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  1. That’s No Panda! Italian Circus in Hot Water After Trying to Pass Off Adorable Dogs as the Endangered Species

    "Ugh, bamboo again? I distinctly remember ordering a fine leather shoe."

    No one will ever suspect.

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  2. Monday Cute: Damn It, Baby Pandas, You Are Drunk

    Drunk with cuteness, we imagine.

    Today we learned that China Central Television, the leading broadcast television station in mainland China, has its own Youtube channel on which it occasionally posts videos from the Chengdu Wolong National Natural Reserve in Sichuan. Too bad their pandas' behavior is just so deplorable. Get ahold of yourselves, pandas! Sit up straight and stop clinging to everything already!

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  3. Things We Saw Today: History’s Sassiest Raptors

    We do move in herds!

    Spare no expense!

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  4. Live Broadcast of Panda Birth Cancelled: Turns Out The Panda Wasn’t Really Pregnant

    I think I saw a Maury episode like this once.

    Real talk: you want to know why pandas are so severely endangered? Sure, poachers and other humans encroaching on their habitats is the primary factor, but it's also partially because pandas are literally the worst at getting pregnant.

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  5. Monday Cute: Pandas Going Down a Slide

    Eats, slides and leaves.

    Chengdu Panda Base in China is a place for panda research, breeding, and preservation. Oh, they also have a slide that the pandas get to slide down in one of the cutest videos of anyone sliding down anything we've ever seen. Is this video two years old? Sure. Is it a video of pandas gleefully sliding down a slide? You bet it is.

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  6. Monday Cute: Panda Conservation Center Has Job Opening; We Are Serious, Quitting


    The China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya'an, Sichuan province, China, is raising awareness of panda preservation by offering a unique job opportunity. $32k a year, accommodations, meals, and a company car, all to babysit giant pandas. The application is apparently somewhere on this amazing website (autoplay sound). Previously in Monday Cute

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  7. Cat Parasite Toxoplasma Now Infecting Pandas

    I guess a Kung Flu Panda joke would be in poor taste.

    Insidious parasite Toxoplasma, famous for thriving in cat guts and causing psychotic behavior in its hosts, has claimed its first known panda victim. Toxoplasma transfers to humans too, but who wants to live in a world where all the adorable animals are dead?

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  8. Breaking: Pandas Are Indestructible Balls of Fluff

    Winter Is Coming

    When I woke up this morning, it was snowing horizontally and I couldn't see further than half a block outside my window. So I have brought you this video of someone who could enjoy the weather much more than I can.

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  9. Today We Learned Sneezing Baby Panda: The Movie Is a Real Thing

    Do the hosts of How Did This Get Made? know about this?

    About two years ago we learned that someone would be turning the "Sneezing baby panda" viral video into a feature film. They meant it, and now Sneezing Baby Panda: The Movie exists. There's a trailer, so it looks like there's no stopping this saccharinly adorable film from happening.

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  10. Monday Cute: Baby Pandas, Tiny Squeaking


    Everybody should have some baby pandas to look at on a Monday. Previously in Baby Animals

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Stewart and McKellen and Nimoy, Oh My!

    Things We Saw Today

    Yesterday we showed you Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen exploring the Big Apple. Now they're joined by Leonard Nimoy. Coney Island has been blessed. (Twitter)

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  12. Panda Cub Does Not Want to Go Play Outside. DOES NOT WANT! [Video]

    Remember when you were a kid and your mom demanded that you go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine, seemingly unaware that both of those things would prove astonishingly disruptive to the Metroid session you were so deeply immersed in? This video is pretty much just like that, but with way more panda, and thus more adorable than you ever were. Kohin, a panda cub at Japan's Adventure World theme park does not think that going outside to play is a very good idea, no matter how insistent his trainers are on the matter.

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  13. Things We Saw Today: Felicia Day Returns to Supernatural

    Things We Saw Today

    Felicia Day (and LARPing) return to Supernatural next week.

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  14. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Panda: Scientists Discover a Powerful Antibiotic in the Blood Stream of Pandas

    Never in a million years would we have guessed that panda bears, the very same creatures that tumble down slides and make us lose all sense of personal dignity over their irresistible cuteness, hold the very key to mankind's survival within their own bodies. It may sound like the trite plot of the next Kung Fu Panda flick -- we can only pray that doesn't actually happen -- but, we assure you friends, this is legitimate science. Dr. Xiuwen Yan of China's Life Sciences College of Nanjing Agricultural University discovered that pandas naturally produce a potent antibiotic in their bloodstream that can wipe out various forms of bacteria and fungi. Scientists are eager to analyze and fully understand this panda antibiotic, hoping that it will be instrumental in the fight against known superbugs of notorious resilience.

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  15. The New World of Warcraft Expansion Came Out Today, So Lets Have Some Pandas

    Bear Time

    I'm going to assume that if you're reading this, you're not playing World of Warcraft right now. Perhaps you are like me, at work on the morning of a new expansion, bombarded by posts of gameplay, news about how some extreme leveler has reached the new cap of 90, and just itching to get your red-headed dwarf feet on a new continent with plenty of fun new things for your pet bear to chew on. To stave off madness, lets watch some panda videos, which, incidentally, are how I imagine the Pandaren starting zones look right now.

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  16. National Zoo’s Newborn Panda Mysteriously Dies, Depresses Everyone

    Pandas, much like babies, are a terrific source of cuteness. This is a known fact, but panda babies are the best of both adorable worlds. It was with a good deal of excitement that the Smithsonian National Zoo announced the birth of a new panda only a week ago. Unfortunately, sometimes things just don't work out. Yesterday, the panda cub was found dead in its enclosure. If today hadn't already depressed you enough, feel free to continue reading.

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  17. There Is Nothing on the Internet, Please Accept this Video of Two Pandas Playing in a Small Pool


    Thank you and goodnight. (via Cuteoverload.)

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  18. BBC Names Panda “Face of the Year”… in the Category of Women


    One of these things is not like the other. The BBC has been running two year long series of twelve articles, each one profiling one prominent person of that month's news. One series was for men, the other was for women from Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to Eman al-Obeidi, but it seems like the BBC just couldn't quite find any notable women from the month of December. So they profiled a female panda.

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  19. Panda Poop is Used to Make What Could Be the World's Most Expensive Tea

    Sichuan University professor An Shi has been awarded a patent for a tea that uses panda feces as fertilizer. Pandas only digest about 30 percent of the bamboo they eat, and bamboo, similar to green tea, contains a cancer preventative. So, considering about 70 percent of bamboo is left in the panda excrement used to fertilize the tea, the tea is supposed to provide cancer preventative effects. The tea, due to using excrement from a rare animal, could cost upwards of $69,000 per kilogram.

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  20. Adorable Baby Panda Will Short Circuit Your Brain With Cuteness [Video]

    Of all the weird, horrifying, childhood ruining, annoying junk on the internet, at least there are cute things like this adorable baby panda. This little guy is on a mission to get out of that crib, but he keeps getting stopped right as he gets to the edge. While he might be foiled by his handlers again and again, he keeps trying, and the result is too cute. (via VideoGum)

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