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  1. It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running For President of the United States

    Is the US finally ready for its first female President?

    We all knew this was coming, but today it's official. Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for President of the United States.

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  2. Unlikely Partners: Feminist Advocates On Both Sides Of the Aisle Work Toward the ERA

    Women work best when they work together.

    After losing ratification by a thisclose vote in 1982 and seemingly losing steam, there is a resurgence of interest and work being put into the fight for an Equal Rights Amendment, which would put language into the US Constitution that would guarantee women legal equality and prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender. At the forefront of that fight is an unlikely alliance between a Democratic and a Republican Representative.

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  3. Wiccan Priestess Blesses Iowa Legislature; Legislature Responds With Ignorance and Intolerance

    In an attempt to show how diverse and inclusive Iowans are, Iowa State Rep. Liz Bennett invited Wiccan High Priestess, Deborah Maynard, to deliver the morning blessing at the Iowa Legislature this past Thursday. They've had Christians, Jews, and Muslims deliver the blessing, and Rep. Bennett has also approached Zen Buddhist leaders and others. But this was the first time in the Legislature's history that a Wiccan had been given the opportunity.

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  4. #VOTEMAISIE: Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Wants “Generation Selfie” to Vote

    "Who's next?"

    Maisie Williams turns 18 just in time to be able to vote in the May 7th general election in the UK, and in this completely-random-yet-awesome video for Dazed Magazine, she gives young people an alternative way of thinking about politics and voting, reminding them about the current state of UK politics while using Arya Stark's more ruthless sensibilities.

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  5. Why Pikachu Should Be President: A 10-Year-Old’s Very Important Essay

    "Super effective."

    [Editor's Note: The following was an essay written by Georgia Roberson, the daughter of Chris Roberson (iZombie) and his business partner/wife Allison Baker. It was originally posted on Roberson's tumblr and is republished here with permission. We think you're really, really going to love it.]

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  6. Selma Director Asks Us to “Interrogate History” After Op-Ed Claims the Film is Historically Inaccurate

    On December 26th, The Washington Post published "The movie Selma has a glaring flaw," an op-ed by Joseph A. Califano Jr., former domestic affairs chief to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Thankfully, Selma director Ava DuVernay took to Twitter yesterday to respond to Califano's claims.

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  7. Young Girl Is Really, Really Excited To Meet Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama Makes A Pop Culture Reference Out Of A Turnip

    Someone on Reddit posted this fantastic image of 10-year-old Macy Friday meeting Hillary Clinton in Colorado this week. It's basically the definition of priceless. In other news, First Lady Michelle Obama is holding a turnip for you.

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  8. Science Says You Can Smell a Person’s Political Views. We Must Smell Fantastic

    When can I get tinfoil hat wearer-scented cologne?

    A new study shows that body odor and political views may actually be connected. Do you think you become invisible to noses perception filter-style if you stop following politics altogether? We could make a killing in the deodorant market. Imagine: "Apathy" by The Mary Sue.

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  9. DC Comics Writer Chuck Dixon Claims His Conservative Politics Lost Him Jobs in Comics

    For A More Civilized Age

    Chuck Dixon has not just written a lot of Batman comics, he was heavily involved in my favorite era of the character, in which the state of Batman's relationships with his various surrogate family members and friends held just as much weight as his triumph over his foes. And while Gail Simone is more closely associated with the Birds of Prey, Dixon was the first to popularize the all-female superhero team in a way that wasn't primarily for the male gaze. From his most popular and longstanding work in the DC Universe alone, you would not immediately guess that Dixon is an outspoken social conservative. This weekend, Dixon and artist Paul Rivoche (whose graphic novel adaptation of a popular conservative reading of the history of the Great Depression hit shelves in the last month) published a post on the Wall Street Journal's opinion section bemoaning the predominantly liberal bias of modern comics (as they see it), claiming that Dixon's career dried up once he started to voice his political views in the workplace, and calling conservative creators of all stripes to take up the torch and catch up to the left wing in their dominance of the market. I think.

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  10. Florida Adds Zombie Apocalypse Amendment, Maybe Knows Something We Don’t

    I assume it includes instructions on how to drive over to Mum's and "take care" of Phillip.

    There are hordes of undead monsters coming for your delicious brains. Where did they all come from? Who do you blame? Right: Florida. So, a Florida State Senator has added language to an existing bill that makes provisions to include a zombie apocalypse. That's good. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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  11. Politics Sexist? Hilary Clinton Discriminated Against Because She’s A Woman? You Don’t Say, The Daily Show!

