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  1. It’s Really Happening, People! System Shock 2 Coming to GOG

    A number of PC video games that came out in the late '90s to early aughts are held in high esteem by the greater video game community. Deus Ex and Fallout come to mind, for example. Most of these have been repackaged and released digitally, but System Shock 2 was left out in the digital cold. Designed by Ken Levine of BioShock fame, System Shock 2 has received heaps of praise over the years, but never a digital release. That ends tomorrow, thanks to GOG.

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  2. Android Malware Moves From Phone to PC, Listens in on You With Your Own Microphone

    The cyber-security wonks at Kaspersky have raised the alarm on a piece of malware for Android phones. The real target of the virus, though, isn't the phone -- it's the computer users will plug it into. The malware, which was available until recently in the Google Play store, masquerades as simple Android phone clean up apps going by the (slightly ironic) names SuperClean and DroidCleaner. Once the apps made it onto a computer, though, they doesn't clean up so much as clean house, copying sensitive data like photos and contact information to remote servers. That's not unnerving enough for you? Don't worry -- to turn the creep factor up to 11, the malware is also capable of turning on PC microphones to listen in on users and relay along those recordings to its shadowy overlords.

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  3. Dell Dude Actor Thinks Dell Dude Resurrection Could Save the Company

    PC purveyor Dell has definitely seen better days. The company's dropped to third in global PC sales, is in talks to go private, and generally isn't in the same position it was a decade ago. Their troubles are many, but there's at least one man that believes there's a simple solution that could put Dell back on top. Ben Curtis, better known as the "Dude, you're getting a Dell" guy, thinks all Dell needs to do is bring back Steven the Dell Dude and everything would work out.

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  4. At Long Last, Castle Crashers Finally Coming to Steam

    The wait is over, friends. For those who might have been holding out to the very end for a Steam version of The Behemoth's Castle Crashers, your time has finally come. Given that the game first launched for Xbox 360 in August of 2008, it's taken four years for it to hit Steam. That's assuming it launches this year, of course. Even if PC enthusiasts have to wait a bit, everyone will finally be able to get in on some princess savin' fun.

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  5. Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Returning to PC Soon

    A Google cache of what appears to be a development site for Final Fantasy VII PC has the collective nostalgia of the internet in a frenzy. This wouldn't be the first time that Google accidentally revealed an upcoming announcement before the developer was ready for it to be out in the wild. If the cache is to be believed, the newly updated PC version from Square Enix would cost around $12.50 and include a variety of enhancements. Check the jump for details.

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  6. Apple Lures Back-To-School Shoppers With iTunes Gift Card

    For students headed back to school, particularly the college bound in the market for a new computer, Apple is poised to be the brand of choice. Apple's promotional Back-To-School campaign offers shoppers a $100 gift card for iTunes with the purchase of a new Mac, and its a pretty enticing incentive. Research firm Global Equities complied some statistics that show that approximately 80% of incoming students plan to go Apple. According to Global Equities, Apple's off to a strong start in the back-to-school market beating Microsoft 8 to 2. The data also show that more students enrolled in exclusively online universities, like Phoenix Online, choose Apple, which is an emerging trend. With a strong showing it seems that transitioning to the gift card from previous campaigns that included a free iPod hasn't hurt Apple. (via The Next Web)

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  7. Students: Buy a Windows 7 PC Over $699, Get a Free Xbox 360

    Feel like studying isn't really essential to the college process? Well, neither does Microsoft! Through the Microsoft Store, Best Buy,, and, students can now obtain a free Xbox 360 4GB console when they purchase a PC over $699 at one of the aforementioned participating retailers, gaining two gaming platforms for the price of one, successfully disrupting their college career. If purchasing the PC through an online retailer, the student simply supplies their .edu email address. If said student does not have a .edu email address or prefers to purchase the PC from a walk-in store, said student simply needs to show their student ID. The offer is available in the United States starting May 22 and end dates vary by retailer, so Microsoft suggests if one were to take advantage of the deal, to do it sooner rather than later. Those details you're wondering about? Like how one proceeds to actually get the Xbox 360 after purchasing the computer? Microsoft suggests you see the individual retailer where the computer was purchased for details. (via The Windows Blog)

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  8. Mac People vs. PC People [Infographic]

    Macs! PCs! One of them is better than the other in some ways! (Awaits flamewar.)

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: The folks at crowdsourced decision-making site Hunch have crunched the numbers on close to 400,000 participating users to paint differing portraits of Mac and PC users. Their results, assembled in the infographic below, back up some Mac/PC user stereotypes while upsetting others, though it's worth pointing out that being the sort of early-adopting hipcat who regularly uses Hunch may be a more salient characteristic than what kind of computer one uses to do it.

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  9. Apple’s “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” Ads: No More?

    Apple's "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC" commercials, which since 2006 have either been contrasting cool Apple kids with stuffy PC users or pitting intolerably smug MacHeads against charming John Hodgman, depending on your point of view, may be finished. In a recent interview with The Onion's delightful pop culture appendage The AV Club, Justin Long -- the "Mac" half of the commercials  -- said that while he couldn't speak definitively, he thinks the ads are kaput:

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  10. Rumor: Monkey Island 2: The Special Edition

    According to Kotaku, Lucasarts may be giving the sequel to its bestselling game The Secret of Monkey Island the same special edition treatment it gave the first. Last year's The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition had the same gameplay as the original, but that gameplay was packaged with updated character art and painted backgrounds in a widescreen resolution. In addition to visual polish, it also featured an updated score and voice acting (which was beyond the game's capability in the original 1990 release), a new user interface, and a 3-tiered tip system. If there were aspects of the new version that players didn't like, they had the ability to switch seamlessly between the original game and the special edition at any point in gameplay with a single keystroke. Kotaku's mysterious sources say that Monkey Island 2: The Special Edition is now in the works, based on the sequel to the original Monkey Island.

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