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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Future Is Now!

Minority Report Precog-Like Software Being Tested In Baltimore And Philadelphia To Predict Crimes

More and more these days we’re witnesses the technologies from our favorite sci-fi films and television shows get closer to reality. The latest is a new kind of software meant to predict the actions of criminals. Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are already using it to prevent murders and Washington D.C. is next on the list. Don’t worry, no one is keeping psychics in a pool. Well, not that we’re aware… 


Today in Boobs

Roanoke, Virignia’s Second Female Police Officer Dies

Rosa Lillian Adams Smith was the second woman to be hired by the Roanoke Police Department in Virginia. She began her work in 1944 and dedicated twenty years of her life to crime fighting. She passed away earlier this week at the age of 92. Read on for her story. 


Not a Misprint

Blind Writer Gets Help From Police Forensics To Recover Lost Novel

Writer Trick Vickers is old-school. When she writes, she does it long hand with regular pen and paper. But Vickers ran into a serious problem recently that would probably cause most writers to have a breakdown. She lost 26 pages of a new book she was working on. No, she didn’t leave them somewhere – her pen stopped working. Not a problem for most people but it was a huge one for Vickers. She’s blind and had no idea her pen had run out of ink. So, she got the police involved. 


we loled

Lady Cop, the Awful Library Book

Hit the jump for the equally awesome circa 1987 back blurb.