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  1. OREO Sent Us Their New Cookie Flavors, but No Milk

    Yes, this is a picture of empty boxes. No, YOU ate all the cookies.

    OREO is expanding their flavors with two new faces: "Marshmallow Crispy" and "Cookie Dough." The cookies hit shelves in February, but we got some sample boxes (that are gone now) from OREO, and you can too! We'll tell you how, because we know everyone digs cookies.

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  2. The Latest Oreo Separating Machine is Actually a Very Polite Robot Named HERB

    Meet HERB, Carnegie Mellon's sophisticated butler robot. He was built to help mankind by performing household tasks, so of course when Oreo put the call out for machines to separate cookie from creme, the roboticists at Carnegie Mellon reprogrammed HERB for the job. They also -- for reasons -- programmed HERB to prefer the creme to the cookie, even though he's a robot and can't actually consume either. Watch HERB take some Oreos to task in the latest Oreo Separator video.

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  3. Second Oreo Separator Machine Surfaces, Sprays Hot Creme in Your Face [Video]

    There is now a second video of an Oreo separating machine on the Internet. This is apparently a thing now, and you know what? That's fine. These videos are surprisingly cool for a thinly veiled marketing campaign. It might be because they combine a lot of things I love: science, fine video production, facial hair, and junk food. This second machine doesn't make use of a hatchet like the first one, but it does spray hot creme in your face, so there's that.

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  4. This Robotic Oreo Separator Uses a Hatchet to Remove the Creme [Video]

    David Neevel doesn't like the creme in the middle of Oreos, so he built a machine to remove it. Even though his stance on Oreo creme is horribly, tragically, and completely misguided you have to respect a guy who takes action to get what he wants, or to eliminate what he doesn't want as the case may be. Neevel is a physicist from Portland who is the type of person who sees a problem and solves it -- with a hatchet-wielding robot -- because that's how you freaking get things done.

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