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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

This Pizza Supercut Will Help You Decide What To Have For Dinner [VIDEO]

Did anyone order a pizza?!

(via The FW)

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Real Or Not Real?

District 12 Gets Pizza Delivery Thanks To Lionsgate Domino’s Deal

Don’t worry, name brand pizza won’t be showing up in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire next year but fans of the film (and others) in the UK will be able to get pizza and a movie in a flash thanks to a new deal between Lionsgate and Domino’s.


what is this I don't even

“Slapped Her With A Piece of Pizza” [WTF, Video... Cute?]

Of Course!

Big Cats Would Probably Like Pizza, But Mostly Playing With Boxes

Big cats playing with empty pizza boxes, because this is the internet, and we can do things like this.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: What If This Was Wonder Woman’s Costume?

Dresden Codak‘s Aaron Diaz has five redesigns for popular comic book characters including Wonder Woman (above), Starfire, and Superman. And they are actually thoughtful, appropriate, and not-at-all appalling. (at Indistinguishable From Magic)

And here is even more exciting news: This Monday, we are very excited to welcome The Nerdy Bird herself, Jill Pantozzi to our crazy coven of geekery! And that’s pretty nuts, because we’ve been admiring her work from afar for a while now (and we’re super jealous that she has Kevin Conroy on her answering machine). A freelancer for several other sites, including Newsarama (where her column Hey, That’s My Cape! will continue), we’re looking forward to making wonderful nerdwords together. Welcome, Jill!

Also! If you’re interested in getting a free Nokia Sidekick, you’ve only got until the end of the weekend to like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!


Don't Try This At Home

Brave Men and Women Taste Test Every Topping Combination Michelangelo Mentioned in the TMNT Cartoon

I guess when I was a kid, the idea of putting anchovies or pineapple on pizza was gross enough, that I didn’t think any of Michelangelo’s apparently constant mentions of disgusting pizza toppings were weird. People just liked weird things on pizzas, which I guess explains why I hadn’t remembered that the turtles ate disgusting pizza all the time. Exclusively.

(via Blastr.)