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  1. This Is An Awesome Opera/Dance Piece Filmed Inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider

    You need some Deep Thought for this one.

    When you think of CERN's Large Hadron Collider you probably think of science, not opera or dancers in hardhats. But filmmaker and media artist Ruben Van Leer's Symmetry might change all that.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Harry Potter + Bellatrix Lestrange = Best Friends 4Eva

    I ship it.

    That's not an unusual Harry Potter fanfiction crack pairing coming to life—it's a never-before-seen behind the scenes image of Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter on the set of The Deathly Hallows. Go check out Entertainment Weekly for more exclusive pictures spanning the franchise's entire history.

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  3. Physics Students Say Getting Saved By The Flash Might Injure You More

    This is some Gwen Stacey bullshit all over again, man.

    Huh, who knew! Turns out that super-fast speeds are bad for you. I'm surprised DC Comics hasn't mined this for drama yet.

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  4. Stephen Hawking Warns “God” Particle Could Kill Us All If Science Gets Enough Funding

    "Not if we kill God first!"—Philip Pullman [Citation needed]

    In his foreword for the new book Starmus: 5 Years of Man in Space, Stephen Hawking warns that the Higgs boson particle (also called the "God" particle, because monotheism) discovered by CERN scientists in 2012 and thought to give matter its mass, could destroy the Universe and "we wouldn't see it coming."

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  5. 5 Physics Phenomena That Make Us Think

    Can you figure out the physics behind these cool tricks?

    Youtuber Veritasium poses us with some interesting physics problems to help get our brains functioning. What do you think are the explanation behind these nifty tricks?

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  6. The Speed of Light Might Actually Be Slower Than We Thought, Which Kind of Ruins Everything

    On the up side, it lowers the bar for faster-than-light travel, right?

    Thanks to Einstein, everyone knows that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant (299,792,458 meters per second), and we use that speed to calculate distances in the vastness of space. But, light has had a bit of a lateness problem at times, which doesn't make a lot of sense if its speed is constant. Well, surprise! Light might actually be slower than we thought.

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  7. Schrödinger’s Cat, Refuted Beautifully By A Singing Cat [VIDEO]

    Surely she has some thoughts on string theory, too?

    Sarah Donner has a set of pipes, a pack of cats, and a greater understanding of physics than I do. Why wasn't high school this engaging?

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  8. [Watch Live] Professor Brian Greene Will Host a Live Discussion Today at 1PM at World Science U

    Ask your questions online now with #AskProfGreene!

    Brian Greene is trying to change the way science education works with his new site World Science U. The site will offer online science classes, tomorrow at 1:00PM EDT Professor Greene is taking questions in a live discussion on the site. Have a burning question about how the Universe works? Ask it on Facebook or Twitter with #AskProfGreene.

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  9. Physics Students Explore Possibility of Gravity’s Space Debris Incident Becoming An Actual Problem

    Houston, we're boned.

    We all know that Gravity is a work of fiction and the Hubble telescope didn't really get hit with debris from a defunct satellite. As students from the University of Leister pointed out in a recent paper, though, there is a defunct satellite that could pose a threat to current real-life space missions: Envisat.

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  10. Kittens Play With A Newton’s Cradle And Discover Physics, It’s A CuteScienceSplosion

    None of them belong to Schrödinger, don't worry.

    Cats meet science in this video clearly made with Geekosystem's audience in mind! Watch three kitties (named Panda, Pikachu, and Pavel, because this wasn't cute enough already) play around with a Newton's Cradle, and discover the wonders of physics. This transfers adorableness via internet like energy through a Cradle.

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  11. Hawk-Eye,The Line-Calling Sports Camera, Might Not Be As Accurate As We All Thought

    But is it great at boats?

    Today we learned two things: one, that the device used to make  line-calls in tennis is very appropriately called "Hawk-Eye." Two, it's probably made a whole bunch of bad calls that we weren't aware of until just now. Whoops. Sorry, Barton. How 'bout we give you, like, an extra ten seconds of screen time in Avengers 2 to make up for it?

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  12. Several Means of Real Time Travel Explained by MinutePhysics [Video]

    You're still probably not going to get anywhere in a phone booth, though.

