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  1. Things We Saw Today: Davos From Game of Thrones Being A Boss At The World Cup

    What is he pointing at? Could he have extra swagger hidden under the stands?

    A sharp-eyed Reddit user spotted actor Liam Cunningham, aka the Onion Knight and Lord of the Rainwood, striking a dashing pose in São Paulo for the World Cup. It's the perfect sport for him -- no fingers required! (via Uproxx)

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  2. Obama Recieved A Copy of The Witcher 2 From Poland’s Prime Minister And Had To Pretend Like He Played It

    "Yeah it was totally fun, um, assasinating that king or whatever."

    Diplomatic gifts are a long and time-honored tradition, but they've gotten a bit gauche lately. Gone are the days of giant pandas and ornate writing desks made from 19th century British ships; instead we're giving out region-locked DVD sets, iPods filled with showtunes, and video games that nobody's ever going to play.

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  3. [Watch Live] White House Science Fair 2014, President Obama Greets the Participants

    Nice to see the government taking an interest in science.

    Today is the White House Science Fair where some of the nation's brightest young scientists are showing off their experiments for the President and the press.

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  4. Obama Plays Soccer With Robot, Probably Asks It To Spare The Human Race

    Great, now the robots can play soccer? Thanks a lot, Obama!

    Being POTUS in 2014 definitely comes with uniquely modern obligations---in this case, playing a game of soccer in the Uncanny Valley. What does the robot say at the end of the video? "I have been training every day so sometime in the future I can..." I can what, Robot? Tell me when the uprising will begin!

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  5. Tonight’s State of the Union Will Have More Social Media, Probably More Statiness and Unionness as a Result*

    Or maybe just more selfies. *Actual statiness and unionness may vary.

    The White House is trying to punch up the State of the Union stream this year with added social media integration. You can tweet all of your nodding and incessant clapping right along with government officials, and you can Vine, Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook—the things hip, young voters like to do—your concerns in an online Q&A session afterwards.

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  6. Problems with Likely More Than Just Traffic

    Opponents of the healthcare program are probably super stoked.

    Any implementation of new technology on the scale of is bound to run into problems. Unfortunately, now that some time has passed, it seems like the site's troubles may not have just been your run of the mill, version 1.0 bugs. Get out your party hats, "Big Government" haters.

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  7. This Website Tells You Whether or not the Government Is Shut Down, and Almost Nothing Else

    We'd like dedicated binary websites for all our government questions please.

    There's been a lot of talk about the United States government shutdown this month. What if you're sick of hearing about it, but still want to know whether or not the government is shut down? We've found a website that simply tells you whether or not the government is shut down, and nothing else. Alright, there's a little more to it, but not much.

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  8. We Knew This Already: Twitter Doesn’t Accurately Represent Public Opinion

    There are some things we've always just assumed about the Internet that we never bothered to look into too thoroughly. We know the Internet likes cats, we know people on Instagram think their food is super-interesting, and we know that the things people say on Twitter don't accurately reflect the popular opinion of society. Don't worry, though. Pew Research went ahead and double-checked that last one with a year-long study.

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  9. Obama Loses Geek Cred After “Jedi Mind Meld” Comment, White House Makes Up for It

    We felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of geek voices suddenly cried out in terror and suddenly went where no man has gone before. Because in the world of Presidential speech flubs -- and yes, that's a whole universe -- today's was pretty good. We geeks must set aside our differences, commiserate, and laugh together at the fact that President Obama just conflated Star Wars and Star Trek. But even the White House laughs with us.

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  10. Obama Plans 10-Year Project to Map Human Brain

    In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama made several mentions of a commitment to science that caught our attention. Now it seems some details about those plans are surfacing. One area of study he mentioned in his speech was that scientists are working to map the human brain, and it's now being reported that the President wants to launch a decade-long program to create the most detailed map of the active human brain to date.

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