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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: More Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stills

Even more Captain America: The Winter Soldier stills have been released, further proving that this is a ridiculously attractive cast. And that people get punched in the movie.


Here Be Dragons

Brothers Grimm Project Photos Are Haunting

Colorblind German photographer Kilian Schoenberger has created a series of photographs titled “Brothers Grimm Project” where he captures eerie beauty throughout Europe that has the feel of the Grimm fairy tales.  All of Schoenberger’s work is gorgeous but this series in particular is completely stunning.

(via HuffPo)


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

French Photographer Wanders With Batman and It’s Beautiful

French photographer Rémi Noël has taken a series of photographs using a Batman action figure.  The photos are sometimes hilarious and sometimes starkly beautiful but always fantastic. They’re also an excellent reminder that even Batman likes to swim and occasionally needs to wash his cape.



Dad Dresses Baby Girl For All Possible Future Employment Opportunities

French photographer Eric Maloberti (Malo) put together an adorable series featuring his 3-month-old daughter titled, “One Day My Child, You Will Be.” It features baby June in a bunch of different vocations. The best part, for us at least, is Maloberti didn’t stick to traditional job-related gender stereotypes when putting his project together.


Things to Do With Your Kids

Photographer Celebrates America By Creating LEGO Dioramas For 50 States

Photographer Jeff Friesen has put together a delightful project called “50 States of LEGO.” It’s fairly descriptive, he’s created scenarios out of LEGO meant to illustrate each of America’s states. Some are more literal than others but I’ll let him explain the thinking behind it.


I See What They Did There

Artists Create 2D Portraits from 3D Models

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan have collaborated on a series they’re calling “2D or Not 2D.” They use some pretty amazing makeup effects and precise staging to make real live models look like paintings or photoshop trickery. Here are six of the series, but you can see more at Khokhlov’s website and 500px.


Do Try This At Home

Cosplayers Photographed Outside Their Natural Habitat – At Home

Most of us are used to seeing cosplayers exclusively at fan conventions but they have to get dressed somewhere! photographer Klaus Pitchler has put together a series called “Just the Two of Us,” featuring Austrian cosplayers at home and in costume. The results are pretty spectacular and sometimes, a little bit creepy.


Fashion for Nonhumans

If Wild Animals Were People, What Kind Of Outfits Would They Wear?

I’ve seen animals in human clothes before but never quite like this. Photographer Miguel Vallinas created a series called Segundas Pieles (Second Skins) in which he photoshops animal heads onto human bodies. But he put some serious thought into their clothing choices. I’m now picturing them walking down the street and having nightmares. This could be the start of a fantastic sci-fi series.


Fashion for Nonhumans

Shadow Body Art Gorgeously Detailed, More Temporary Than Tattoos

Want some body art that won’t make you eventually regret your decisions but will still look awesome? Artist Maiko Takeda has made the most intricate shadow body art we’ve ever seen. Takeda projects roses, skulls, cats, faces and more on the bodies of her models. Sure, these images will change with the light, but isn’t that better than a bad tattoo that doesn’t? And if you like it enough, you can just get the shadows tattooed on your body anyway!

(via Neatorama)


May The Force Be With You

With These Photographs Wookiees Are Just Like You and Me, Except Slightly More Horrifying

Photographer Mako Miyamoto takes pictures of wookiees in everyday situations, showing us that Chewbacca and his fellow wookiees enjoy staying in shape and dining together just as much as the rest of us.  Of course, they do all of this with a fixed, glassy stare, which makes every action a bit more terrifying, but at least they wear sunglasses sometimes, right?  You can see more of Miyamoto’s work at Neon Werewolf, the artist’s eye-catching, blood-splattered tumblr, and prints of the wookiees are available at the artist’s Imagekind.