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  1. Baby Born From A Transplanted Womb For First Time; Lab-Grown Penises May Soon Be Tested On Humans

    Nothing's more cuterus than a new uterus!

    Well done, science! In a development which has surprised even noted obstetricians, a 36-year-old Swedish woman has become the first ever person to give birth to a baby carried in a transplanted womb. The patient received the uterus from a 61-year-old who had already borne two children and gone through menopause.

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  2. Enter to Win a A Limited Edition Collector’s “Package” of Penis Museum Documentary The Final Member

    Competition will be stiff.

    Here's the firm truth: The Final Member is a documentary about penises. Or, well, the world's only penis museum. Even if you're not into weird science (or, for that matter, penises), it's still an excellent, surprisingly heartfelt film about identity, legacy, and obsession. And we're giving away a copy of the "Collector's 'Package,'" out today on DVD and Blu-ray from Drafthouse Films.

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  3. Tech Perverts, Your Dreams Have Come True: You Can Now Design And 3D Print Your Own Dildo

    Don't look scandalized. You're on the Internet.

    Gone are the days when everyone would sew their own clothes, build their own houses, or, in this case, whittle their own sex toys from wood they chopped down themselves. But if you're looking for just the perfectly tailored fake penis to pleasure yourself with, then take heart! You don't have to go to Etsy for that shit anymore.

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  4. While Filming Nude Wolverine Scene, Hugh Jackman Almost Lost His Little Cyclops


    According to a number of British outlets, Hugh Jackman's appearance on tonight's The Graham Norton Show will feature the actor's story of nearly significantly injuring himself while filming The Wolverine's nude fight scene. What I want to know is why none of you told me that The Wolverine had a nude fight scene.

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  5. So Here’s An Interesting Thing About NASA Spacesuits And Penis Sleeve Sizes

    You're already an astronaut. No one cares how big it is. You already win.

    Everyone knows the male ego is fragile, especially when it comes to the size of their Cyclops. You know, their Sonic Screwdriver. Earthworm Jim. Whatever you call it, this rule applies to all guys; especially, apparently, to NASA astronauts, who were so concerned about the size of their Bilbo Bagginses that their own spacesuits suffered.

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  6. Drugs are Bad, Kids: Ohio Man Found Naked With Part of Penis Removed, Blames Mushrooms

    If this had come up D.A.R.E. classes when we were kids, drugs would no longer even exist.

    Having a tripmaster around -- more specifically, someone whose job it is to keep you from jumping out of windows when you do hallucinogens -- has sort of gone out of fashion since the heyday of '70s drug culture. If you ever decide to take mushrooms in the near future, though, you should probably have a friend there to keep an eye on you. Otherwise, you might end up like this guy in Columbus, Ohio who was found naked in a local Middle school after having ripped off part of his penis. Is it possible to feel empathetic phantom dick pains without ever having had one? I might be having those right now.

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  7. Woman Dressed as Vagina Protects Man Dressed as Penis in Most Surreal Street Fight Ever [NSFW]

    Sure, your theater friends are weird, but when's the last time one of them got in a fight while dressed like a giant penis? It's probably been, like, months since that happened.

    Glastonbury, England is home to a massive theatrical community of dancers, actors, circus performers, and all around flamboyant weirdos. Apparently living there during the right time of year is like being an extra at the end of Blazing Saddles right before the pie fight -- everyone's out in the street wearing ridiculous costumes like it's no big deal and nobody takes umbrage. Well, nobody but the prudish townsperson who attacked an actor dressed as a giant penis while his vagina-adorned scene partner tried to diffuse the situation. Dude, don't be so uptight -- it's art, maaan.

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  8. How the Chicken Lost Its Penis

    A Current Biology study published this week explains how evolution left most bird species penis-free.

    Researchers have long wondered why evolution robbed many bird species -- like the chicken -- of a piece of anatomy considered pretty key in most of the breeding we're familiar with -- the penis. A new study of a wide range of birds has revealed a key gene that stymies penis growth in males and suggests a few reasons that nixing the penis could be evolutionarily advantageous for the animals, though it does make calling a male rooster a cock among the crueler jokes in the history of time.

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  9. True Facts About The Duck Are Surprisingly NSFW. No, Seriously.

    We've brought you several of Zefrank's True Facts videos in the past, because they tend to be adorable, funny, and interesting. The new one that covers facts about ducks is all those things, and more. By "more" I mean it's also graphic, a little unnerving, and definitely NSFW. Sure, other True Facts videos have had elements of being NSFW, but this one deals extensively with duck genitals.

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  10. Raid on Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse Nets 435 Dog Penises

    A raid on an illegal dog slaughterhouse in Taiwan turned up an especially bizarre and grisly sight this week -- a refrigerator full of hundreds of dried dog penises, which we think you'll agree qualifies as "bizarre and grisly" even in the context of "illegal dog slaughterhouse." The penises, which are sometimes sold as ingredients for herbal wines used locally as aphrodisiacs. Why exactly you'd need a stockpile of hundreds of them is beyond us, though that could have something to do with how hard we're working not to think about it right now.

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