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  1. OKCupid Says They Experiment on Users Like Facebook, Defends the Practice

    "Facebook likes this."

    Right now, advertisers are using data of what you do and don't click to better target their campaigns, the sites you're on are using metrics to figure out how to best get your interest and hold it, and OKCupid is experimenting on its users. How do we know? Because they just said so, and they're going to keep doing it, because that's how the Internet works.

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  2. OkCupid Is Not OK With Mozilla’s New CEO Not Supporting Marriage Equality, Wants You to Not Support Firefox

    It turns out the fox says, "Whoops."

    OkCupid is all about finding people love, and they're not happy that Mozilla's new CEO is all about that love only being between two people of opposite genders. So, they've left a disclaimer on their main page for users of the Mozilla-owned Firefox browser that they should maybe find a more inclusive browser.

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  3. If You Love Pizza Hut so Much Why Don’t You Marry It? Or at Least Check Out Its OKCupid Profile

    I'm in Veggie Likers with you, Pizza Hut, but I don't know if I'm in Veggie Lovers with you.

    Lonely this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, Pizza Hut is there for you--at least if you have an OKCupid profile. It does too. Yes. Now you can date a pizza franchise, just like Saint Valentine intended. (That's what Valentine's Day is about, right?) You could also WIN FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE!

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  4. OkCupid Introduces New Crazy Blind Date App, Declares Love is Blind Day

    Online dating has really taken off over the last few years, and more and more people are meeting each other through the Internet. What if you want the convenience of online dating without any of the hassle of looking at profiles, or learning anything about people before you meet them? Maybe you could try OkCupid's new Crazy Blind Date app. It pairs single people up automatically without giving you any information about the other person besides a scrambled photo. To celebrate the launch, they've even removed all the photos of users on their website, calling today Love is Blind Day.

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  5. Man Recovers Stolen iPhone by Luring Thief to His Apartment Through OkCupid

    One of the unfortunate happenstances of the digital age we live in is the fact that items like iPhones have become increasingly more likely to be stolen. Everyone wants the latest phone, tablet, computer, or whatever the newest thing companies like Apple are producing. So when an iPhone is lost, chances are there's someone else out there fiddling with it. That's what happened to Nadav Nirenberg this past New Year's Eve. He lost his phone, and another scurrilous individual decided to keep it. How did Nirenberg know someone had it? Well, he received an email alert that the person had been messaging the ladies through OkCupid on it. That's when things got interesting.

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  6. OkCupid is Now Matching Roommates, Regardless of Deep Emotional Feelings

    Even though OkCupid probably hasn't connected you with your soulmate just yet, it's setting its sights a little lower than eternal love, and will now be content with just connecting you with a roommate.

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  7. Why Jon Finkel Was and Is My Hero

    I would definitely go on a date with Jon Finkel. That is to say, if I were single. And into dudes. But the point is that Jon Finkel, as a human being, is someone of interest, a former Magic: the Gathering world champion and straight up smooth. Even after a former Gizmodo intern managed to, well, drag his name through the mud, the internet backlash was something to behold and Finkel’s responses to the debacle have thrust him squarely upon the nerd pedestal. In a good way. A little history here might be needed: At some point in the past, Alyssa Bereznak got drunk, made an OKCupid account and ended up going out on a date with Jon Finkel. These are the facts as they have been related to us. Apparently, not disclosing your status as a former world champion in a sport -- ESPN covered it, therefore, sport -- is grounds for disgruntlement. And there’s the rub; she’s perfectly within her rights not to want to date Mr. Finkel, but making a blog post about it where she purposefully calls him out by name and characterizes him in the poorest terms imaginable is downright despicable. If the tables were turned here and Finkel had made a similar post, he’d have been drawn and quartered as well. It’s not like she couldn’t have seen this coming.

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  8. JDate Sues OKCupid, Zoosk, and 2RedBeans Dating Sites

    The popular Jewish dating site JDate has taken aim at other online dating services over what it calls an infringement on patented technology. JDate claims that OKCupid, Zoosk, and newcomer 2RedBeans all use technology to secretly determine mutual attraction between users which JDate claims is their exclusive territory. The patent in question, number 5,950,200, is called the "Method and Apparatus for Detection Of Reciprocal Interests or Feelings And Subsequent Notification." On OKCupid, the issue is with the "Quick Match" system, where users can see and rate other users. If two users happen to give each other high ratings, which happens without the other's knowledge, they are informed via email. The idea is to inform two people of, if not mutual attraction, than at least mutually awarding arbitrary stars to each other. The timing of JDate's suit is a little odd, especially considering that OKCupid and Zoost are fairly well established. Perhaps if these sites had a method, or apparatus, for the detection of reciprocal interests they would have realized how much in common they really have and wouldn't have to fight like this. If only! (via Techcrunch)

