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Pirate Party

  1. File-Sharing is Now an Official Religion in Sweden

    The Missionary Church of Kopimism, or in layman's terms, the Church of File-Sharing, was founded in 2010 by Isak Gerson, a philosophy student with a love of file-sharing that, well, bordered on religious. Now, after years of petitioning the Swedish government for official status, he finally got it. The idea was that through official religion, file-sharers might be able to find protection from persecution for their beliefs, which obviously include illegal file-sharing. But it wasn't just a bid for some kind of technical protection, as Gerson seems to take this whole religion thing kind of seriously.

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  2. Pirate Party Pillages Its Way Into German Government After Election Win

    The Pirate Party, a political party in Sweden in 2006 with the goal of reforming laws regarding copyrights and patents, officially entered state parliament for the first time. Yesterday, the German branch of the Pirate Party exceeded the necessary 5 percent floor vote to enter Berlin parliament with multiple seats, receiving an estimated 9 percent of the total vote.

    A couple of hours after the polls closed, the Pirate Party secured 15 seats in Berlin parliament, having a small representation in the 620-member parliament. Before actually snagging the 15 seats, the Pirate Party had over 50 members in elected offices across Germany, which happened to be more members in elected offices than in all other countries combined.

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  3. World’s First Anonymous ISP Launched by Sweden’s Pirate Party

    Not long after drawing torrent site The Pirate Bay into their warm server host embrace, Sweden's Piratpartiet (Pirate Party) is further pursuing their political mission of Internet privacy and copyright reform by launching Pirate ISP, the world's first anonymous broadband service. This is big: If things go swimmingly, Internet users will be able to conduct their suspect web-browsing activities under a shroud of maximum privacy. Hypothetically. According to TorrentFreak, CEO of Pirate ISP Gustav Nipe--speaking at the Malmö Hacknight conference in June--claimed Pirate ISP will neither allow the Swedish government to monitor users, nor retain logs.

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  4. The Pirate Bay is Back with Pirate Party Hosting and a Message for RIAA “Assclowns”

    Yesterday, BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay briefly freaked us all out when it went down without warning, but it emerged that its bandwidth provider had been blocked from connecting The Pirate Bay and its servers to the Internet, and the folks behind the site said they were working on it. Now, the site is back and defiant: when you go to, you'll see the LOLCat-inspired message above. The biggest revelation, though, may be TPB's new bandwidth provider since CB3ROB backed off: The Pirate Party, the third-largest political party in Sweden.

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