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Orson Scott Card

  1. Things We Saw Today: Princess Dalek

    Things We Saw Today

    We've seen Princess Vader, now it's time to meet Princess Dalek. EXTERMI-AWWWWW. (via Fashionably Geek) 

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  2. Orson Scott Card Compares Obama to Hitler, Napoleon, Ceasar, Worried He’ll Use Urban Youths as Secret Police

    Somewhere, the press team for Ender's Game weeping openly, begging Card to just stop with the talking thing.

    You know that feeling when you read something so ridiculous you think it's a really funny parody, followed by that sinking sensation when it turns out its writer was serious? Orson Scott Card's "Unlikely Events" on why Obama is already a dictator, controlling literally all the things and all the people is like that.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: The Grumpy Catbus

    Things We Saw Today

    Timothy Doyle created this memetic Miyazaki mashup masterpiece for an upcoming Lil Bub gallery show at Spoke Art. (io9)

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Hey, People at SDCC. Buy Us Some Direwolf Plushies.

    Things We Saw Today

    Yes, but do any of these SDCC-exclusive stuffed direwolves [Game of Thrones season three finale spoiler] have a detachable head? Head to io9 for Factory Entertainment's three-eyed-crow and dragon egg plushies.

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  5. UPDATED: Lionsgate Attempts To Distance Themselves From Orson Scott Card Before Ender’s Game Hits Theaters


    Lionsgate has issued an official statement to distance themselves from Orson Scott Card, the creator whose book their new movie Ender's Game is based on. 

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  6. Orson Scott Card Responds to Call for Ender’s Game Boycott

    Thank You?

    This is not a good year to be a company whose high-profile Orson Scott Card-affiliated project is coming to fruition. And this past month was not particularly a good one for folks who've been on the board of the U.S.'s biggest national anti-marriage equality lobbying group since 2009. The ethics of enjoying content related to or produced by someone who shares political views you are opposed can be uncomfortable enough without the added conflict of active participation and monetary support at very senior and organized levels of a powerful organization working at cross purposes to your political views. Summit Entertainment has been rumored to already be nervous about the backlash against its summer blockbuster Ender's Game, based on Card's seminal YA science fiction novel of the same name, and it's hard not to see some studio pressure behind Card's response (it cannot be called an apology) to well worded calls for a boycott of the movie.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Dorothy, Meet Iron Man. Iron Man, Meet Dorothy.

    Things We Saw Today

    It took me a second to get the pun. By the always-amazing James Hance, via /Film.

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  8. First Trailer for Ender’s Game Drops, Will Probably Tear the Internet Apart [Video]

    Calling Orson Scott Card's ideas about sexuality a bit divisive would be putting it mildly. It's one of those disappointing and well-known facts that he's horrifyingly homophobic. If you're not already aware about his specific set of beliefs in that area, we're sorry to reveal the truth to you, because it kind of sullies how intriguing his books are. Ender's Game is, in this writer's humble opinion, a fantastic bit of fiction, and there's a movie coming out in November. They've finally released the first trailer, and the Internet will probably explode thanks to it.

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  9. DC Comics Pulls The Plug On Executive Column After Too Many Tough Questions From Fans

    Allow Us To Explain

    DC Comics has been criticized before for their public relations responses (or non-responses, as the case may be) and a recent move has raised eyebrows yet again. Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase were contributing to a monthly column to Comic Book Resources in which they answered questions from both the journalists working for CBR and fans. But in its latest installment the website announced DC would no longer be participating. And guess what? The Orson Scott Card controversy and other "tough questions" played a part.

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  10. Artist Chris Sprouse Leaves Orson Scott Card-Penned Superman Story

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    DC hiring Orson Scott Card as one of the writers in a digital-first anthology of Superman stories is proving the controversy that won't die, not simply because fans who appreciate the conflict between the themes associated with Superman as a character and the views that Card openly and publicly espouses about the basic rights of the LGBTQ community, along with the actions he's taken to make those views into actual legislation, are being vocal about their disappointment regarding the choice. It's still making news because actual members of the comic book community are doing things like refusing to stock the issue when it eventually comes to print, and movie executives are getting nervous about their blockbusters. But while the retailer is still a big part of the comics community, you couldn't call them as central to the industry as the artists who draw the books in the first place, and it's now, according to USA Today, that the artist on Card's Superman book has walked off the project, citing the negative attention that its drawn.

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