prank: The Pirate Bay Gift Cards Spotted in the Wild

    Redditor Bierrr spotted these gift cards for The Pirate Bay at a local supermarket. Good prank, but this brings up a fairly important question. If something tangible at a store costs nothing, can you just take it, or do you have to ring it up regardless of its lack of cost? Deep, deep philosophy.

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  11. Tired of Waiting for the Elevator? Live in One. [Video]

    Waiting for elevators can be tedious, and down right depressing when you think of all the cummulative time wasted doing it. Perhaps we should just follow the lead of Rémi Gaillard, and start living in elevators. Looks cozy to me, but the idea of being trapped in an elevator gives me the heebie-jeebies -- even if it was an elevator that was also my home.

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  12. How To Stop Your Roommate From Using Internet Explorer

    Reddit user Permabla had a problem: His roommate continually used the much-maligned Internet Explorer because he "couldn't find the Firefox button." Problem solved.

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  13. LEGOLAND Employees Swap Manager’s Car With LEGO Car

    The Model Shop team at LEGOLAND California played a prank on General Manager Peter Ronchetti: They replaced his Volvo XC60 with a life-sized LEGO model of an XC90. The model was built with 201,076 LEGO bricks and weighs 2,934 pounds. The LEGO model was actually built in 2004, and Model Shop supervisor Tim Petsche noticed that the model greatly resembled Ronchetti's Volvo while it was being refurbished. So, like any good employee or friend would do, someone stole Ronchetti's car keys, moved his car, returned the keys, and then the team used a forklift to plop the LEGO model down in its spot. Head on past the break for a video of the prank in motion.

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  14. Coal Industry Lambasted With Fake “Coal Cares” Website

    Peabody Energy, the world's largest coal energy company, has been the target of an ingenious prank called "Coal Cares." The site claims it is giving away free "cool" inhalers featuring the likenesses of Justin Bieber, My Little Pony, and others for kids who live within 200 miles of a coal-fire power plant. It also offers "fun" games and activities, likely chosen to help kids remain inside and asthma free. The site is actually the work of prankster activists Coal is Killing Kids, who aim to counteract the lobbying efforts they claim Peabody is making to gut the Clean Air Act. That specific agenda aside, the Coal Cares website is a spot-on parody of the recent efforts the coal industry has made to paint itself as a green company. The soulless, questionable copy and generic clipart is dead on; you can almost hear a vaccuous wind blowing through where the faux-author's heart used to be. Read on after the break for a few choice quotes, and images from the ersatz campaign.

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  15. Facebook Prankster Slightly Changes Friend’s Face in Photos, Re-Uploads Them

    Pictured above is a hilariously subtle (which makes it devilishly evil) prank where Oli downloads pictures of his friend James from Facebook, edits them to slightly change his face and other little details, then re-uploads them back to Facebook. As seen by the comments left by James, he's not too fond of the prank, even if he has a prime opportunity to claim he owns a bush baby. Head on past the break to see the full range of hilarious edits.

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  16. Teacher Pranks Class With “Haunted” PC

    Biola University professor Matt Weathers pranked his class on Halloween by pretending his PC was haunted and ripping things out of it into real life. A little cheesy, but oddly mesmerizing.

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  17. Blizzard Trolls BlizzCon Attendees with “New MMO,” World of Jersey Shorecraft

    Blizzard Entertainment is pretty infamous when it comes to pranking their fans, but their prank at this year's BlizzCon was so calculatedly evil that it can only be considered a hilarious epic troll. Hilarious if you aren't a huge Blizzard fan, I suppose.

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