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Once Upon a Time

  1. Once Upon A Time Has Cast Supernatural & The Originals Star Sebastian Roché

    As a potentially sketchy king!

    Looks like Once Upon A Time is getting another potentially skeevy ruler. Sebastian Roché will be appearing in an upcoming episode, guest starring as Aurora's father, King Stefan.

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  2. Ghostbusters’ Ernie Hudson Joins Once Upon a Time Next Year

    And it's not as an inexplicably Jamaican crab.

    Yes, it's true - Ernie Hudson will be boarding the Once Upon a Time train next year. If you want to know who he's playing, read on!

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  3. The Trailer For Disney’s Descendants Has a Once Upon a Time Vibe, and Also Techno Vibes

    Remember when we first heard about Descendants? The upcoming Disney Channel series following the children of famous Disney villains at prep school? We've had a first look at some of the cast as well as yet another Maleficent (Kristin Chenoweth) but finally we have a teaser.

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  4. Once Upon a Time in Conversation: “Heroes and Villains”

    Well, folks, that was the midseason finale. What did you think?

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  5. Once Upon a Time in Conversation: “Shattered Sight”

    Female royalty with swords, yes, this is relevant to my interests.

    Another week, another moment of Regina badassery.

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  6. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “Fall”

    What is this wet stuff on my face?

    After a short hiatus last week, OUaT is back with a vengeance! No, seriously, the Spell of Shattered Sight finally hit and I bet there's probably going to be a lot of vengeance-swearing in Storybrooke pretty soon.

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  7. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “Smash the Mirror”

    Management not responsible for any incurred bad luck.

    Are you ready for Once Upon a Time to let go of Frozen yet? No new episode next week but share your thoughts on the episode with fellow viewers below. Spoilers welcome, of course!

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  8. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “The Snow Queen”

    Here's your weekly OUaT open thread! Share your thoughts on "The Snow Queen," all spoilers welcome.

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  9. Innocent Children (and Dogs) Had Better Beware: Cruella de Vil Cast For Once Upon a Time

    The curl of her lips, the ice of her...wait, we've already got too much ice this season.

    Suddenly I can't recall if there's ever been a dog on Once Upon a Time...

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  10. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “Family Business”

    They say you should never air your dirty laundry in public. How did "Family Business" hold up to that old adage?

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