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  1. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Fake Off‘s Epic Zombies vs. Pirates Dance Battle


    Harry Shum Jr. (aka my favorite part of Glee) is a judge on a new show called Fake Off on TruTV. In this exclusive clip from the upcoming December 8th episode for TMS, amazing performance artists The Body Poets fake an epic zombies vs. pirate battle (no ninjas allowed). It's pretty rad.

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  2. The Honest Trailer For Assassin’s Creed 4 Is Just Too Real, Man

    Yarrrr this pile of hay is not sufficient enough to cushion my fall, yarr.

    So apparently lots of people loved Assassin's Creed 4: Pirate Booty, which is cool, but there's no denying the game has some issues. Smosh Games has released their latest Honest Trailer about our fave not-assassin-assassin-pirate, and it really hits the mark. Please enjoy Ass-ass-in's Creed 4: I'm on a boat.

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  3. Maggie Q to Star in Series Based on Pirate Queen Ching Shih, the Terror of the South China

    Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

    Deadline is reporting that one of our favorite historical ladies may be coming to a television screen near you: Ching Shih, a pirate's widow who, at the dawn of the 1800's, began a career that would make her one of the most notorious pirates in the world, the terror of the Chinese, British, and Portugese navies, so unstoppable that the only way to end her naval empire wound up being to offer her complete amnesty and a nice retirement.

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  4. To Celebrate #TalkLikeAPirateDay, Here’s a Pirate Rock Band Singing About Pieces of Eight

    Long live Captain Bogg and Salty.

    Two things you need to know real quick: First, "Pirate Rock" is a real thing. Second, the band Captain Bogg and Salty are great at it. If you don't believe us, check out this video for their song "Pieces of 8ight." There's a rather lengthy intro, but the song kicks in at the 1:30 mark.

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  5. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here’s Jack Sparrow. On a Unicycle. Playing the POTC Theme. With Bagpipes. That Are On Fire. [VIDEO]

    Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

    Oh, Unipiper. I love you so. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys. Yarrrrrgh. (via: Laughing Squid) Previously in the Unipiper

    • Gandalf
    • Dragon, Playing the Game of Thrones Theme
    • Darth Vader
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  6. U.S. Government Continues to Target Piracy in All Forms, Seizes 1,400 Halloween Costumes From China

    Assuming the image used by Today Health is accurate, it looks like 1,400 little girls won't be going out on Halloween as somewhat creepy pirates. U.S. Customs and Border Protection diverted the shipment of costumes to a warehouse for testing as they reached Seattle in September, but only just confirmed their suspicions: They are full of lead. There's a certain level of lead that's considered acceptable, but these Chinese costumes tested at 11 times the legal limit.

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  7. Avast, Mateys! Today Be the 10th Anniversary of International Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Batten down the hatches, me buckaroos, as it looks to be a mighty fine International Talk Like A Pirate Day. In fact, it just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of the holiday, so feel free to celebrate with ye mateys over a barrel or two of grog. The event appears to be here to stay, and ye won't hear none of us blubberin' over the fact. If we had it "arrr" way, there'd be more o' them throughout the year. Hit the jump to learn more about ye olde pirate lingo.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Rings Shaped Like Harry Potter’s Glasses

    Things We Saw Today

    With added lightning bolt, these have to potential to poke you in the eye but if you're anything like me, you don't care. You can find them in thinkupjewel's Etsy shop. (via Neatorama) 

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  9. After Taking on Classic Detectives, Guy Ritchie Will Try His Hand at Treasure Island’s Pirates

    Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

    After the most recent installment of Pirates of the Caribbean underwhelmed, could Guy Ritchie be the one to make pirates awesome again? News is out that he's set to direct an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic swashbuckling novel Treasure Island. He'll produce with partner Lionel Wigram, with whom he teamed for Sherlock Holmes and its recent sequel. Hmm, let's see: these guys take a classic novel, add in kickass action sequences that feel modern but make total sense in a period movie, and then find a supremely charming star to take the lead. This has clearly worked once. And now -- pirates. Yeah, I think it's fair to be more than cautiously optimistic about this one.

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  10. Zombie, Pirate, and Alien Yoga — Because You’ve Always Wondered, Just Admit It

    Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

    Above is just a sampling of Rob Osborne's latest additions to his yoga series. You might remember his Star Wars-themed yoga guides, featuring Princess Leia and Boba Fett. Well, now we get to see all kinds of characters from all over time and space demonstrating some classic yoga positions. At least yoga positions as practiced by humans, which only some of these characters are. Because after the jump: pirates, zombies, and aliens, all showing us various asanas that will open our hearts, souls, and braaaaaaaaaains ...

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