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Occupy Wall Street

  1. Gamergate Roundup: IGN & Occupy Wall Street Comment On GG, Internet Makes Hella Memes

    Someday we won't have to do these anymore. Hooray.

    Every morning I wake up and forget, just for an instant, that Gamergate is even a thing. It's consistently been the best part of my day for a week now. Alas, the "movement" is still trucking, so here's (some of, since it's churning out faster than we can write it up) what you missed if you're not on Twitter all day and don't have to subject yourself to this news on a constant basis.

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  2. Gail Simone Shows Us The 99% Of The DC Universe With New Politically-Charged Comic Title

    For great justice

    Gail Simone was teasing a new project on Twitter yesterday but I'm sure no one guessed this one correctly. Simone and Freddie Williams II will produce, The Movement, focusing on the 99% of the DC Universe while Art Baltazar, Franco, and Ig Guara will team  to represent the more affluent 1% in The Green Team. Sound familiar?

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Handpainted Zelda Heels

    Things We Saw Today

    Esty user Magicbeanbuyer created these for herself but is now taking orders. And yes, they come in flats too! (via So Geek Chic)

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  4. How to Get a Female Cartoonist on the News, Or At Least on Al Jazeera


    Molly Crabapple is an artist and political cartoonist (and the founder of the loose international network of Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School, a mix of burlesque and life drawing with some decidedly geeky interests like Sandman and Transmetropolitan) who's drawn for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Playgirl, as well as Marvel (in Strange Tales 2 and Girl Comics) and DC (with her steampunk graphic novel Puppet Makers). Yesterday she joined protesters in Manhattan's financial district in a protest commemorating the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Zuccotti Park encampment. She was among the more than one hundred people arrested, and naturally made sure she livetweeted the whole process, joining the small ranks of female cartoonists who've managed to bring notice to the movement through their art and actions. She was released last night. You can read her tweets here.

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  5. Charges Dropped Against Occupy Oakland Journalist Susie Cagle

    Almost Totally Excellent

    There's an update in the story of cartoonist/journalist Susie Cagle and her arrest while covering Occupy Oakland. Charges have been dropped but it certainly wasn't easy and it wasn't through any doing of her own. You can bet the artist has not given up reporting about the entire affair. 

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  6. V For Vendetta Creators Are Proud The Guy Fawkes Mask Has Become A Protest Symbol

    Submitted For Your Approval

    Some celebrities wear a Guy Fawkes mask at comic book conventions to walk the floor unnoticed, some people wear it as a costume but the mask made popular by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in their 1980 comic series V for Vendetta has also become a symbol for the masses, something the creators are particularly proud of. 

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  7. The 21 Best Megyn Kelly Memes, Essentially

    You really have to be careful with pepper spray. Obviously, you've got to be careful not to hit yourself with it, but you also have to be careful with how you use it on others, or you might get made into a meme. Also, you have to be careful how you talk about it; that can get you meme'd up too.

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  8. Why The Dark Knight Rises Didn’t Film Occupy Wallstreet

    Consider the Following

    The wisdom of Christopher Nolan and his incredible team was that, while it seemed like a good idea to give [the protestors] an opportunity for work, to give them money, it would send a terrible message. At the end of the day, we're making a movie. What's happening down there is more important than that. To co-opt what's happening there and around the country… we didn't want to trivialize it. It was more important to respect what they're doing than to do anything that could potentially trivialize the political situation downtown.-- Matthew Modine, who will appear as a villainous politician so far known only as Nixon in The Dark Knight Rises. This is not just interesting because it's an actual explanation about the sometimes very political stances that art can take, and the concerns that can arise when those stances are miscommunicated. It's also interesting because it seems to indicate that the debunked rumor that The Dark Knight Rises was going to film in/around/with Occupy Wallstreet protesters during the New York City portion of their shoot was not complete fan speculation, as I had assumed, and actually based on a kernel of truth: Nolan and crew really were considering showing support for the movement by gainfully employing protesters. Previously in Nerds and Occupy Wallstreet

