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  1. New Market Research Shows The Annual Median Income of Tumblr Users Is… $80K?

    Shhh, LinkedIn. No one cares 'bout your $80K plus.

    If your dash is at all similar to mine, you'd have no reason to suspect that Tumblr's user base is particularly privileged, financially speaking—but then again, it's difficult to gauge a community's wealth from its knack for curating cat videos and pizza tattoos.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Resisting This Borg Eye Patch Is Futile

    State your demands.

    $14. From Fashionably Geek. You know what to do.

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  3. Pinterest Hacked to Contain Many Butts

    hold on to your butts

    I mean, probably it was hacked to contain "More Butts," since there were probably already some butts on the site already, but still, over the last couple of days the incidences of butts on the site for some users became alarmingly high.

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  4. Pinterest Hacked and Invaded by Butts

    What if your Pinterest board already had a bunch of butts?

    No. Your Pinterest friends didn't all just suddenly decide they're really into butts. The site was hacked, and the result appears to be a bunch of spam about weight loss and butts. Or maybe your friends just like butts now. Go ahead and ask them. Thanks to groundbreaking legal case Becky v. Mix-a-Lot, they cannot lie about it.

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  5. Astronaut Karen Nyberg Talks About Taking Pinterest to Space

    It Came From Outer Space

    At its launch, Pinterest was immediately labeled as an inherently Feminine social media site in its method, largely, it seems, because its early user base, unlike a lot of other social media communities, was predominantly female. In fact, that's the opposite of most other social media communities. And it wasn't because its captcha service asked "Are you male? (Don't lie.)" and then excluded all the men. Tech sites around the web wrote articles about how men found Pinterest confusing, how the site revealed that stereotypes of the feminine were founded in reality, and went out of their way to reassure men that Pinterest could be used for manly things. Which is part of why I'm subversively pleased at the idea of a female astronaut using Pinterest to get people excited about science and space exploration.

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  6. Pinterest User Credits Hitler Quotes to Taylor Swift, Reddit Responds in Kind

    Finally! A reason to use Pinterest we actually understand.

    It seems to happen every few months. A picture of a historical figure with a quote credited to them gets passed around the Internet, then someone points out that it wasn't them who said it. Then someone posts a snarky "Don't trust Internet quotes -- Abraham Lincoln" pic. This is like that, but way better.

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  7. How to Properly Embrace Image Macros as a Brand

    Kind of like on Tumblr, where everyone interacts with their favorite brands.

    If you've been on the Internet, chances are you've seen brands attempt to capitalize on the growing trend that is image macros and memes. This is nothing new, of course, and some succeed more than others. Specifically, GE has a bunch of really interesting examples.

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  8. Redesigned Pinterest Heard You Like Pins, So They Got Some Pins For Your Pins

    Pinterest is all about pinning things to other things, so with their newly launched redesign, they wanted to make it easier for users to find more pins to pin. The redesign was tested out on a handful of users in a closed beta, and will now begin rolling out to users via invite as early as today. So what can you expect from the new Pinterest? Pins. So. Many. Pins.

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  9. Parks and Recreation Wedding Album’s the Best Use of Pinterest Yet

    We're not saying Pinterest is for the birds, but the social media platform definitely attracts a certain kind of material. If it's not cute pictures of animals, inventive uses for leftover cardboard boxes, or something to do with fashion, it probably doesn't belong on Pinterest. That said, someone over at NBC has totally figured out this social media thing. A recent Parks and Recreation episode saw Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope tie the knot in their own haphazard way, and NBC put up a faux wedding album for the characters on Pinterest.

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