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  1. Monday Cute: Here’s a Tiny Human Playing With a Tiny Pig to Make Your Day

    This toddler's life knows only the purest joy. (More after the jump!)

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  2. Today in Pigs: Neil deGrasse Tyson Is One on Gravity Falls

    Neil deGrasse Tyson goes wherever he can shine the light of knowledge into the darkness of ignorance. 

    Gravity Falls has a pretty great line up of guest stars already, but this might be the one with the best working knowledge of stars themselves.

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  3. Monday Cute: This Mini-Pig Loves Feather Duster Belly Rubs More Than You Love Anything In Your Entire Life

    Everything is mini-pigs and nothing hurts.

    For this micro-pig, getting a belly rub with a feather duster is a religious experience. For this blogger, watching this micro-pig get a belly rub with a feather duster is also a religious experience. In the name of the father, the son, the holy piggle.

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  4. Thimble the Mini-Pig Is Here to Rescue Any Bad Day

    In other news, this bacon no longer tastes as good.

    After conducting personal research, I've determined that happiness is not related to romantic love, professional fulfillment, or even spiritual growth. Rate of contentment correlates directly with the amount of time you are exposed to videos of mini-pigs, especially when they are "playing" instruments and/or wearing sunglasses.

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  5. China Is Cloning All The “Cute Species,” Which Is Much Scarier Than It Sounds

    Has nobody read Animal Farm?

    If you thought it would be years before "clone factories" existed outside of Star Wars prequels, you were wrong. A recent BBC report proves that industrial cloning is no longer just science fiction and that it's about as scary as you would expect-especially if you're a pig or something else adorable.

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  6. We Have Real, Living Glow in the Dark Pigs Now, Because Science Says “Why Not?”

    Making pigs who are their own nightlight was surprisingly high on the list of genetic engineering uses.

    Advances in genetic engineering have allowed scientists at the South China Agricultural University to raise piglets that glow green when exposed to black light. If you were already on the fence about whether there's a God, you might have your answer in that none of these scientists were smote for creating light switch rave-ready pigs.

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  7. First Successful Interspecies Cell Transplants Could Pave the Way for Future Pig-to-Human Transplants

    Transplanting insulin producing cells from rats to mice isn't human medicine yet, but it's a hell of a first step.

    Researchers at Northwestern Medicine have successfully transplanted insulin-producing cells across species lines -- removing cells from rats and implanting them in mice -- without using drugs to prevent rejection of the foreign cells. While the transplant may seem like a small victory -- mice and rats are pretty similar, after all -- it marks a significant step forward in interspecies transplants that could one day save human lives by allowing the implantation of insulin-producing "islet" cells without necessitating the use of immunosuppressive drugs that can have dire side effects. 

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  8. Washington Rancher Mixes Marijuana in With Pig Food to Redefine Haute Cuisine

    As a not-born-but-bred Washingtonian transplanted to the East Coast, there are plenty of things I miss about home. Considering that things like "common sense drug laws" and "delicious, locally sourced food" both rank very high on that list, the following story pretty much sums up why I love my home state, where rancher and butcher William von Schneidau is now raising "pot pigs" -- swine fed on marijuana plants as a part of their daily diet.

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  9. Pig Chase Is a Co-Op Video Game for Pigs and Humans

    Pig Chase is a co-op video game concept for people to play with pigs. Why, you ask? Why not? Actually, the reality behind it is a little less philosophical and a little more practical, but just slightly. As it turns out, the Netherlands requires farmers to equip their pig pens with some sort of entertainment device. Traditionally, this is something like a ball on a chain or something else equally mundane. During a conversation with some pig farmers, philosopher Clemens Driessen started brainstorming entertainment alternatives and Pig Chase was born.

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  10. This 22 Pound, 47,000 Calorie Marzipan Pig Is Creepier Than It Has Any Right To Be

    Jonas Laberg needed a Christmas gift for two little girls, aged 5 and 7. Naturally, his mind immediately leaped to making a 22 pound (10 kilogram) 47,000 calorie marzipan pig with creepily detailed features. Why he thought it was a good idea in the first place is anyone's guess, but the good news is that he decided it might just be a little too creepy. Of course, now he just has a 22 pound, 47,000 calorie marzipan pig with creepily detailed features hanging around. Any takers?

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  11. Disturbing: Piggy Banks Made with Real Pigs, the site behind the suitcase stickers depicting drugs, sex toys, and kidnapped stewardesses, has somehow managed to disturb us even more: They're selling piggy banks made out of real piglets which have been "taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug." Somewhere, a PETA brigade is lighting torches and sharpening pitchforks.

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  12. The Best Video of Nineteen Animal Species Auto-Tuned to Play a Song You’ll See Today

    The Internet Animal Orchestra, a brilliant video compilation painstakingly assembled by RatherGood, screaming monkeys, rabbits, snapping shrimp, a dog that screams 'elm,' a woodpecker, a cow, turtles and tortoises, a bald eagle, an echolocating bat, a boxer dog, an elephant, a husky that says 'I love you,' a Sumatran tiger cub, a sheep, a goat, a rooster, a humpback whale and her calf, a piano-playing pig, several owls and miscellaneous dogs join voices and noisy appendages to bring you one glorious song.

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