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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Hear Me Roar

Latest Game of Thrones Wedding Breaks Piracy Records, George R.R. Martin Reacts To The Recent Episode

This does not surprise me. Also read on for what A Song of Ice and Fire novelist, George R.R. Martin had to say about recent episode events. Spoilers will be marked as such, you’re good to go until then.


My Precious!

Congratulations, The Hobbit, You Are This Year’s Most Pirated Film

An Unexpected Journey, the first installment of the Hobbit trilogy, was kept neither secret nor safe this year.


It is known

Game Of Thrones Maintains Title Of Most Pirated TV Show For Second Year In A Row

And here’s their acceptance speech, “I’d like to thank the cable companies for keeping a strangle hold on paid channels, the internet, and especially HBO for letting us show so much crazy sh*t.” 


Good News Everyone!

With New Google Deal, You Can Finally Watch Game Of Thrones On Something Other Than HBO

Fans of HBO series like Game of Thrones have often expressed their disdain for not being able to legally watch the show on anything but the paid cable network. That’s changing as HBO has made a deal for their series to be available on Google Play for the first time. 


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Grumpy Catbus

Timothy Doyle created this memetic Miyazaki mashup masterpiece for an upcoming Lil Bub gallery show at Spoke Art. (io9)


It is known

Congratulations, Game Of Thrones Finale, You Set A New Piracy Record!

The Season 3 finale of Game of Thrones may not have broke a ratings record but it did set a new bar for piracy.



U.S. Ambassador to Australia Asks Australians to Please Stop Pirating Game of Thrones

Jeffrey Bleich isn’t your normal Game of Thrones fan. Oh, no. He also happens to be the U.S. Ambassador to Australia. And, in his official capacity as Ambassador, he has a message for you, Aussies: Stop pirating Game of Thrones! Stop it! Bad Aussies!


the internet is serious business

Netflix Makes a New Family Plan for All You Worthless Freeloaders

As far as allowing you freedom to watch, Netflix is pretty good about things. You can register up to six devices to an account at one time, and stream simultaneously to two. It’s also pretty cool about passwords and log ons. No digging into your cable provider’s website to find your registration info, or worse, calling your friend with HBO and instructing them on how to find that info on their cable provider’s website.

And so Netflix knows that somewhere around 10 million of its subscribers are getting the service for free, by logging in under the accounts of friends or family, but rather than cracking down on those folks, they’re offering another option.


Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

About Darn Time: HBO Is Considering Offering HBO GO to Non-Cable Subscribers

Good news, HBO-less Game of Thrones fans. HBO has heard your pleas to make HBO GO, their online streaming service, available to those who don’t have cable. And they have responded with a resounding “Maybe. Eventually.”

Hey, it’s better than “no.”


Winter Is Coming

On Second Thought, Piracy Is NOT Ok, Says HBO And Game of Thrones Director

When Game of Thrones director David Petrarca made a brief statement in support of online piracy at Perth’s Writing Festival over the weekend, he probably wasn’t expecting it to get him in trouble with his bosses. While we’re not sure he did directly, HBO felt the need to issue a statement and after that, Petrarca was quick to retract his own.