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polar bears

  1. Zebras Give 10 Polar Bears Herpes (Yes, You Read That Right)

    How did all of my polar bears get herpes? It's an uncomfortable question that we've all been forced to ask ourselves at one point or another. At least, all of us who are zookeepers at Germany's Wuppertal Zoo, where no less than 10 polar bears came down with the virus in 2010. Still -- awkward, right? The good news is this: there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for how this happened, and chances are it involves no weird cross-species makeout sessions. The bad news? Nobody knows what that answer is. Right now, it's just a story of bizarre new strains of herpes virus and a dead polar bear, which we can all agree is super-sad.

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  2. Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cubes Are Cool, Encourage Awful Puns

    In the ancient times, a sage philosopher once asked the famous question "what's cooler than being cool?" Now, you all know from your years and years of schooling that the appropriate answer is "ice cold," but there is more to it than that my friends; it's about being ice cold and making self-aware references to it. Enter Polar-Ice from Monos. The ice cubes produced by these trays are cool in more ways than one. They are made out of ice, for example. Also, they utilize high-tech iceberg technology to ensure that your icy polar animals stay afloat above the water as their ice floes flow around in your drink. That is, until they start melting. Commentary on global warming anyone? Clearly, if you're looking for ice cubes fraught with meaning and enjoy watching an ecosystem slowly dissolve in your drink, these are the ice cubes for you. All the cool kids are using them. (Monos via Super Punch)

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