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  1. Learn About Video Game Economies Worth Millions of Real Dollars With PBS Off Book

    Who said economics couldn't be fun?

    Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) like World of Warcraft have become a huge force in gaming, and many of them foster their own economies that gain real-world value through what players are willing to spend real money on. PBS Off Book asked some experts to share their knowledge on the massive virtual economies.

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  2. Are Emoticons the Future of Language? PBS Off Book’s New Video Explains


    Don't be thrown off by this PBS Off Book video's title — this isn't a diatribe about how language is devolving to make way for GIFs and chat speak. Linguist Ben Zimmer explores the history of emoticons and writing and how they might combine to create a more reflective representation of the human experience — like punctuation, but more poignant.

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  3. Artificial Intelligence is on the Rise, and That Might Be a Good Thing [Video]

    You can definitely trust us, we're totally human too. Totally.

    We all know the standard tropes and fears surrounding artificial intelligence -- how the robots will replace all of us at our jobs and evolve to overthrow humanity in an apocalyptic blaze, that kind of thing. PBS Off Book wanted to poke those tropes with a stick and see just what AI could actually bring us, so they gathered up several computer science professors from NYU and Oxford to ask them just what we should expect from our future cybernetic overlords.

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  4. How Dungeons and Dragons Changed the World for Geeks and Gaming [Video]

    It definitely influenced Mountain Dew sales, that's for sure.

    Whether or not you've ever rolled a character sheet or not -- that's what you do in D&D, right? Up 'till now I've been in the "not" category, but I'm playing my first game on Monday so I need to bone up -- you can't deny that the classic tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons has had a profound influence on geek and gamer culture. At least, PBS Off Book certainly thinks so, and their latest video is all about the community surrounding this much beloved game. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 48 hours to learn what a "grapple check" is.

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  5. YouTubers Are Arguably Revolutionizing Entertainment [Video]

    Have you seen the one about the guy that falls down? Revolutionary!

    It's easy to say that YouTube, and those producing content on the platform, is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. It's the details of this that are more complicated. Like, how are YouTubers doing this? In what ways? That's what the latest video from PBS Off Book explores with the help of some well-known YouTube personalities. You'll likely be nodding in agreement by the time it's done.

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  6. Check Out How and Why Astronomers Make Gorgeous Space Images [Video]

    Spoiler alert: It's because they're so dang pretty.

    Have you ever wondered how exactly those telescopes in space capture such stunning images of all the wonders the Universe holds? PBS Off Book, a video series has thoughtfully interviewed a number of astronomers and scientists about how it's done, and why these images are so important in the grand scheme of human society and knowledge. Spoiler alert: It's because they're so dang pretty.

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  7. An Exploration of the Art of Data Visualization [Video]

    Data visualization, in a lot of ways, can be considered a science more than anything else. Sure, it can be artistic, but it's all about how to present, well, data. A good visualization of data, no matter how pretty, is only as good as the information that it's based on. As Edward Tufte says in the latest video for PBS Off Book, "And so, the history of visualizing data is very substantially a history of science."

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  8. PBS Off Book Explores the Future of Wearable Technology [Video]

    Wearable technology has been around for a while, but it's been given a particular kick in the pants recently thanks to things like the Pebble smartwatch or Google Glass. These aren't the only such projects, but they're representative of the whole. The latest video from PBS Off Book takes a look at the future of wearable technology, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that we've already put one foot in the pool as a society. Now all we need to do is jump in.

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  9. The Worlds of Viral Video Explained for Everyone [Video]

    What, exactly, is a viral video? That's what this PBS Off Book video attempts to tackle. Sprinkled throughout you'll find delicious nuggets of videos we all know and love as well as, perhaps, a few you've never seen. They speak with a number of people who are in the know, including but not limited to Jonah Peretti from BuzzFeed, Brad Kim from Know Your Meme, and Casey Neistat on the nature of viral video and the future of what's quickly becoming the goal for many content producers.

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  10. The Evolution of 8-Bit Art [Video]

    8-bit graphics as a necessity are long gone. That said, 8-bit as an aesthetic is as vibrant as ever. The blocky pixel art so many of us grew up with is still near and dear to the hearts of many, even as tradional video games and computer generated graphics barrel towards the hyperrealistic. In this video, PBS Off Book explores the world of contemporary artists and musicians who love and utilize the 8-bit aesthetic not because they have to, but because they want to. More power to 'em.

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