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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Superheroines In Love

Kat Leyh’s webcomic Supercakes chronicles the off-duty moments of super-couple Molly and May. Dang it, now I want pancakes. (via io9)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: As The Crow Flies Game Of Thrones Poster

Oh Hollywood

Lead Actresses Get Less Screen Time Than Lead Actors, Because Hollywood Is a Sexist Sh*thole

This Sunday is the 86th annual Oscars, a magical night where the Hollywood elite get together to celebrate themselves and be excruciatingly boring for three-plus hours. There’s one thing*, though, that Hollywood might not want to pat itself on the back for too much: This year’s lead actor nominees got, on average, 150% of the screentime of their female counterparts. Lead actresses: Getting screwed over for screentime in their own dang films.

*Plus many, many others.


Things to Do With Your Kids

The 2014 Oscar Nominees, Reenacted by Kids

The take away I’m getting from this is that there were a lot of significant moustaches in this year’s Oscar-worthy films.

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: OK, Which One of You Put Up This White Walker Sign

Even HBO isn’t claiming responsibility for this sign found in Stockholm. (via Nerd Approved)



In Which President Obama Name-Checked Mad Men While Talking About Equal Pay For U.S. Women

Last night’s State of the Union was very much like the Academy Awards. People were honored, people were bored, camera operators got a workout trying to find the right people in the audience. Just swap the political and pop-culture references (one or two political mentions at the Oscars vs. one or two pop-culture items at SOTU). Check out this relevant clip from President Obama’s SOTU last night then hit the jump to look at a depressing image of how many Congressmen stood up for this part of the speech.


All this has happened before...

The 2014 Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced, Do You Agree?

While last year’s Oscars certainly held its share of Geeky Moments, overall, we were pretty annoyed by it. But we’ve got Ellen DeGeneres hosting this year! And for that we’re thankful. Though she’s gonna have to pull out the stops to beat the tag-team that was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes. Without further ado, here are the nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards. 


Great Moments in Advertising

Ellen DeGeneres Lip-syncs & Dances Her Way To The Oscars

How is Ellen so effortless? How!

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Officially Official

We Have a New Oscar Host: Ellen DeGeneres

Maybe it seems a little too early to be thinking about who’s hosting the Oscars this year, but apparently somebody is, because Ellen DeGeneres just announced that she’ll be returning (she last hosted in 2007) to the Academy Awards as host.

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i'll just leave this here

Breathe Deeply, Everyone: Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host the Oscars Next Year

Maybe we can get a hologram of Bob Hope to do it. That’s totally a thing that science can do, right? I could swear I saw it on CNN.