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  1. NYPD Tries to Start a Trending Hashtag, It Does Not Go So Well

    If Elliot Stabler were still here, he'd know better.

    The NYPD has it pretty rough from a PR perspective (and for admittedly very good reasons). That's why some ingenious intern publicist decided that it would a great idea to start a contest on Twitter and ask users to submit pictures of themselves with police officers from our fair city. Surprise! It backfired.

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  2. Banksy Cancels Art Because The Police Don’t Get It

    It's just, like, you wouldn't even understand.

    Banksy's scheduled art piece for today has been "cancelled due to police activity," according to the street artist's website.

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  3. NYPD Releases Harmless Gas to Study Effects of Chemical Weapons on the Subway System

    There's no one anyone tries to spin this into a weird conspiracy.

    In a move that's bound to spark more than a few conspiracy theories, the New York Police Department released harmless gas into the subway system during this morning's commute. The goal is to study the threat to the city posed by chemical weapons. Maybe next they'll simulate an attack from the Cloverfield monster.

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  4. New York Pill Bottles Get GPS Tags to Combat Drug Theft

    Crimes related to the theft of pharmaceuticals are a growing problem in and around New York City. Have no fear, though -- the city's police department has the answer, and it's only mostly a George Orwell wet dream. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced today that the NYPD would take the unprecedented step of attaching GPS tags to prescription pill bottles, allowing the bottles -- and the person they're with -- to be tracked in the event that the drugs are stolen.

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  5. That Could Have Ended Badly: Loaded Revolutionary War Cannon Found in Central Park

    It seems like this story could have easily gone in a much worse direction, but a 230-year-old piece of artillery from the time of the revolutionary war was being restored at the Central Park Conservancy when workers realized that it was loaded. Thankfully NYPD officers safely removed the gunpowder and no one was hurt, but it's hard to believe a loaded cannon was on display in Central Park for over one-hundred years without anyone knowing. How did that happen?

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  6. Police Horse Licks Bulldog, is Completely Adorable [Video]

    While most encounters had with the police are far less adorable, Potato the bulldog seemed to get on quite well with this quadruped member of the NYPD's mounted police. Not enough to satiate your need for cuteness? Don't worry, this story was captured from more than one angle. (via BuzzFeed)

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  7. In Honor of the Fourth of July, Here's the NYPD Blowing Up Over 5,000 Pounds of Confiscated Fireworks [Video]

    The NYPD claims it has confiscated over five thousand pounds of illegal fireworks so far this year, from pyrotechnics to sparkers. Of course, the best way to destroy the evidence is to blow it all up in one big pile, which is exactly what the NYPD did a few days ago at a firing range in the Bronx. You'd think they would've waited a few days in order to align with the holiday.

    (The New York Times via Gawker)

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