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  1. Teacher Wears Same Groovy Outfit to Picture Day for 40 Years

    I can't decide if its better or worse that the outfit was kind of ridiculous.

    You have to hand it to Texas gym teacher Dale Irby. He really knows how to commit to a bit. For the last 40 years, he wore the same outfit to school for picture day, resulting in 40 yearbooks worth of almost identical pictures. Check out the video below featuring all his polyester hijinks from the last four decades.

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  2. Stop What You’re Doing and Look at This Billion-Pixel Panorama of Mars

    In case you were wondering what your next desktop background should you go. You're welcome.

    No, seriously, check it out. This is the first gigapixel image produced from almost 900 images snapped by the Curiosity Rover, and all billion-plus pixels of it are totally amazing. The clarity with which you can see the rocky landscape of the Red Planet, looking south from the it's perch at the so-called Rock Nest, is unmatched by any images we've seen. It's like being there. You can almost feel the Martian wind blowing crimson sand past you. You can see the amazing panorama courtesy of NASA right here, along with the option to view the image on a cylinder, look at raw and color-corrected versions, and of course zoom in to get a better look at the details of what certainly seems like every rock on the planet.

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  3. Space Telescopes Work Together to Find Largest Known Spiral Galaxy

    NASA and the European Southern Observatory have put their heads -- and their space telescope data -- together to produce this image of NGC 6872, the largest known spiral galaxy in the universe. The gargantuan galaxy measures more than half-a-million light years from end to end -- more than five times larger than our own Milky Way.

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  4. New Images Of Saturn’s Polar Vortex Are Thoroughly Ridiculous

    This is a composite images taken by NASA's Cassini probe of the enormous, swirling storm that dominates Saturn's north pole earlier this week. We've seen images of the storm, before, but never gotten this much detail on it, just wow.  Keep reading for an even bigger image of the monster cyclone, which is estimated to meausure up to 4,000 kilometers across. That's about 2,500 miles, meaning that the vortex you're looking at would span the distance between New York City and Los Angeles.

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  5. So Long, and Thanks for All the Pics: DailyBooth Shutting Down, Gone by End of Year

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. The sharing of photos is something that happens in a million different places across the web, and DailyBooth had long since ceased to be relevant. The kids these days use Instagram, and whatever platform it is that'll eventually kill Instagram is surely coming if not already arrived. DailyBooth's time is up, though, and the service will stop allowing new content to be uploaded on November 14th. If folks don't grab their stuff by the end of the year, it'll be gone for good.

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  6. Maker Faire 2012: Pics or It Didn’t Happen Edition

    We rounded up our favorite things from this weekend's Maker Faire yesterday, and now it's time for some photos of the event. Take a look at some of the more awesome things we saw in the flesh. Well, okay, technically the metal and plastic, mostly. Still, enjoy!

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  7. Horsemaning: The 31 Best Internet Beheadings

    Though it is only two weeks old, Horsemaning -- that is, taking a picture with two people so as it appears that one person is beheaded -- has not only generated a lot of images, but a lot of controversy as well. Kicked off and named in honor of the legendary Headless Horseman by BuzzFeed in early August, some have criticized (and then been Horsemanned themselves) the photo meme for overdoing the concept of the "internet craze." It's notable that many news outlets were quick to jump on the Horsemaning train, perhaps they didn't want to miss out like they did on Planking.

    Setting aside the talk about Horsemaning, the actual pictures themselves are quite impressive. Read on below for a look at what happens when some Internet denizens put their severed heads together.

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  8. Netflix, You Know, for Kids!

    Netflix has started testing a new user interface of programs for kids. The separate children's content section is being designed for kids to use themselves. Select Netflix users have been given access to the new section for testing. On the main Netflix site, users who have the trial section will see a tab labelled "Just for Kids" that allows children to select a program based on the character from that show. By clicking on one of the characters, kids will be taken to a new page that lists the television shows and episodes starring that character, each episode is previewed by looking at a screenshot. This is so kids don't necessarily have to be able to read to find what they are looking for. If all they know is they want to watch Blue's Clues, they'll be able to make that choice by recognizing the puppy's picture.

