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Operating Systems

  1. In Keeping With Dessert Theme, Newest Android Will Be Called KitKat

    Get your best "break me offa piece of that" jokes out now before they get old.

    Android's latest operating system, 4.4, has finally been given a name: KitKat. Yeah, like the candy bar. What is up with really weird technology names lately? First Nintendo puts out the 2Ds and now this?

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  2. Forget Bloatware; Some New Computers Come Equipped With Malware

    There's a nasty little habit where computer manufacturers, or really any tech manufacturer, install software on the machine that is absolutely worthless before it hits store shelves. There programs are frustrating, but they ultimately constitute what amounts to a minor annoyance. On the other hand, it appears there's a new trend going on: Installing malware prior to purchase.

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  3. Cambridge Offering Free Online Course on DIY OS Building for Raspberry Pi

    Want to build your own computer using the super cheap guts provided by Raspberry Pi but don't know where to start? Ever wanted to work in a customized operating system you know like the back of your hand? You're in luck. Cambridge University in the UK is offering a series of free courses online that will teach you how to build your own OS for Raspberry Pi from scratch in just 12 (relatively speaking) easy steps. Finally, all of us computer illiterates who were convinced that even we could design a better OS than Vista will have a chance to prove it.

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  4. Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, is Coming to the Raspberry Pi

    Considering the Raspberry Pi is a competent -- albeit underpowered -- computer that costs only $25 at its lowest price point, and $35 for an upgraded version, the computer hobbyist market was instantly enthralled by the little guy ever since it was introduced. Sure, in this age of computing, it's a little difficult for the Raspberry Pi to do anything too complicated, and it also needs to be hooked up to a monitor (or remoted into) on top of that, but for $25, it's not like there's much of an investment to be made to play around with the thing. Since the Pi doesn't pack too powerful of a punch, one of its most prevalent limitations is what operating systems it can run; a computer can't be much of a computer without a way for people to interact with it. The company behind the little guy, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, provides Debian and Arch Linux distributions for their miniature computer. Now, however, if you wanted something a little less obscure, Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be hitting the Raspberry Pi sometime soon.

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  5. Geekolinks: 8/5

    Massive Digg-fixing ring found (Alternet) Steve Jobs turned away from San Francisco pizzeria (AppleInsider) Why hardcore gamers hate n00bs so much (Escapist) Sports viral video roundup (SportsGrid) Wife learns of husband's secret second wedding on Facebook (AP) The great hidden operating system games (Technologizer) Who could beat you up? (CollegeHumor)

      Bonus: The first episode of Zach Anner's new travel show, covering Niagara Falls:

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