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online dating

  1. Introducing Duo: The App for Matching Superheros With Sidekicks

    With bonus Carrie Kelley cameo!

    Oh, sure, everybody wants to find their ideal crimefighting partner through a mutual friend or at a social gathering, but who has the time to go out and punch villains with new people anymore? Dr. Hank Tannen (who may or may not be Wil Wheaton) doesn't, which is why he invented this new dating app. Wait, no. Not dating. It's not for dating. Don't date your sidekicks. [Warning for autoplay!]

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  2. MEAT CUTE: French Farmer Starts Online Dating Site for Cows

    We also would have accepted "OK Moo-cud."

    Where's the beef?

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  3. Upper West Side Manhattanites Fear City Being Overrun By “Internet People”

    In other news, old man yells at cloud.

    You know what really gets my goat? Youths. Especially youths who can suspend their cynicism long enough to search for love on the Internet.

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  4. Study: Dating Services’ “Scientific” Matching Systems Are Total Bunk

    Most online dating sites like to try to give themselves a somewhat scientific, methodical veneer. However, a recent study concluded that dating sites as they currently exist are not scientific in the least bit. In fact, the study found that none adhered to any scientific methodology, and that their practices were flawed in principle and well as execution. Does this mean I need to stop obsessively checking OkCupid on my phone?

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  5. Gay Hookup App Grindr Hacked, User Information Posted Online

    The location-aware all-male dating service Grindr seems to have been the target of a major cyber attack, taking advantage of flaws in the mobile app's security. An as-yet unidentified hacker was able to use these flaws to access the service's user accounts, and posted account information online. Though the attack primarily targeted the Australian users, it took advantage of flaws which affect all users and users of the heterosexual targeted version of the service called Blendr.

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  6. JDate Sues OKCupid, Zoosk, and 2RedBeans Dating Sites

    The popular Jewish dating site JDate has taken aim at other online dating services over what it calls an infringement on patented technology. JDate claims that OKCupid, Zoosk, and newcomer 2RedBeans all use technology to secretly determine mutual attraction between users which JDate claims is their exclusive territory. The patent in question, number 5,950,200, is called the "Method and Apparatus for Detection Of Reciprocal Interests or Feelings And Subsequent Notification." On OKCupid, the issue is with the "Quick Match" system, where users can see and rate other users. If two users happen to give each other high ratings, which happens without the other's knowledge, they are informed via email. The idea is to inform two people of, if not mutual attraction, than at least mutually awarding arbitrary stars to each other. The timing of JDate's suit is a little odd, especially considering that OKCupid and Zoost are fairly well established. Perhaps if these sites had a method, or apparatus, for the detection of reciprocal interests they would have realized how much in common they really have and wouldn't have to fight like this. If only! (via Techcrunch)

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  7. To Prove a Point, “Dating” Site Steals 250,000 Facebook Profiles

    New dating site launched with over 250,000 member profiles, but rather than being a promising launch for a heavily-populated future, it turned out the site was basically a prank; one that happened to scrape all of their "launch member" profiles from Facebook (including names, locations and photos), then reuse them on the fake dating site. Head on past the break for details.

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  8. Buys OkCupid

    Online, subscription-based dating site giant has acquired online, free dating site OkCupid for $50 million, in a deal that also includes future earnouts based on the site's performance. was interested in OkCupid because the free dating site has a younger user base, a market Match was obviously interested in entering. According to IAC, Match's parent company, OkCupid is the fastest-growing dating site that generates revenue from advertising. Over the past few years, Match has been on a roll acquiring online dating sites, buying up People Media in 2009 and and Singlesnet in 2010, and can now add social-network-esque OkCupid to their catalogue.

    (PR Newswire via TechCrunch)

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  9. PlentyofFish Hacked: The Unbelievable Story

    According to a post on founder and CEO Markus Frind's blog, popular free online dating site PlentyofFish was hacked last week, leading the PlentyofFish team to believe that all usernames and passwords were downloaded and compromised. Though the news is coming from the CEO's personal blog, PlentyofFish hasn't yet released an official statement. Sites get hacked all the time--even Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg's own Facebook page was hacked last week--but the PlentyofFish hack comes with a fairly elaborate and ridiculous story.

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  10. Geekolinks: 7/16

    Casting sensitive geeks: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure edition (Vulture) The coolest painted video game consoles (Buzzfeed) Will the Vermontasaurus go extinct? (Neatorama) KFC losing gamble on Double Down chicken sandwich (WalletPop) 10 minor Star Wars characters with completely unnecessary backstories (Topless Robot) A Q&A with the Creator of "I Write Like": "The Algorithm is Not a Rocket Science" (The Awl) The biggest lies people tell in online dating (OK Cupid) (title image via Reddit)

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  11. Registrations on Cheating Website Shoot Up Tenfold the Day after Mother’s Day

    How did you spend your Mother's Day? Maybe you woke up in the morning and brought your mom breakfast in bed. Some of you might have bought flowers and candy to your grandmothers. Jewelry may very well have been involved. Personally, I treated my mom and family to a late dinner. She still nagged me about forgetting my sweater, but it felt nice being out and being able to say, "Thanks, Mom, for giving birth to me and putting up with my neuroses."

    Or maybe you didn't do much of anything. Maybe you forgot to buy a gift for your wife, or partner, and hoped to high heaven that it would be ok come Monday. Maybe you slept on the couch, or got into a fight so bad your ears are still ringing. But hey, it's ok, right? It's one day of the year, so you tell yourself you'll make up for it next time while you try to remember your anniversary.

    Monday passes, and the tension starts to die down. You kiss your lady goodbye as you both head off to work, and all is right with the world. You're in the clear, right? Bad news. Remember Greg from the 4th floor? His wife left him yesterday. Momlogic gives one reason:

    "31,427 Women Signed Up to Cheat after Mother's Day."

    And every married man in the room starts to sweat.

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