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Once Upon a Time

  1. Frozen’s Prince Hans Will Appear in Once Upon a Time, Here’s Who Should Play Him

    Be prepared to finish some sandwiches.

    We already have Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, so it was only a matter of time before it was announced that Hans would be making the trip to Storybrooke as well. The "well-bred prince with a chip on his shoulder" will join Georgina Haig, Elizabeth Lail, and Scott Michael Foster in the next season of OUAT. But who should play him? Quick, let's speculate wildly!

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  2. The Creators of Once Upon a Time Tell Us What to Expect From Their Frozen Story

    Do you wanna build a curse? We do that all the tiiiiiiime.

    Once Disney's animated feature Frozen skyrocketed in popularity, it was inevitable the characters would show up on ABC's Once Upon a Time. But they really didn't waste any time, revealing the back of "Elsa" in the Season 3 finale. Now just a few problems—they had to find someone to play her for a real and write her into the story.

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  3. Once Upon a Time Gets a Lost Actress, A Long-Absent OUAT Alum

    "[Character name], where have you been all this time?" "Uhhhhh...."

    I'm gonna put you out of your misery regarding the actor who's coming back to Once Upon a Time after a long absence: It's not Sebastian Stan. But it is...

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  4. Once Upon a Time Casts Fringe Actress As Frozen‘s Elsa

    "BUT WHY DIDN'T THEY CAST—" let it go.

    We have our Anna and Kristoff, and now we know which actress will be putting the freeze on Storybrooke as Elsa from Frozen: Fringe actress Georgina Haig. Sorry, all you people who wanted Natalie Dormer. Your prayer circles were in vain.

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  5. Once Upon a Time Casts Anna and Kristoff for Its Frozen Universe

    *knock knock* Do you want to build an audience?

    It'd be crazy for Disney not to give Once Upon a Time a boost by adding Frozen to the show's universe. The crossover looks like more than just a brief cameo, too, as new details put Frozen's Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff in several episodes for the coming season, and Anna and Kristoff have been cast!

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  6. Once Upon a Time Welcomes a Brand New Member of the Disney Family [VIDEO]

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    You should definitely consider this clip from last night's Once Upon a Time to be full of spoilers, with first half of the video does revealing an end-of-episode twist. That second half (starting at 1:49) is also pretty spoilery, revealing the exciting debut of one of Disney's most recent additions to its lineup of characters. You'll have to watch for yourselves, because I'm not going to tell you who. But they are very cool. Previously in [SPOILER]

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  7. TV Gods Decide Not to be Rude, Renew Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, Orange Is the New Black [Update: No Such Luck for Community]

    Good News Everyone!

    Everybody's freaking out about series pickups today (and rightfully so—Agent Carter yaaaaaaaaay!), and there's also that little thing about Agents of SHIELD getting a second season. But there's some other news, too: Specifically that Hannibal, which was in danger of cancellation due to low ratings, is being picked up for a third season. Ditto Orange is the New Black, the third season of which got confirmed before season two's even premiered. And ABC will continue to get its fairy tale on with a fourth season of the massively successful and therefore practically uncancellable (the same cannot be said of its spinoff) Once Upon a Time. Swiggity sweason, we're getting a new season. No? That meme's dead? Sigh. Edited to add: Community got canned. Bye bye, #sixseasonsandamovie. (via Deadline, Entertainment Weekly) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. A Familiar Face Joins Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who Gets a New Actor

    Remember when ABC decided they'd rather not pick up Once Upon a Time's ill-begotten spinoff Once Upon a Time In Wonderland? It just happened last week, not a few months ago, which is weird, because I didn't even realize the show was still on (sorry, Jill). Well network brass decided, while they didn't like the show that much, they did like one of the actors, so they're promoting him to the mothership. Which actor is it, and which new actor is coming to Doctor Who? Answers behind the jump.

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  9. ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Canceled, Syfy’s Helix Renewed

    Bah! Bah, I say!! News today of ABC canceling their Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (finale next Thursday), and Syfy renewing Helix for a second season. Both Rebecca and I couldn't get into Helix and I was a fan of Wonderland despite its missteps. Hit the jump for my reaction GIF. 

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  10. iZombie Nabs Once Upon A Time Actress For Lead Role, Plus A New Loyal Friend?

    Good News Everyone!

    We've been posting about the upcoming Vertigo Comic turned CW TV show, iZombie, periodically but we were really waiting to hear who would lead the cast. Now we know Once Upon A Time's Rose McIver will have to eat brains. Fake brains, anyway. We hope.

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