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Dobie Gets Nails Painted by Little Girl

    Things We Saw Today

    Awwwww: That doberman looks like Batman! And my ovaries just exploded. (via The Daily What)

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  10. Susie Cagle Gives Personal Account of Occupy Oakland Arrest And It’s Not Pretty

    Today in Depressing

    Cartoonist/journalist Susie Cagle drew the illustration above at Occupy Oakland, one of the California branches of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It depicts the Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant camp 12 hours or so before it was raided. Cagle's objective as a journalist is to cover Occupy Oakland in an illustrated history but this is the only piece she's been able to post on her website since she was tear gassed one night and arrested on another. She's now posted an article giving her personal account of her handling by the Oakland Police and let's just say, it won't win them any service awards.

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  11. It’s Guy Fawkes Day! So, What Does the Mask Really Stand For?

    Olden Lore

    If there was ever an image from the Occupy Wall Street protests that was the most recognizable by geeks -- of both the comic and history varieties -- it's the Guy Fawkes mask. Today, November 5, marks the annual celebration that originated in England, Guy Fawkes Day, when on this date in 1605, Fawkes and a group of conspirators hatched a plot to blow up the House of Lords and assassinate King James I. Some interpret this as a statement of the regular person -- the 99%, if you will -- taking a violent stand against the ruling establishment. Okay, easy to see the comparisons. Until you find out that Fawkes wanted to return England to Catholic rule by killing the Protestant king.

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  12. Cartoonist/Journalist Susie Cagle Arrested At Occupy Oakland


    Cartoonist and freelance journalist Susie Cagle set out to cover the Occupy Oakland protests three weeks ago with official press credentials in order to make an illustrated history of the event. While documenting some of the happenings last month, she was tear gassed and her story spread far and wide. Late Wednesday/early Thursday, Cagle was arrested with her press badge in full view. 

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  13. No, Batman Will Not Be Showing Up At Occupy Wall Street

    Never Mind

    Earlier this week, we pointed out that Batman was, in fact, part of the "1%," but supported the Occupy Wall Street movement. But for a little while there, it looked like the closest thing we got to Batman IRL -- in the form of Christian Bale -- was going to be coming to Zuccotti Park to shoot Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. In what is probably not surprising news, however, the movie will not be shooting by Zuccotti Park and Batman will not be showing up to support Occupy Wall Street in person. So, if there was a guy with an amazing Batman costume -- or a not-that-amazing Batman costume -- who wanted to show up at OWS and say, "I am the 1%" in a gravelly voice, he can do that now, because Bale will be otherwise, ahem, occupied.

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  14. Fictional Characters React to Occupy Wall Street

    We Can Be Heroes

    Here's a bit of a change of pace for The Mary Sue ... or is it? Generally, we don't cover politically-related news unless it falls into exactly this scenario: when Spider-Man, Batman, and April O'Neil start showing their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. After the jump, see which geek characters have joined the protest against income equality ... and who's part of the 1 percent!

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  15. Things We Saw Today: The Simpsons Cat Lady Making Whoopie With Batman

    Things We Saw Today

    I apologize if I just burned out your eyeballs but hopefully I succeeded in making you shoot soda out of your nose instead. This delightful image of the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons getting it on with Batman comes to us via The Line It Is Drawn on Comic Book Resources. You can thank artist Michael Magtanong for this comic book character/Simpsons character combo. What else did we see today? Hit the jump to find out! 

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  16. Things We Saw Today: If Humans Had Sex Like Giraffes

    Things We Saw Today

    Roxy says "I actually left out the first step of giraffe courtship– the male smacks the female on the bottom to get her to urinate." But she didn't stop at giraffes. (io9)

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  17. Things We Saw Today: Batman Joins Occupy Wallstreet

    Things We Saw Today

    The best part of this is that it isn't really even a joke. Bruce is always on the side of the little guy. By Anjin Anhut. (Dean Trippe)

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