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  1. Enormous 7-Foot Papercraft Gundam Looks Awesome, Would Not Withstand the Rigors of Space Combat

    There are some people that are destined for greatness, and then there are people like Taras Lesko who are apparently destined to build progressively larger Gundam models out of paper. In 2010, he constructed a rather impressive four-foot model of the Freedom Gundam. With nowhere to go but upward, he tackled a model nearly twice as big. Standing at seven feet, his Gundam Mk-2 weighs 10 pounds, has 1,250 individual parts, and is comprised of 720 pages of paper. While impressive in its own right, watching Lesko print, fold, and assemble the behemoth is truly jaw dropping. Read on after the break to see it all come together.

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  2. Papercraft Glasses Have Manually Operated Papercraft Irises

    Back in the 3rd grade, I was given a pair of glasses to wear. My eye doctor was a mad scientist so he gave me some nice bifocals. That's right, bifocals, in third grade. Of course, I can't blame him for the double bridged frames that I picked out. Needless to say, I never actually wore them after the first day. If he had given me these awesome papercraft glasses though, it might have been a different story. Made by art.makes over at Instructables, these glasses --made entirely out of paper-- not only make you look like Arthur, but also have papercraft irises that you an open and shut for, well, for fun.

    With just a little paper, a mailing tube, some string, a hole punch, a little bit of glue, an xacto knife, paper and cardstock, and about 3-6 hours of spare time, you can build your very own pair by following the step-by-step guide on Instructables, if you're into that sort of thing. Then, when you're done, maybe you can try to sell them to Lady Gaga or something. Seems like an accessory she might be into. Maybe if you made them out of meat...

    Video of these spectacular spectacles in action after the jump.

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  3. Intricate Soda Can Art Made From Paper

    Artist Hasegawa Yoshio created a series of sculptural pieces using wireframe models of soda cans, bent beyond recognition or configured into strange shapes. But these soda cans (pop cans, anyone?) are not what they seem: Each is hand-crafted out of paper and acrylic, giving the cans a surprisingly natural origin. Not to mention being inherently cooler since it's made out of paper. See more after the break.

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  4. Gorgeous Paper Collage Geek Culture Icons

    deviantART user botjira makes some fairly pretty paper collage representations of popular characters from video games, television and anime. Each collage uses different textures and materials to create a layer of depth and draw the eye to different portions of the piece. Head on past the break to see some impressive paper collages of your favorite characters, including Chell, Ash Ketchum, Spock and Mario.

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  5. Papercraft Camera Actually Works

    Created by designer Matthew Nicholson, the camera is a papercraft recreation of a Leica M3, a classic camera -- produced by German camera company Leica Camera -- dating back to 1954 that sold over 220,000 units from 1954 to 1966 when it stopped being produced. Nicholson opted to go the cheaper and more papery route, creating a papercraft version of the Leica M3 that actually snaps pictures.

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  6. Astonishingly Detailed Papercraft Audi A7

    In what can only be an attempt to one-up the knit Ferrari, Audi approached designer Taras Lesko to create a model of their A7 completely out of paper. The task took 285 pieces of card stock, creating 750 individual pieces of the car. Amazingly, he used no special tools; just laser printers and X-Acto knives. The full 245 hours of construction are compressed in the video below, which has the astonishing affect of making the car seem to rise out of Lesko's desk. Watch and be amazed.

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  7. How to Papercraft Yourself in 10 Simple Steps

    The instructors at Instructables have laid out in detail how to perform an extremely useful task: Making a full-size paper clone of yourself. Have a series of hilarious miscommunication caused you to have two dates with different people on the same night? Just send Paper McGee on one of them. Need your enemies to use up all their ammo so you can take them down? Roll Papyrus McPaperson into the line of fire. The possibilities are endless. But getting your paper clone is no easy task. It will take a full week of careful, diligent work.

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  8. Trash Can Desktop Icon, in Real Life

    Yes, it does make sense, trust us., an art and design site that appears, though Google Translate, to translate aspects of digital life into art in other mediums.  There's even cross-stitch! That... was me flashing my cross-stitch geekery. Moving along: CoDeco has made this real life version of that desktop trash can that's very familiar to all of us.  You know, back before Windows got all environmentally conscious with the Recycle Bin.

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  9. W101: The Origami Lamp

    We've all dabbled here and there trying to make a classic origami swan, quickly getting frustrated that our clumsy oaf hands can't make anything more complicated than a basic paper airplane. Well, your papercraft envy is about to do anything but subside, now that Swedish designers Claseeon Koivisto Rune have developed the world's first lamp made entirely out of paper. And while this lamp may look yellow, it's actually totally "green." Not only is the bulb a super efficient LED, but the paper itself is made of "DuraPulp," a paper pulp and starch polymer hybrid that quickly biodegrades.

    More pictures after the jump:

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  10. Make Your Subway Tickets Into X-Wings!

    French artist Hubert de Lartigue has devised an ingenious way to recycle his subway tickets: make them into X-Wing fighters. Not only has he kindly shared pictures with the internet, he has also posted tutorials of how to turn Parisian metro tickets into X-Wings and Millenium Falcons (the latter complete with a stand) on his website, We wish we could try it out with our metro cards, but we're from New York, and our cards are made from cold, unfeeling plastic.

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