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  9. OKCupid Pulls Article About “Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating” in Wake of Sale

    As we wrote earlier today, popular free dating site OKCupid has been acquired by unfree dating site for $50 million in cash plus other possible incentive bonuses. While Match hasn't said anything about taking the "free" out of OKCupid, which still touts its freeness all over its homepage, a statement by the CEO of Match parent company IAC Greg Blatt left no ambiguity that would remain IAC's favored site, possibly at the expense of OKCupid's feature set:

    "We know that many people who start out on advertising-based sites ultimately develop an appetite for the broader feature set and more committed community, which subscription sites like and offer, creating a true complimentary relationship between our various business models. 2010 saw record growth both for Match and OkCupid, and we believe coordinating the adjacent business models will help fuel continued growth for both. This acquisition therefore goes a long way toward our objectives of bringing new people into the online dating world, offering the ability to meet in whatever type of online setting, and at whatever commitment level, our members desire, and facilitating a seamless evolution of the online dating experience without ever having to leave our portfolio of sites."
    And now, a fresh sign of regime change: A popular OKCupid article from last year entitled "Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating" has mysteriously disappeared from the company blog.

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  10. Buys OkCupid

    Online, subscription-based dating site giant has acquired online, free dating site OkCupid for $50 million, in a deal that also includes future earnouts based on the site's performance. was interested in OkCupid because the free dating site has a younger user base, a market Match was obviously interested in entering. According to IAC, Match's parent company, OkCupid is the fastest-growing dating site that generates revenue from advertising. Over the past few years, Match has been on a roll acquiring online dating sites, buying up People Media in 2009 and and Singlesnet in 2010, and can now add social-network-esque OkCupid to their catalogue.

    (PR Newswire via TechCrunch)

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  11. “It’s Actually Better to Be Ugly on OkCupid Than Merely Cute,” She Told Herself

    According to what really (really!) looks like a comprehensive and though-out study on attractiveness, girls who are seen by guys as either very hot or super butt ugly have a better chance of being contacted on OkCupid than if they were "conventionally cute." The reason for this? If you're polarizingly hot, you might not be a dude's type. At all. After all, some guys are Team Aniston, some guys are Team Jolie. Some guys are Team Bullock, some are Team Von D.

    Sidenote: Why are all the tattooed girls the troublemakers? Some of us have morals too, you know ... Anyway...

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  12. Which is Bigger: The Earth or the Sun? 5% of Men, 10% of Women Say “The Earth”

    From OKCupid's recent post on the differences between straight and gay sexuality comes this question with an inexplicable gender gap: Which is bigger: The Earth or the Sun?" About 5% of men say "the Earth"; about 10% of women say "the Earth." Christian Rudder:

    Down in the database I discovered one question with a surprising disparity, not between orientations, but between genders. Like Frodo to the Balrog, I wished I'd never unearthed it.
    642,533 users is a robust data set, and OKCupid has a reputation for approaching number-crunching earnestly and professionally, even if they use their wealth of data to address oddball or controversial questions. Without resorting to ugly gender-based name-calling, how do you explain this? Do any appreciable number of these people across genders actually believe that the Earth is bigger, or is this some mix of trolling/irony/people being drunk when they're answering OKCupid questions? Do some small number women think that it makes them more desirable to men to act 'ditzy' and ignorant of such basic facts? How, then, to explain the similar result among gay women? Many mysteries. (OKCupid)

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  13. “No Foods Are Distinct for White People, Unless You Count Diet Coke” [OkCupid]

    OkCupid's research blog is back with another fascinating round of data-mining: This time, they cover the potentially thorny territory of preferences by race in a post daringly titled "The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like.’" OkCupid's Christian Rudder (not to be confused with Stuff White People Like author Christian Lander), writes:

    We selected 526,000 OkCupid users at random and divided them into groups by their (self-stated) race. We then took all these people's profile essays (280 million words in total!) and isolated the words and phrases that made each racial group's essays statistically distinct from the others'. For instance, it turns out that all kinds of people list sushi as one of their favorite foods. But Asians are the only group who also list sashimi; it's a racial outlier. Similarly, as we shall see, black people are 20 times more likely than everyone else to mention soul food, whereas no foods are distinct for white people, unless you count diet coke.

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  14. Geekolinks: 8/10

    "Don't be ugly by accident" (OKCupid)

    How Star Trek imagined the iPad 23 years ago (Ars)

    Hot professors on the plight of being a hot professor (Chronicle)

    Washington Post covers 4chan, LOIC imminent (Washington Post)

    Voice cast for Fallout: New Vegas announced (Rawls!) (Bethesda)

    25 worst pimped rides (Auto Mechanics' School)

    Augmented Reality cookies (GammaSquad)

    Bonus video: The Avengers as a '50s sci-fi flick:

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