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  1. [UPDATED] Gamergate Death Threat Is a Slam Dunk for Prosecutors. Will They Act?

    The death threat you're about to hear in this tape comes from Columbus, Ohio. The prosecuting attorney in that district is Ron O’Brien. If he wished, he could bring criminal charges against this man by the end of the day. I have an employee at my company whose entire job it is to research and catalogue these threats for law enforcement. And yet, terrifyingly, nothing has been done.

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  2. Since Police Still Don’t Know How to Internet, Twitter Allows You to Print Harassment Reports

    "What's an IP address?" - real question posed to real victim.

    Twitter is all, "Yeah, we know we suck at dealing with online harassment but the police are so much worse."

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  3. Teen Siblings Inspired by Ferguson Conflict Design Ratings App to Monitor Police Performance

    0/5 stars. Would not get arrested by again.

    Issues surrounding police brutality and transparency have a way of cropping up over and over again in the form of tragedy, unfortunately. So a few teen siblings with a background in app coding have decided to help find a solution with their police rating app, Five-O.

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  4. NYPD Tries to Start a Trending Hashtag, It Does Not Go So Well

    If Elliot Stabler were still here, he'd know better.

    The NYPD has it pretty rough from a PR perspective (and for admittedly very good reasons). That's why some ingenious intern publicist decided that it would a great idea to start a contest on Twitter and ask users to submit pictures of themselves with police officers from our fair city. Surprise! It backfired.

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  5. West Des Moines Police Department Shows Off Killer Photoshop Skills to Warn You Not to Drink and Drive

    We hope their sketch artist is better than this.

    Don't drink and drive or you might turn into a weird sad looking stick person and go to jail. At least that's the message we're taking away from this image posted to the West Des Moines police department's Facebook page yesterday as a warning to St. Patrick's Day drinkers. Seriously though, don't drink and drive.

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  6. Police Can ID Criminals From Reflections In Their Victim’s Eyes Now


    I guess we all have to stop making fun of CSI, because new research is allowing police to identify criminals just by using the reflections in a victim's eye. Calling the pupil a "black mirror," contrast-adjusted, high-resolution images of a victim's face could start blowing cases wide open (do they say that still?)

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  7. Comedian Randy Liedtke Mocks Cell Phone Driving Laws with iPhone Cookies, Gets a Ticket

    Quick, delete your browser history! Oh, wait, cookies you eat? What?

    On Sunday, comedian Randy Liedtke tweeted some iPhone-shaped cookies he'd made and said he was going to try to get pulled over and see what happened, because sure, why wouldn't a cop find that hilarious? Instead, he wound up getting brought to the police station and slapped with a ticket for some of his unpaid parking fines. Supposedly.

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  8. Seattle Police Will Hand Out Doritos at Hempfest, So How Soon Can We All Move There?

    No, officer, I don't know why you pulled me ooOOH COOL RANCH

    In a stunning turn of events that sounds like something out of the best Axe Cop storyline ever -- even better than the one when the Ninja Moon Warriors hunt down Vampire Moon Baby Kid-- Seattle police officers are planning to hand out bags of Doritos to attendees of Hempfest, along with information about the state's new pot laws.

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  9. The Farting Policeman: Officer’s Flatulence Helps Bust Pot Grow-Op

    You'll make Sergeant for this, Officer Fart Cop.

    Today in Top Notch Police Work news, police in Britain sniffed out an outdoor marijuana farm and brought the operation to a halt -- and it was all thanks to the rank farts of one of their colleagues.

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  10. This Just Got Real: Swedish Police Raid Call Of Duty Session

    When a ten-person strong team of Swedish police officers responded to an emergency call over the weekend, they didn't know what they were in for, but considering the details they had to go on -- the caller's description of the situation stated had included the sound of gunshots and frantic cries for help -- they can be forgiven for expecting the worst. Happily, rather than  gruesome abbatoir they may have anticipated, the officers were instead confronted with... a group of teenagers playing Call of Duty.

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  11. Minority Report Precog-Like Software Being Tested In Baltimore And Philadelphia To Predict Crimes

    The Future Is Now!