    What Boys Think of Girls

    Jon Stewart (not to be confused with John Stewart) brought up a topic relevant to our interests on last night's The Daily Show. Particularly the reaction Hilary Clinton is getting in the political sphere after daughter Chelsea announced she was pregnant. Gasp! Clinton will be a grandmother! "How will this affect her run for office?" Stewart notes, is not something which as ever been asked about a male candidate. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  12. The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Will Help You Understand Smart People, Even If You’re a Smart Person

    Today's episode is all about yelling about the government politics.

    If you're desperately reading this site in order to understand the geek in your life, aww, that's adorable. You must really care. Well, today you're in luck, because the people at Above Average, who brought us Thingstarter, have a new series called The Idiot's Guide to Smart People that will help you understand why smart people act so strangely.

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  13. In Which President Obama Name-Checked Mad Men While Talking About Equal Pay For U.S. Women


    Last night's State of the Union was very much like the Academy Awards. People were honored, people were bored, camera operators got a workout trying to find the right people in the audience. Just swap the political and pop-culture references (one or two political mentions at the Oscars vs. one or two pop-culture items at SOTU). Check out this relevant clip from President Obama's SOTU last night then hit the jump to look at a depressing image of how many Congressmen stood up for this part of the speech.

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  14. Now That The Government’s Shut Down, Here’s What’s Still Currently Running

    Everyone in Canada is laughing at us right now.

    If you live in the United States and you're reading this right now, then you currently have no government. But that doesn't mean there's going to be panic in the streets (although there probably should be). Here what will still be up and running, just in case you were getting any ideas about starting a revolution or something.

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  15. Things We Saw Today: A Captain Picard Quilt

    Things We Saw Today

    As long as you have this quilt by Candy Coated Quilts you can say you're sleeping with Sir Patrick Stewart and it will only kind of be a lie. (Nerd Approved)

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  16. Is This The Best Political Ad Ever? Yes, Yes It Is [Video]

    This is concerning, yet oddly compelling.

    Jeffrey Alan Wagner is running for mayor of Minneapolis in an upcoming election. He promises that if he wins, he won't go to the strip club anymore. He also seems to live in a lake. Mayor is too small for this man -- let's elect him president.

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  17. Meanwhile in Russia: Putin-Backed Mayoral Candidate Puts Pictures of Emilia Clarke On Anti-Rape Posters

    “A Russian mayor that won’t kidnap and kill you!” Cuz it makes the competition look like, you know...

    We know very little about Russian politics, but the phrase "Russian politics" alone make us feel like there's probably something sketchy going on. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke probably thinks so, too, because her photo and likeness were used without permission for a anti-rape campaign poster there. Whoops?

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  18. Twitter Forms Political Action Committee, Will They Lobby 140 Characters at a Time?

    Mr. Twitter Goes to Washington

    Twitter has growing influence is a lot of areas including tech, entertainment, and ways to find out what Mr. T is doing. They'd like a little more clout in the political arena, so the company has formed the Twitter#PAC political action committee, and registered their first congressional lobbyist. #Politics

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  19. City Council Meetings Have Never Looked As Exciting As They Do In This Ad

    Take it from someone who's covered them for a living -- they've never been this exciting, either.

    Most of you have probably never had cause to summon the sheer force of will required to sit through your average city council meeting. Or maybe you did, but you used it for a worthy cause, like rescuing yourself from being stranded in an arctic wilderness. Congratulations. You probably didn't use that willpower to actually sit through a city council meeting, because there are only three kinds of people who do that: City council members, harried reporters, and the deeply, profoundly insane. Of those three, only the latter group can be counted on to be awake from gavel to gavel. But man, the city council of Whitehorse in the Candian Yukon has done its level best to make their council meetings look interesting, and between a combination of tension inducing cinematography and a nail-biting soundtrack, they've almost succeeded.

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  20. Checkmate, Atheists! Reddit Updates Default Subreddits, Gives Politics and Atheism the Boot

    Guess they racked up too much bad karma. Ehh? Ehhhhh?

    It's happening! Reddit is finally doing some spring cleaning and changing their line-up of default subreddits for the first time since October 2011. Better yet, they're removing two of the most drama-filled, off-putting, controversial areas on the whole site: /r/politics and /r/atheism. It's a brave new world, ladies and gentlemen. Well, mostly gentlemen according to Reddit demographics.

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