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  1. Ghost Hunters Take A Portal Reference On a Wall Way Too Seriously, Assume It’s A Ghost [Video]

    It's hard to overstate our satisfaction.

    Jim Pace and his paranormal hunting team, SPOOK (Sooner Paranormal Of Oklahoma), love to wander around searching for ghosts in an old abandoned building in Tulsa -- so much so that they decided to show off their findings to a local news station. Too bad nobody thought to google the phrase they found written on the chalk board prior to airing.

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  2. Storm Chasers Use GPS Coordinate Initials to Memorialize Their Fallen

    After Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young died tracking tornadoes in the Midwest, colleagues spelled out their initials across three states.

    Chasing down tornadoes, as will surprise no one, can be a dangerous business. Researchers and amateurs alike put themselves in the harm's way seeking to gather data that meteorologists can use to better understand extreme weather, and sometimes things don't go as planned. That was the sad case this weekend when noted storm chasers Carl Young and Tim Samaras, as well as Tim's son Paul Samaras, were killed gathering data about a powerful tornado moving through Oklahoma.  While the team is gone, they're not forgotten, as colleagues used their GPS coordinates to spell out the initials of the lost storm chasers across three states.

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  3. Giant Oklahoma Earthquake Might Have Been Our Own Fault

    Earthquakes just happen. It's no one's fault, really. Well, it is faulting, the vertical or lateral shifting of rock, but this time it might be another sort of fault: Ours. In a study published in Geology this week, scientists link oil-drilling wastewater to the 5.7-magnitude quake that struck Oklahoma in 2011.

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  4. The Oklahoma Violent Video Game Tax is Dead

    Careful readers will recall the news that Oklahoma was considering levying a 1% tax on all "violent" video games. According to the bill's sponsor, Will Fourkiller (D, pictured left), money raised by the bill would fight childhood obesity by providing outdoor education and also fund efforts to prevent bullying. The bill was defeated in a 5-6 vote in the Oklahoma House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Revenue and Taxation last week.

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  5. 6 Hugh Jackman Period Films That Can Be Watched as Wolverine Prequels

    Hugh Jackman is a jack-of-all-trades sort of actor, as comfortable playing the action hero in a modern special effects blockbuster as he is playing the lead in a period musical.  The best thing about this (I mean, aside from good acting) is that he's done a lot of period films.  He's also the live action face of one of the Marvel Universe's nearly indestructible probably immortal badasses: Wolverine. This lead me inevitably to the conclusion that you could pretend that some of his period films were also about Wolverine.  Secretly. You couldn't call it canonical, since movie Wolverine spends his entire post-X-factor life with his half-brother Sabertooth (until the 1970's or so).  But you could call it amusing. Here's the Netflix queue for your fanfiction adventure:

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