    More and more these days we're witnesses the technologies from our favorite sci-fi films and television shows get closer to reality. The latest is a new kind of software meant to predict the actions of criminals. Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are already using it to prevent murders and Washington D.C. is next on the list. Don't worry, no one is keeping psychics in a pool. Well, not that we're aware... 

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  12. Dutch Police Request DNA to Solve Cold Case, Alleged Murderer Submits His Own

    After 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was raped and murdered in the Netherlands in 1999, the case quickly went nowhere. Those responsible were were never found, though the police conducted a thorough investigation. There were, however, traces of matching DNA on both the girl's body and a lighter in her bag. This summer, the police decided to conduct a mass DNA dragnet of around 7,000 local men. Compliance wasn't mandatory, but that didn't stop the man that appears to be Vaatstra's killer from submitting his own.

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  13. The Internet is Real: Man Receives Ominous Phone Call From His Dog, Calls Police

    If you were to, say, receive a phone call from your house phone, but all you could hear was some banging and scraping, what would you do? No words are spoken; it's just the foreboding noises coming across. For many, this event might never play out due to not having a house phone, but when Bruce Gardner got a call on his cell featuring this exact scenario, he called the police because he feared his house was being robbed. As it turns out, his dog had just gotten hold of the phone and accidentally called him.

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  14. Michigan-Based Batman Arrested Again, Probably Not the Hero Anyone Needs

    Batman just can't catch a break. Not only does the comic book figure have real-life imitators, they seem to constantly be getting themselves in trouble. Mark Wayne Williams, dressed in a Batman outfit, was arrested this weekend after refusing to leave the scene of a crime. This is the second incident where Williams has been arrested in his Batman duds, so it might be time to hang up the cape.

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  15. Seattle Police Use Twitter Like a Crime Blotter, Now Everyone Knows About Your Public Intoxication

    The Seattle Police Department has taken an interest in social media. In order to better inform citizens, and be seen as involved in the local area, they've created a project called Tweets By Beat. Barring the fact that it seems there's at least three different ways to format the name of the project, it provides specialized local Twitter feeds for all 51 beats that Seattle police keep an eye on. Big Brother was already watching, but now you can watch them watch you.

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  16. Pennsylvania Paper Pins Local Mugshots to Pinterest, Sees 58% Increase in Arrests

    In our ever-increasingly technology dependent world, social media has become a force with which to be reckoned. Our old institutions are still trying to bridge the gap, but the good folks in Pottstown, Pennsylvania certainly seem to understand our evolving world better than most. After a local paper, the Pottstown Mercury, started pinning mugshots to Pinterest, the local police have seen a 58% increase in arrests.

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  17. D.C. Police Chief Unveils Common Sense Public Recording Policy

    Giving credence that there absolutely are rational people in charge -- in some areas -- is District of Columbia Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Effective July 19th, Lanier issued a general order that defines and prohibits unlawful interference with the public's recording or photography of police activities. It remains to be seen what kind of effect this will have on ground level operations when conflicts inevitably arise, but it's definitely a shift in the right direction.

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  18. SWAT Team Chucks Flashbangs at House With Open Wi-Fi Network, Startles Teenager

    The local police of Evansville, Indiana flipped when threats against their family were posted on a Topix forum. They flipped so hard, they sent a SWAT team with a search warrant to the location corresponding to the IP address of the offending forum-poster. Employing the "break glass and throw flashbangs first, ask questions later" strategy, the team tossed two flashbangs into the house before entering to find a startled 18-year-old girl watching the Food Network, and an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

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  19. What Could Be Worse Than Minecraft’s Creepers? How About the SWAT Team?

    It turns out that there is a little game that some people connected to this great series of tubes like to play. It's called "SWATing" and it involves calling law enforcement officers on the home of someone who irritated you on the Internet. On June 17, 16-year-old Jacob Neumann's home was surrounded by heavily armed police officers for banning a Minecraft player from the server he was administrating.

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  20. Man Cuts Off Pieces of His Own Skin, Intestines and Throws Them At Police

    Police were assaulted with a few very odd items earlier this week when they responded to a call that led them to a man in Hackensack, New Jersey, who was threatening to harm himself. It turns out that the man, 43-year-old Wayne Carter, certainly did follow through on his threats, and cut off pieces of his own skin and intestines, and threw them at police.

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