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  1. What’s Better Than Catching a Sick Wave at the Beach, Brah? Catching a Sick Wave When You’re a Pig

    Cowabunga, dudes!

    Kama the pig is a better surfer than I probably ever could be. No sense of balance, you see.

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  2. Seattle Driver Sets New Record for Animal Cruelty by Locking Dog and Pig in Sweltering, Poop-Filled Car

    Technically, the car probably wasn't poop-filled before the driver locked these two poor animals inside it.

    Well, this is as good a day as any for your annual PSA reminding you not to leave your beloved pets locked in the car this summer. This friendly reminder is spurred on by a gruesome 911 call in Seattle reporting a dog and a pig locked in a car in the midst of the city's heat wave. It gets worse, though. When police responded to the call, they found both animals inside the car, the inside of which was smeared with feces. That was probably mostly the dog, though, as reports indicate that the large pot-bellied pig in the car was dressed to the nines in a pair of sweatpants.

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  3. Pig Genome Sequenced, Holds Great News For Human Transplant Therapies, Bacon Production

    Swedish researchers from Upsalla University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have sequenced the world's most delicious genome -- that of the pig. The research is important because,  contrary to popular and well-considered opinion, pigs are more than just pre-bacon -- they could also teach us a lot about human and animal disease, and those lessons are sure to be buoyed by a better understanding of their genetic makeup. In related news, yes, this also have implications for sausage, bacon, and all the other many delicious meats that come out of the noble swine.

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  4. Because Everybody Loves Bacon: Watch Sea Lice Consume A Pig From The Inside Out

    Have you ever wondered what a pig would look like if you turned it into a centimeters thick living carpet of writhing underwater scavengers? Wonder no more, thanks to the latest work from forensic scientists at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. In an effort to better understand how human corpses decompose in seawater, the research team placed a pig carcass  -- the most accurate, though least flattering, analog for human decomposition -- in a cage in the nearby Salish Sea to see how it would fare. It took a colony of sea lice just 4 days to colonize the corpse inside and out, reducing it to a pile of bones.

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  5. Adorable Pig and Rescue Dog Are Best Friends

    Susie, a boxer dog with a heart of gold, has had a rough life. She was rescued two years ago from a Welsh puppy farm where she was kept in terrible conditions. Now, she's a healthy and happy resident of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, where she met Tabitha, the pig. As you can see, the two are best buddies. You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to watch this video of a pig and a dog playing together. See it, after the break.

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