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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Fear is the Mind Killer

Here Are Two Skydiving Octogenarian Great-Grandmothers to Make You Feel Like a Serious Wimp

Hey, so, when was the last time you thought about your fear of heights (if you have one)? Were you like, “Oh dear, I can’t even stand by that railing at the Nitehawk Cinema without my 30something-year-old heart skipping a beat!” Maybe that was just me. Well, here is a story that will make all of us feel inadequate as human beings: Two great-grandmothers in their 80s, on behalf of the Lima, Ohio chapter of the Blue Star Mothers, jumped out of a plane for charity. Yup. I’ll bet you/I didn’t even put a penny in that ratty tupperware at Starbucks, did you/I?


To infinity and beyond!

Help Get A Bronze Statue For The First Woman To Fly Solo Around The Globe

Geraldine “Jerrie” Mock hails from Newark, Ohio and made a historic solo flight around the world that landed in Columbus in 1964. The trip took 29 days, with 21 stopovers, and made Mock one memorable lady. Now, residents in her hometown, as well as other admirers, would like to honor her with a full-size bronze statue. They just need a little help raising the funds. And if you can believe it, Mock is surprised anyone would want a statue of a woman. 


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ohio Girl Scouts: No Cookies Until We Get to Pee in the Woods

Some Girl Scout groups of northeastern Ohio will be refusing to sell their eponymous cookies this year. It is apparently a last resort protest tactic, that follows a campaign of petitions, correcting misinformation, appealing to the Girl Scout organization at the national level, and even camp-ins; everything to “[work] through the democratic process.”

What’s the cause that has rallied kids and mothers together alike?

They’d like to keep roughing it when they go to Girl Scout camping sites… and that includes peeing in the woods. Okay, we admit that we posted this because we couldn’t resist the title opportunities.


And So It Begins

Ohio Group Campaigns for Superman License Plates

As someone who attends school at a geeky liberal arts college just 30 minutes south of Cleveland, I approve of this news wholeheartedly: Cleveland-based group Siegel & Shuster is leading a campaign to have the iconic Superman insignia emblazoned on specialty Ohio license plates.


Officially Official

Ohio Makes Out the Proudest in United States of Shame Map

Yes, for while other states might have the worst taxes, the most identity theft, the highest unemployment or the longest daily commute, the state that I went to college in is the nerdiest. And that ain’t no shame. Wired attempted to uncover what exactly might have earned Ohio this particular honor, and their best guess is that Ohio has the highest library visits per capita of any state in the U.S. (almost seven).

(via Pleated Jeans via GeekMom.)