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  1. Does Twitch Make Us Better or Worse at Games?

    It definitely seems to make us worse at Pokémon, at least.

    Twitch is having a huge impact on the world of competitive gaming, because it's easier to watch than ever. Does it have an impact on the way we play games, though? Scientific studies on the matter suggest that it does, and it's not all good news.

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  2. PBS Game/Show Host Jamin Warren Asks If Net Neutrality Is Bad for Gamers

    Bad things tend to be bad for everyone, so yeah, probably.

    In the latest episode of PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren asks whether the end of Net Neutrality would be bad for gamers. It's a serious issue that could have ramifications for anyone who uses the Internet (see: Everyone) but Warren focuses on how it could affect gamers specifically. Take a look.

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  3. Is There Even Such a Thing as an “Indie Game” Anymore?

    I don't know. Ask indie movies... if you can figure out what they are anymore.

    Just where is the line between a big studio title and an "indie game" anymore? Game distribution is undergoing a massive shift, and it's making the difference between indie games and those from big publishers a little hard to discern. That won't stop Game/Show from trying, though.

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  4. What Is the Future of Gaming, and What Does It Mean for the Future of Everything?

    Sadly, real life will probably go in a more Ender's Game direction than a Last Starfighter one.

    What's going to happen in the future of gaming? Of course, there will be amazing AI and virtual reality, which we can already see taking shape right now, but what about further down the line? Game/Show has some ideas about how the technology in the future of gaming will impact the future in general, because it's already kind of happening.

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  5. Should All Videogames Be Free to Play? PBS Game/Show Explains

    It sounds like communist nonsense, but he does have a point.

    Playing video games is an incredibly expensive hobby. Okay, maybe not as expensive as comic books when you look at the cost per hour of entertainment, but most of the time you need a several hundred dollar console just to get started, so yeah, it's pretty prohibitive. But could gravitating towards the Free to Play model of gaming help?

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  6. PBS’s Game/Show Examines The Worst Games Ever (And What Makes Them So Bad)

    "Worst game of all time, barely playable, horrible NPCs - 9/10."

    We've all played a horrifically-awful game and berated ourselves for wasting our time, money, and effort. But what is it, exactly, that makes a game empirically bad? Jamin Warren of PBS's Game/Show takes a look at some of the worst games of all time, and what it is that makes us hate them so very much.

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  7. Could Dark Souls Be the Future of Storytelling in Gaming? [Video]

    Wow, am I the only one who has no problem with cutscenes?

    Jamin Warren of PBS Game/Show really hates cutscenes. Even when seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, cutscenes still remove all sense of agency and turn the player into a viewer instead. But is story even necessary? And can diagetic story-driven games like Dark Souls or Gone Home pick up the slack?

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  8. Virtual Reality is Coming and You Are Going To Suck At It, Says PBS Game/Show


    The growth of the oculus rift is incredibly exciting, but it's totally going to explode your brain when you put it on, because we have a harder time distinguishing between virtual reality and actual reality than we previously thought. So how's this going to affect our gaming abilities? PBS Game/Show attempts to explain.

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  9. PBS Game/Show Looks at Why We Love and Hate NPCs

    Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen! Listen!

    Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in video games can often be some of the best (or worst) parts of games. Jamin Warren explains why we get so attached to these characters we can't play in the latest episode of his wonderful webseries PBS Game/Show. Who are some of your favorite NPCs of all time?

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  10. What Even Is a Gamer, Anyway? [Video]

    Aside from a movie nobody saw.

    Gamer is a term that gets thrown around a lot with many applications but a pretty fuzzy definition. Unfortunately, it's often used to create an "us versus them" scenario that only serves to divide people and diminish the worth of different groups and genres. What can we do about it? Game/Show's got a pretty good idea for us.

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