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pizza hut

  1. December 5, 2014: The Day I Made Pizza Hut Cry

    I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

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  2. Pizza Hut Introduces “Subconscious” Menu With Retina-Scanning Technology

    More like Rapid Pie Movement, AMIRIGHT?

    "Words?! Menus?! These things, much like, 'magic' are 'weird.' Here, lend me your beautiful eyes! Give me your sight-balls! Control this menu with your mind! Cook this pizza with the heat of your desires! BOB'S YOUR UNCLE!"

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  3. Pizza Hut Has Introduced A BOOK IT Alumni Program For Adults


    Pizza Hut is celebrating 30 years of their "BOOK IT" program. WHAT? Crazy, I know. But that means those of us who remember it fondly get a free pizza. AND YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO READ ANY BOOKS! Wait...I actually liked that part!

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  4. New Japanese Pizza Hut Campaign Imagines Cats As Employees

    At last, a perfect outlet for all our Samurai Pizza Cat jokes!

    Never before have I seen a web series so accurately depict the misanthropic ennui that comes with being a part of of the food service industry as Japan's Pizza Hut chain has in their latest campaign. "But the cats aren't doing anything," you're probably saying. "They're just sitting there with little kitty scowls on their faces!" Yes, and if you've ever worked behind a counter, you know that this is exactly what your soul feels like when you're back there: a bored, scowling cat. Genius.

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  5. Pizza Hut Created a Real 12-Foot-Tall Ninja Turtles Pizza Launcher

    Finally Pizza Hut pizza has reached it fully weaponized potential.

    Remember the Ninja Turtles Pizza Launcher toy? It hurled little plastic pizzas at your enemies. That's just a toy right? Certainly, no person would be insane enough to build a real life machine that tosses pizzas! It turns out that Pizza Hut is an entire company of people exactly that insane. They built one and they're showing it off at San Diego Comic-Con.

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  6. Pizza Hut May Soon Have Touchscreen Interactive Tables

    I am growing more concerned about how I will get my pizza post-singularity.

    In case knowing the name of your Domino's Delivery person wasn't enough future for you, Pizza Hut might elevate their dine-in experience with touchscreens. Yesterday the chain's youtube channel released a concept video showing young, hip customers spinning pizza and playing games on an "Interactive Concept Table" like a couple of personal pan DJs.

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  7. If You Love Pizza Hut so Much Why Don’t You Marry It? Or at Least Check Out Its OKCupid Profile

    I'm in Veggie Likers with you, Pizza Hut, but I don't know if I'm in Veggie Lovers with you.

    Lonely this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, Pizza Hut is there for you--at least if you have an OKCupid profile. It does too. Yes. Now you can date a pizza franchise, just like Saint Valentine intended. (That's what Valentine's Day is about, right?) You could also WIN FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE!

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  8. Sign of the End Times: Pizza Hut App Lets You Order Pizza Without Letting Go of Xbox Controller

    The dark ages of eating pizza and playing video games are coming to an end now that Pizza Hut has released its official Xbox ordering app, sparing us all the grim fate of putting down the controller to order a pizza. Truly, we live in the future. Now we get to find out how long the future will put up with this kind of crap.

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  9. Only in Canada Can One Smell Like Freshly Made Pizza

    The borders to our Canadian cousins are so close, and yet we tend to do things oh so differently. You see, in the United States, it's frowned upon to reek of the processed and entirely unnatural fast food we tend to scoff down on a regular basis. A scarlet letter indicative of a poor diet and even poorer hygiene, if you will. Canada, on the other hand, views the musk of such edible delights as a badge of honor and mark of loyalty for one's restaurant chain of choice. To reward such unwavering devotion, Pizza Hut Canada handed out bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut -- a pizza-scented perfume -- to 110 lucky Facebook fans after reaching a momentous 100,000 likes on their fan page.

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  10. Pizza Hut Debuts Cheeseburger and Chicken Crust Pizza

    The Middle East branch of Pizza Hut is debuting two very special new pizzas. Dubbed the Crown Crust Pizza for its crown-like shape, one of the pies has a crust made of cheeseburgers, and the other has a crust made out of chicken fillets.

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  11. Pizza Hut Has a $10,010 Engagement Party Package

    If you were planning on popping the big question in less than a week on Valentine's Day, Pizza Hut hopes you'll turn to them after your significant other says yes for the fanciest engagement party Pizza Hut can provide. For just $10,010, the package comes with all the accoutrements of an engagement party, including a ruby engagement ring, plus you can look back in fifty years and tell your children about the time Pizza Hut threw you an engagement party.

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  12. GameStop Being Investigated by NY AG’s Office

    In what could be seen as yet another step down the road towards complete digital distribution, GameStop is being investigated by the New York Attorney General's office on charges of linking its customers to shady discount people. GameStop is only one of almost two dozen online retailers on the AG's list, alongside  such hallowed edifices as Barnes & Noble,, and... Pizza Hut

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