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Pepper Potts

  1. Things We Saw Today: Once Upon a Time’s Tinker Bell

    Things We Saw Today

    Looks like ABC's Once Upon a Time is sticking close to Tinker Bell's classic Disney look for Season 3. At least outside of Storybrooke. But what is up with Regina? (via TV Guide, Blastr)

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  2. How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended [VIDEO]

    This Makes Sense

    Seriously though, zip ties are no joke. (via Tastes Like Coconut) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  3. Because Your Friday Needs Beautifying, Here’s Pepper Potts With Tony Stark’s Face

    eye candy

    Pepper, did you do something to your hair? (via Next Movie's 8 Summer Movie Face Swaps) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  4. Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Suiting Up for Iron Man 3


    Gwyneth Paltrow confirmed in an interview the other day that she will indeed be suiting up Iron Man 3, a bit of news that we couldn't be more excited about. Marvel has published the entire interview now, and so we can get even more info on how and when the decision to get Pepper in an Iron Man suit was made, and what it was like! Okay, I know wanting to know what it's like to be in an Iron Man suit is has a bit less entertainment journalist integrity to it compared to "how was the decision made to allow a female co-star to engage in some of the movie's action in a dominant role made." But... Iron Man suit!

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  5. Iron Man 3 International TV Spot Gives Us Pepper Potts All Suited Up

    Great Hera!

    It's just a quick second, but it's sweet.

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  6. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids Get On Our Good Side, Help Reveal a Pepper Potts Iron Man 3 Spoiler


    The release of Iron Man 3 is fast approaching, and with that comes its stars doing their contractually required press junkets. And with that comes spoilers. Thank you, Gwyneth Paltrow's children, for pushing your mom in the direction of confirming a rather good one. Unmarked spoilers under the cut, so proceed at your own risk.

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  7. Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige: Pepper Potts Ain’t No Damsel in Distress, Might Be [SPOILER]ing [SPOILER] in Iron Man 3


    In an interview with, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had some really interesting things to say about Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3. Some things that stopped just short of confirming a popular rumor about... No, you know what? We're jumping right into spoiler territory.

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  8. Iron Man 3 Lego Set Shows Pepper [Spoilering] a [Spoiler] [Spoilers]

    Great Hera!

    Because the last time we talked about this openly, despite the fact that people on the movie have laid some serious hints, we'll keep this under wraps. The LEGO set "Iron Man 3 Malibu Mansion Attack" features minifigs for Tony Stark, Iron Man Armor, Pepper Potts, the Mandarin, and a sinister accomplice. But it's a detail of the box art that we're really interested in here.

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  9. Looks Like Gwyneth Paltrow Will Wear Armor In Iron Man 3!

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    Marvel Entertainment International President Simon Philips recently gave a talk in São Paulo, Brazil and said something he probably shouldn't have. Apparently Tony Stark isn't the only wearing armor in Iron Man 3 - Pepper Potts is suiting up!

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  10. Dear Iron Man 3 Execs, Please Put Pepper Potts In An Iron Man Suit

    Almost Totally Excellent

    This year's San Diego Comic-Con was pretty exciting for Marvel fans -- not only were five films announced, Robert Downey, Jr. made a surprise appearance, and we got to see the Tony Stark's new suits for the upcoming Iron Man 3. What more could a Marvel fan possibly want? Well, after Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau mentioned that the idea of suiting Pepper Potts up in her very own powered armor ensemble, the answer is that. We want that, Iron Man 3 executives.

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