    Time travel is as real as the fact that you are now farther into the future than when you started reading this sentence. That's boring time travel, though, as MinutePhysics explains in a new video on real ways that time passes differently. The effects may be negligible in every day life, but time travel is all around us—like the Force.

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  13. Have Some Science In Your Art With This Wonderful Animated Short

    she blinded me with science

    Why Do I Study Physics? (2013) from Xiangjun Shi on Vimeo.

    In this short film animator/physics enthusiast Xiangjun Shi uses art to explain why she loves physics so much. Though visually amazing, my favorite thing about this video just might be its running time: 3:14. (via: io9) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  14. Peter W. Higgs and François Englert Win Nobel Prize in Physics for the Higgs Boson

    Congratulations, gentlemen. Guess it's time to get your boson.

    The 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics is being awarded to Peter W. Higgs and François Englert for their work on theorizing the Higgs boson particle. The Higgs boson has been in the news a lot over the last few years, but Higgs and Englert's work theorizing it took place in the 1960's. It's about time, Nobel Committee.

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  15. Teleportation Might Be Possible, If You Don’t Mind Waiting 4 Quadrillion Years

    Of course, that's a touch longer than the universe has been around, so...

    Your dreams of being beamed up by Scotty are about to be crushed, Trekkers. Physics students at the University of Leicester have discovered that, even if teleportation were possible, the amount of time it would take to download and re-upload a human brain would be equivalent to over 4 quadrillion years. Scotty is not waiting around for that.

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  16. Relax, MIT and Harvard Scientists Did Not Build a Lightsaber

    We find your lack of accuracy... disturbing.

    A team of physicists from MIT and Harvard have created a new form of matter by binding photons into molecules. The team compared the way these new molecules interact to lightsabers, and the Internet went bonkers. Pump the brakes, everyone. They have not created a lightsaber. Here's what happened.

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  17. High Energy Regions in Radiation Belt Around Earth Speed Up Electrons to Nearly the Speed of Light

    We knew there was radiation out there, but we didn't realize it was basically a nitrous booster for subatomic particles

    We've got good news for anyone who's ever dreamed of taking a trip to CERN to see how a giant particle accelerator operates -- you can save yourself a plane ticket. As it turns out, the Earth itself is surrounded by a radiation belt that contains regions of energy that act like particle accelerators

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  18. Antimatter Matters, the Quantum Physics Board Game, Makes Assembling Atoms Into a Competition

    When you open the box, you finally find out whether Schrödinger's Cat is dead or not.

    I'm not a big board game player, nor am I particularly well-versed in the ways of subatomic particles -- and I'm sure that probably goes for a good number of you as well. However, Portland-based game company Elbowfish wants to change all that. Their Kickstarter campaign to fund a new physics-based board game, Antimatter Matters, has just three days left to go and is so close to getting funded that I can almost taste the quarks. Needless to say, all of the flavors are delicious, not to mention educational!

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  19. The Wolverine Train Fight Clip Drops, Defies All Possible Laws of Physics [Video]

    If your counterargument is "it's a comic book movie!" then you can just move along, please.

    Now, I'm no expert on what it's like to fight somebody on top of a speeding bullet train in Japan, but I kind of feel like something's sort of wrong with the way that Logan does it in this recently dropped clip from The Wolverine. It's badass and all, for sure, but did that one guy really have enough of his own momentum to fly backwards like that if the train is moving at a constant velocity? Aw, heck, watch the video first and then decide for yourself.

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  20. I Want One! Physicists Create Desktop-Sized Antimatter Gun

    The gun could help researchers study black holes by creating bursts of similar particles right in the lab.

    hose of you looking to begin a career in supervillainy will want to take note of this story -- researchers working at the University of Michigan have succeeded in building an antimatter gun small enough that it can rest on a standard desktop. And, when it's not resting , it can fire brief blasts of electrons and their antimatter counterpart, positrons. World leaders can sleep easy, though, despite the fact that desktop antimatter guns are now a thing that exist. Rather than bringing cities to their knees, the team of researchers behind the project want to use it to learn more about the strange physics of black holes, which emit bursts of positrons and electrons, albeit on a much grander scale than the University of Michigan antimatter gun.

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