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  9. Welcome to the Hallowed Halls of Suspicious Vans

    In my childhood, I lived among legends. Growing up in the early 1990s, massive vans resplendent with airbrushed starships, flaming wizards, and demonic vixens still plied the roads of South Eastern Michigan. Sadly, those days are gone, and the once proud painted vans have given way to their foul cousins: The suspicious van. Fortunately, Suspicious Vans has arrived to provide a singular clearing house of the most unseemly looking vans the world has to offer. There are homemade ice cream trucks, poorly worded clown mobiles, and broken down junkers that should have seen the scrap heap years ago. They've even taken the time to include a Hall of Fame, and an insightful guide to what, exactly, makes a Suspicious Van. Curious for a taste of what Suspicious Vans has to offer? Why, just read on below.

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  10. Neil Gaiman’s Gathering at the House on the Rock

    So Neil Gaiman wrote this book, American Gods, the premise of which is first (broadly) that gods and legends don't die, they are just forgotten, and then they walk among us as seeming humans. And second, that America is not a good land for gods. The book's plot meanders its way slowly through a landscape of characters (the identity of some of them can only be guessed at) and through all corners of the American landscape, including places of great power. Not the places you would expect. One of those places is The House on the Rock. This Halloween weekend, a long culminating project was brought to fruition: Fans of American Gods had a fabulous costume party at the House, with Neil Gaiman in attendance. The prizes in the costume contest? Rides on the infamous carousel, which featured as a prominent cross-reality vehicle in the book, and has never before been open to the public.

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  11. First Look at Stephen Spielberg’s Tintin

    Stephen Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has a star studded cast, with faces like Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, Cary Elwes, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. But even with principle filming over and done with, no one has really known what the film will look like... because it's being entirely computer generated based on motion-capture footage. That is until this week's issue of Empire, which has some shots from the movie, currently in post production. So how do they look?

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  12. Prince of Persia Sand Sculpture Looks Like… Anyone But The Prince

    Ubisoft had a twelve foot sand sculpture of someone built in London this week, in anticipation of their release of the latest game regarding the exploits of a certain royal heir: Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands.

    We're just not sure who.

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  13. It’s Mothers Day: Have Some Cute Animals, and Their Moms

    Got one of those moms who sends out the FWD: RE: RE: FWD: RE: ADORABLE!!! FWD: SOOOO CUUUTE!!!! emails? Maybe a grandmom? Well, isn't it time you sent her one back? Here. Behind the jump are a whole bunch of baby animals, and their moms.

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  14. New Tron Legacy Pictures

    Part of the publicity for the upcoming Tron: Legacy is a little online tank shooter called Space Paranoids Online. Turns out, like good viral marketing, it was holding some secrets. Specifically, a bunch of gorgeous vehicle pictures and concept art in enormous resolutions.

    Check them out behind the jump.

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  15. All The Iron Man 2 Press Stills

    Iron Man 2 will be upon us in less than a week (in fact, I've heard it may factor into my Mothers Day plans), and has a handy gallery up, collecting every official press image released by Paramount.

    Most of them are familiar to people who have been following coverage of the movie, but rest assured, there are a few refreshingly new shots in here. Like the one above of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

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  16. Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

    Ever have one of those days?  Your evil, mostly clockwork, mouth-breathing boss sends you down to yet another inhospitable planet on a wild goose chase.  And not just any planet, but one where it's a billion degrees in the shade, the most efficient method of travel is on giant smelly iguanas, and you just know that you're going to be shaking sand out of the switches and gears in your uniform for at least a month.  It hasn't even occurred to you to ask, "Why do we have spears?"

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