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PBS Idea Channel

  1. Is the Future of Fandom Bleak or Bright?

    Also, in what way do you resemble a means of keeping oneself cool?

    Are you a fan of anything? Sure you are, and regardless of your level of fandom, you've probably had experiences where you'd like to give a little back and affect (hopefully) positive change in the things you love. PBS Idea Channel thinks that's a good thing, and fandom's prevalence just might change the course of all media in the future.

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  2. Media Has a Problem With Representation, and Kamala Khan Can Help

    Hearing people shout "Khaaaaan!" in a happy voice for the first time in 40 years is pretty great.

    That's what the people behind PBS Idea Channel think, anyway. Khan, and other diverse and interesting comic book characters like her -- Mike Rugnetta cites Miles Morales and Simon Baz as well -- are helping to slowly change comic books and comic-loving communities for the better. Don't think so? Watch the video. Maybe it'll change your mind.

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  3. Are TV Narratives Getting More Complex Because of Technology?

    More than anything else, television is America's greatest art form.

    Back in the day before Hulu, Netflix, DVDs, and everything else we used to watch TV instead of actual televisions and cable boxes nowadays, media executives weren't very keen on the idea of serialized narratives in their shows. So does all this changing technology explain why we're getting so much more complicated content to watch?

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  4. Can the Internet Be Considered an Archive? [Video]

    Right click "save as" that shit.

    Most people consider the Internet fleeting because you can't hold them in your hands in the same way that you can with a book or written source. But is it worth archiving anyway? Are archived portions of the Internet accurate depictions of the original sources they claim to archive? PBS Idea Channel investigates, and confuses us in the process.

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  5. What’s the Shelf Life on Older Memes These Days? [Video]

    IT'S OVER NINE THOU-- wait. No. Stop. I can't do this.

    Remember when a meme could comfortably live on just under the public awareness for years? Sure, part of that was because no one wanted to go on 4Chan to learn about all of them, but memes still have a very comparatively short shelf life now. Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel (who used to work for Know Your Meme) wants to talk about it with you.

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  6. Does Twitch Plays Pokémon Give You Hope For Humanity? [Video]

    It certainly makes me believe in Jesus. Err, Bird Jesus.

    Twitch plays Pokémon is on to another title in the game franchise, so we're going to be able to keep watching its chat-guided player character crash into walls for a good long while. That's a good thing, PBS Idea Channel says, because it's a fascinating look at how a community can grow and function without an external governing force.

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  7. Does Fiction Even Exist, Maaan? PBS Idea Channel Explains [Video]

    The question alone is giving me the munchies.

    Okay, strap in nerds: it's about to get philosophical up in here. Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel wants you to know that reality is a construct and fictional objects have properties, therefore they might exist -- and he uses the boy wizard Harry Potter as his prime example.

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  8. Why Do People Like Unboxing Videos So Much, Anyway?

    Idea Channel is thinking outside of the box. (Sorry. Had to.)

    Denizens of the Internet really like unboxing videos, which has left some of us at the Geekosystem offices a little confused. Thankfully, PBS Idea Channel is here to figure out what it is you all like so much about unboxing videos without us actually having to talk to real humans to find out.

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  9. Why Do People Hate Selfies So Much?

    Let me take a picture of myself to convey my feelings about this.

    Despite rising so far in popularity that it was named Oxford's Word of the Year in 2013, the selfie sure does have a lot of haters. Setting aside the perceived narcissism angle (guys, we're all narcissistic, that's just what being human is), why does the selfie get such a bum rap? PBS Idea Channel has some thoughts on the subject.

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  10. The Time-Old Question Continues On: Is Avatar Anime?

    On a related note, does anyone else get annoyed when they see Scott Pilgrim in the manga section?

    It's literally a question that friends of mine have been asking since high school -- does Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American-made cartoon with strong Asian influences, count as an anime? My inclination is just to stop at saying "no, it's not," but of course PBS Idea Channel takes it farther than I would, because that's what they do.

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